gifts for March 8 colleagues The eighth of March is wonderful in all respectsday. Firstly, it is with him that we become a whole week closer to the blossoming spring, and secondly, we celebrate a holiday in honor of ourselves - charming girls and women. You can not be shy, you can smile to passers-by on the street, you can slightly retreat from the usual dress code and even a little late ... In fact, on such a day, the culprits of the holiday are allowed to be not only attentive spouses, caring mothers and responsible office workers, but simply beautiful women , slightly mysterious and a bit capricious. And although on the 8th of March, it is the men who are most concerned with the theme of flowers and gifts, but also the fair sex themselves can not wait with a light heart and a calm heart for the surprises and pleasant surprises addressed to them. After all, we women and girls want to congratulate close relatives and friends on the spring holiday. And one more reason for the unrest is the fact that our colleagues work with us. And without congratulations in the office, it's simply impossible. Therefore, the important task of "What to present to colleagues on March 8?" Can not leave us, ladies, indifferent, it demands our direct participation. After all, work is for most women, you might say, a second home. Often colleagues become close people and occupy important places in our life along with relatives and friends. But even in those organizations where the relations between employees do not go beyond the working framework, congratulation on International Women's Day will be a good sign of attention. presents to colleagues on March 8

General gifts

Of course, very often in many companiesthere is a principle of identical gifts for all, especially on the Eighth March and similar holidays. Usually it's just flowers and sweets, sometimes envelopes with money from management and a short working day. This approach is appropriate in large firms, where individual gifts are an impossible task because of the large number of employees. However, in our case we are talking about a small team or its part in the form of a department where there is a microclimate with established traditions and rules. And here to solve the issue with gifts by March 8 there is not one, but two ways. And each of them corresponds to the type of relationship that exists in a particular small female group. For example, if you communicate with colleagues on purely business topics, and all contacts are strictly limited to the official working framework, it makes sense to congratulate women on the same gifts. This, of course, is the simplest and most successful way out of the situation. It is especially popular, as mentioned above, in large companies or where employees adhere strictly to business relationships, and congratulations themselves are considered just a good tone. So, you can buy colleagues "sweet" gifts in the form of sets of chocolate. And if you want to show originality, then in such, you can say, usual and simple congratulations will be able to make a fresh note if you order sweets in a private confectionery of a good level. A beautiful package with the obligatory indication of the name of the person to whom the kit is intended will make your gift exclusive and memorable. Of course, you can go on a simpler route and choose ordinary boxes of chocolates. In any case, it will be nice to colleagues. Do not overlook flowers, though, of course, the bouquets given by a woman may seem strange. But after all, you can choose small plants in pots that can always decorate the workplace of each woman and will be very handy on March 8. Or give employees small bouquets of chocolates, thus combining flowers and sweets. This will certainly create a general festive mood in the office. A good option for congratulations on March 8 can be high-quality office accessories and stationery. You can buy sets of branded pens, convenient diaries, practical organizers for documents, desktop card holders, original holders for clips and so on. Any store that sells products for the office will offer you an unusual type of paperweight, elegant desk clock or a subject for relaxation. If the work of colleagues is connected with a computer, they will not give up a beautiful flash drive or a new optical mouse. Many women like small souvenirs, for example, original figurines, symbolizing prosperity and luck. These goods are many in any themed store. A good idea could be a desktop stand for a mobile phone. To small marks of attention it is possible to attribute and lighters for smoking employees, and sets of original charms, and packing of beautiful magnets-holders. As gifts, stylish photo frames of unusual design, cork boards for memos, table calendars with picturesque landscapes, disks with musical compositions for relaxation or mood lifting are also suitable. All of the above items can be considered as successful gifts to colleagues on March 8, if your goal is a usual token of attention in the strict compliance with business etiquette. Indeed, any of these things can be called universal, so they all will perfectly cope with the role of formal congratulations to your employees. what to present to the colleagues on March 8

