how to spend a child's birthday at home Birthday of the child is, probably, one of thethe brightest, cheerful and at times tiring holidays for parents. A lot of kids, noise, laughter, running around, have you already presented this atmosphere? On the one hand, it sounds tempting, on the other it is necessary to plan and plan the holiday well, so that the children do not arrange an apocalypse in your home, but they were busy, interested and happy. And remember, every adult in the shower is a big child, so do not worry much, but enjoy and enjoy the holiday together with your baby. So how do you spend your child's birthday at home? Entertainment can be very different. And they depend on the age of your baby and his hobbies. Well, the fact that you can arrange a holiday at home is no worse than in a cafe or entertainment center should not cause doubts. The main thing here is a fantasy, thoughtfulness of the event, a good script, suitable decorations, mood and tasty food.

Let's get to the organization

The first thing to do is find out how muchguests are expected on their birthday, and think about the most optimal conversion of your home. For children to be comfortable, allocate the largest room for them and try to release it as much as possible, let the table, behind which children will sit, be small, something like a buffet table, but there will be enough space for games. Children are very mobile, and they probably will get bored after an hour after they sit down at the table. So you must be ready for this moment, in order not to let discord in their orderly ranks. About treats for kids, we'll talk later, with them, by the way, can also be associated with various contests and games, but this is in the end.

We make an apartment

After you understand who will be the maincharacters on the holiday, you need to decide on the style and design of the apartment. With regard to decoration, decorations, you do not need to save money. After all, the appropriate style and colors will create a unique atmosphere of fun and joy at the entrance. And in order not to be boringly boring only with balls and a poster "Happy Birthday", consider the following options. First, you can decorate the apartment in a certain style and even arrange a costume festival. Remember or ask the child for his favorite cartoons, movie heroes. If it's pirates, you can print or draw invitations with the pirate flag themselves, which the child will give away at school or kindergarten. Buy black kerchiefs and tie them in a pirate manner to all the boys who came, to arrange a toy fencing. And if he is a fan of Shrek, then add everything green, glue frogs everywhere, come up with contests for knowledge of the cartoon. And give prizes (for winning contests) with the main characters, the benefit of the Schreck Donkey can be found in any toy store. If your children are already 7-8 years old you can experiment a little by buying a can of green hair dye. It is washed off at a time and invented specially for such reasons. Then the birthday will become even more like a cartoon. When creating scenery, do not be afraid to include imagination at full capacity. You can pre-write characters on paper (Donkey, Cat or Fiona) and when the children pull out their character, give them the appropriate outfit. If you arrange a birthday for the girl, and she is very fond of Ariel, decorate the room with toy fish, add orange and red, girls can pre-buy or make toy beads from shells or underwater pearls, daughter to buy an orange wig and a bright shiny blue-green jersey . At the entrance to the apartment, you can attach the paper, and hang the markers, so that all the visitors can draw or write a birthday wish in memory of your child. And last, do not forget about the music in the background, focusing on the tastes of children. Do not be afraid, try and create. In your beautiful castle or pirate den, the children will be very comfortable and interesting, the photos will turn out bright, and all children will be remembered for a long time this birthday.

Consider the program

We pass directly to the program of the holiday. Here you can give vent to fantasy or remember the competitions from your childhood. Surely in the memory will pop up some interesting moments: competitions, games, competitions, riddles. You can consult the birthday person himself, maybe he (or she) will also give you a couple of ideas. Let's look at several options:

  • Bear inside the jar - you need to give guests a certain number of cubs of jelly and let them throw their special jar, the one who has more hits wins.
  • If your child is a fan of Harry Potter, you canto arrange a kind of game in Quidditch. To do this, you need to buy two packets of soap bubbles, one ordinary, the second with a secret - not bursting soap bubbles. Who will manage to catch more not bursting bubbles, the snitch, he won. Each winner is entitled to a prize.
  • Well, the third option called "Researcher": inflate balloons, give out to children and mark time. Let them paint music on a ball of animals, who settled on his ball more animals, he won.

how to spend the birthday of a three-year-old at home

Holiday dinner

As for a festive dinner, you can stronglydo not worry. Most likely, all guests on your holiday are creepy sweeties, so for them the main thing is that on the table there were more sweets, cakes, chocolate and cakes. Well, you can dilute this sweet kingdom with fruit salads and a milkshake. A pair of fish or chicken salads and hot with a piece of meat will give strength for the games of little naughty. And at the end of the dinner do not forget about the classic Happy Birthday with the festive candles on the cake. In the process of destroying your culinary delights, pay special attention to the birthday person, toasts, poems, congratulations on gifts will please him and raise the mood for the whole day.

If the child is very small ...

Of course, with older children it's much easiercome up with both entertainment and prizes, and festive dishes. And here is how to spend the birthday of a three-year-old at home, and at the same time not to allow guests to get bored? Or on the contrary not to allow the apartment to become chaos? After all, at this age, children are very mobile, active, already beginning to remember, to realize, to appreciate. But do not worry, you will succeed. You can attract the parents of your child's friends and organize team games, let them have fun too. Here are a couple of entertainment ideas for kids younger. You can arrange the baton of animals, and crawl on their haunches, like dogs or kittens, who will creep faster, he also won. You can dance together to music from some children's fairy tale, or together learn a poem for a birthday man. You can solve riddles or read to kids an interesting fairy tale, thought out in advance. And in the process of reading to arrange role-playing games. Sports or logic games are also suitable. For example, who faster on one leg will reach the designated place or who will jump higher. Who will quickly collect a tower of cubes or a designer. At three or four years of age, children love team games and understand each other very well, even if they still talk badly. And finally, very important observations. Thinking about how to spend the birthday of the child at home, and working out the details of the holiday, contact the parents of your guests in advance, discuss how much time this or that baby will be with you, at what time it will be taken away. And also ask if anyone has an allergy to food or any contraindications. After all, on this day, it is you who are responsible for them. Whatever the holiday, do not forget that your guests are children. So be prepared for the unexpected, someone can fall and cry, someone offended and stamped a foot. And maybe everything will pass "without a hitch." In any case, you arrange this holiday for your beloved child, if he is satisfied, then you are happy too. And how could he not like it with such a good organization, thought out and composed by his beloved mother? Do not doubt that this joyful event will be discussed for a long time in the corridors of the school or on the playground of the kindergarten.