Gifts with friendly overtones

It is in a small team very often betweencolleagues are formed not only business, but also close friendships. In this case, the employees arrange joint dinners and gatherings at the cafe at the end of a busy day. In such collectives, it's usually fun to celebrate birthdays and other holidays and even to get together for tea with a cake just like that, without any reason. And gifts, which are handed to colleagues, are individual and often personal. If you are lucky enough to work in such a friendly team, then the question of how to congratulate your colleagues on March 8 is difficult, but you can answer it in the most interesting and unusual way. For example, to organize a cheerful lottery or an interesting quiz with prize-gifts in the framework of the next festive feast. The questions for the quiz should be simple, with good humor and in one way or another be related to each of the colleagues. The lottery can also be carried out in an unusual way, and turn it, for example, into a tea-surprise. For this you need not be too lazy and bake the special holiday cookie the day before, hiding inside each piece of paper with the name of the gift, you can without specificity, but in the form of a puzzle. In such an original way, you not only congratulate your colleagues on the 8th of March, but also show your creativity and resourcefulness. And then, what should be the gifts in this case, does not matter much. Enough small and varied souvenirs. The main thing is that the employees will have fun, but you will give them a real holiday. If you want to go the traditional way and congratulate each employee with a personal good gift, then there are several important points to consider. Firstly, all the items handed over to you on the occasion of the holiday should be in the same price range, otherwise you risk ruining the relationship with those of women who are given something cheaper than the rest. Who, if not you yourself, is able to understand the fine nature of beautiful ladies, and therefore must avoid annoying mistakes, especially on March 8. Secondly, individual congratulations will be successful only if you are well informed about the tastes and hobbies of all your colleagues. After all, often what one likes, can not arrange others. For example, one of the employees is fond of reading, but this does not mean that other women will be delighted with new fantastic, love or detective novels, even if they are fashion bestsellers. But the book is in any case a gift worthy. Just do not pay attention only to fiction. "Aphorisms of great women", "1000 recipes for the festive table", "Secrets and secrets of the era of Louis XIV" and many other books of cognitive nature will be an excellent gift to March 8. If your team employs women of mature and advanced age, then you can present them with the original sets for tea drinking. To do this, select each lady a beautiful tea cup with saucer and spoon, complement them with a pack of good tea and a set of delicious chocolates. Those who prefer coffee, should choose the appropriate kits. Women and girls, fond of embroidery or beading, you can give gift sets, which include the necessary materials for the creation of author's paintings or products. Those who enthusiastically engaged in cooking and often spoils colleagues with delicious pastries, present the original forms for cupcakes or cookies. And if you find very beautiful sets with all sorts of confectionery decorations, then present them, adding a book on the design of cakes. Now there are many quality ceramic containers for salt, pepper, sauces along with napkin stands. Sets of these kitchen accessories, selected with taste, can also be presented as a gift for the Eighth March. Perhaps, one of your female colleagues is fond of especially popular now Japanese and Italian cuisines. In this case, look at the sets for sushi and Japanese-style dishes, as well as the forms for baking pizza, special knives for cutting it and the board on which it is customary to serve this national dish in Italy. Also it is possible to present and sets of various traditional spices, having preliminary made for them a holiday packing. Book-notebook, in which you can collect recipes, will also not be superfluous for any young mistress. For women who have cars, by March 8, it is worth giving some accessory to the car, for example, a set of branded covers for headrests, a nice little pillow or a set of sun blinds on the suckers for transparent glasses. You can choose an unusual holder for a mobile phone, a portable air purifier with an ionizer, an elegant mug with heating or a disc holder. But remember that the gift should be with a female character, so it is better not to buy sets of keys or kits of fogs. Surely you most often had to receive on the 8th of March soft toys. This is a very feminine gift with a childish overtones. Of course, a fluffy rabbit or teddy bear is unlikely to be an appropriate gift for a colleague. However, if you buy, for example, copyright textile dolls designed for interior decoration, such a congratulation will be quite acceptable and not devoid of originality. You can also give a practical soft toy with the function of a heating pad. By the way, now it is fashionable to decorate sofas and beds with author cushions in the form of cats. Perhaps such a soft toy will appeal to the creative and extraordinary nature of your team. Do you like dolls yourself? If so, choosing a gift will surely be very exciting and enjoyable for you. Look closely at the porcelain elegant young ladies who can become a worthy decoration of the interior of a person who is not devoid of romanticism. Do not ignore the sets of aromatic candles that can be supplemented with beautiful candlesticks or a special lamp, towels in the form of confectionery, elegant hangers and jewelry boxes, small stylish vases. And any other things and objects that can decorate the interior or be useful in everyday life. As for personal care products and perfumes, it is better not to risk and confine yourself to a set of handmade soaps with unobtrusive aroma or a quality hand cream. But any gift, both individual and general, should first of all become a reflection of your good attitude towards colleagues. After all, the microclimate of the team is a very important aspect for the fruitful work of each of its members, especially when it comes to women. So that the question of what to give to colleagues on March 8, did not catch you unawares, and you did not make mistakes, buying faceless and often completely useless things, it is better not to postpone the choice on the last day. Approach the decision of this issue deliberately and without unnecessary haste, especially if you need someone to congratulate individually. But do not get upset if you do not have enough money to make colleagues standing gifts, because the price does not always indicate sincere friendly feelings. Remember that even a box of delicious chocolates, supplemented by an original postcard with warm wishes of love and happiness, can become an excellent mark of attention for all female colleagues. We advise you to read: