fruit jelly recipe The name of the drink is directly related tothe history of its preparation. Kissel is considered to be a truly Russian dish: in the olden days the housewives cooked it from fermented cereals, on peas, with flour (using rye, wheat and oatmeal). He had very dense consistencies and looked more like jelly. The food was cut into portions and placed on the table with bread. Since the then jelly were sour, they were given the appropriate name. Over time, the dish has undergone many significant changes and eventually transformed into a full-fledged drink. Modern housewives make it from berries and fruits - fresh as well as frozen, - milk, cocoa, dry wine, natural juice. Variants of mass, the most economical is jelly from jam. It's only the case that you can dilute the sweet syrup in water, add sugar and starch. As for the latter, it depends on this ingredient depends on the consistency of the future drink. If you take 30 grams of thickener, you get a liquid jelly, and eight or ten tablespoons will make a very thick drink. Experts recommend using potato starch, since it is believed that corn is more suitable for desserts and biscuit dough products. It has less strong "astringent" properties, so if you plan to add it to the jelly, take one and a half, and even two times more than indicated in the recipe. If you need to take 20 grams of potato thickener to make a drink, then you should use 40 corn. There is one more feature: in the first case, the kissel is removed from the plate immediately after boiling, and in the second - it languishes on a slow fire for five to seven minutes. Each recipe has its advantages. Milk and coffee drinks have a very delicate taste, and fruit, among other things, are incredibly useful. Cooked from fresh apples, apricots, pears or berries, they represent a powerful charge of vitamins. If there are no suitable ingredients, jelly can always be cooked from jam or juice. Here it all depends on your personal wishes and preferences. Let's dwell on the details of the preparation of the drink. Perhaps, in our culinary library you will find the right recipe for yourself. fruit jelly

Drink from gooseberry

Special popularity among childrenfruit-fruit jelly. It can be cooked from fresh or frozen products, for example, from blueberries, raspberries, currants, strawberries and others. In winter, dried fruit will come to the rescue: a delicious drink is obtained from dried apricots, prunes and dried apples. Do you want to make a kissel from gooseberries? Then carefully read the recipe, and when you master the theory, immediately go to practice. Ingredients:

  • slightly less than one kilogram of gooseberry
  • a glass of sugar
  • vanillin - optional
  • two tablespoons of potato starch

For decoration:

  • fresh mint

Cooking method: Try to buy a large sweet gooseberry. When preparing, first rinse it well, then remove excess - tails and stems. Transfer the berries into a saucepan and pour with cold water, which should only cover them lightly. Save time will help a small culinary trick: gooseberries will cook faster, if you make it a few punctures with a fork or a wooden stick. Put the dishes on a slow fire, after ten minutes, pour sugar into it and enter vanillin. Continue to cook the syrup until you notice that the berries have become soft, - perhaps they will begin to disintegrate. Once this happens, go on to the next step: dilute the starch in 100 milliliters of warm fruit liquid. Stir the solution well and quickly pour it into a saucepan. During the introduction of the thickener, never stop working with a spoon, otherwise the kissel will take up lumps. After boiling, you do not need to boil the drink - just immediately remove it from the plate and let it cool down. Then pour over the glasses, decorate with fresh mint and serve on the table. To make a thicker jelly, just change the recipe slightly: take not two, but 4.5 large spoons of starch. Also note that after the syrup begins to boil intensely, you do not need to turn off the burner. It should be cooked for about ten minutes on a slow fire. Such a drink is recommended to be poured into glass vases, bowls or in another form and sent to a refrigerator. When it stiffens, decorate the jelly with whipped cream or powdered sugar, put a few mint leaves on top and call close to the table. Perhaps this recipe will become your calling card. So do not be lazy to cook.

Cherry-plum jelly

Cooking fruit and berry liquid and thick jellybest of all from potato starch. It is more viscous and ideal for such kind of drinks. In addition, it is recommended to add a little citric acid. First it needs to be dissolved in water, and then poured into a bubbling syrup. Thanks to this simple procedure, kissel will retain its color and will not only taste good, but also beautiful. Let's try together to prepare an appetizing cherry-plum drink. We are sure that it will appeal not only to the small members of your family, but also to the older generation. Ingredients:

  • half a glass of cherry pitted
  • 120 grams of sugar
  • 150 grams of sweet large plum
  • 25 grams of starch
  • a little citric acid
  • cold water

Cooking method: First, carefully rinse the berries, then use a fork or a conventional paper clip to remove the bones from the cherries. Plums can be cooked whole or divided into two parts. Transfer the fruit into a deep saucepan and cover with cold water, put on medium heat and bring to a boil. After the liquid begins to boil, hold the dishes on the stove for about three minutes, then strain the broth, and pour the flesh itself with sugar. Please note that you do not need to use all the sand - take only half of the portion indicated in the recipe. Remove the berries for an hour in the refrigerator or on the balcony. Pour the juice from them into a separate bowl. Then plum-cherry mass combine with broth, in which the fruit was cooked at the very beginning. Bring the syrup to a boil when the first bubbles appear on its surface, hold the dishes at minimum heat for another ten to fifteen minutes. With the help of noise, get rid of the berries, cool them a bit, wipe through a sieve and send back to the pan. Enter here the remaining sugar and the citric acid dissolved in hot syrup. Potato starch is dissolved in water and poured into a future kissel with a quick movement. At the very end, add the natural plum-cherry juice, which was released from the berries. Cook the drink with a constant stirring. After it boils, wait two minutes and turn off the hotplate. As you can see, the recipe is very simple, so you can forget about the "fast" kissels from the bags. After all, they contain a huge amount of harmful substances for children and adults: dyes, emulsifiers, taste enhancers and the like. The drink, cooked with his own hands, promises to be not only incredibly appetizing, but also very beautiful. You will see, he will quench his thirst and will cheer up every member of your family. how to cook fruit jelly

Cranberry jelly with milk

The recipe is especially useful for young mothers. At this time, we suggest preparing a thick cranberry jelly. Small red berries, despite the size, represent a huge collection of nutrients. Thanks to potassium salts and vitamin C, regular use of cranberries serves as a prevention of colds. It also protects the human body from viruses, prevents the appearance of plaques in the blood vessels, prevents the occurrence of problems with the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, berries are an active antioxidant: they protect cells from the negative influence of the environment and slow the aging process. We think it unnecessary to say that a drink from cranberries is useful not only for children, but also for adults. Therefore, take up the recipe and practice. You can use both home and shop milk for making jelly. In the first case, make sure to boil the product beforehand in order to avoid indigestion. As for cranberries, you can add fresh or frozen - the taste of the drink will remain invariably appetizing. Ingredients:

  • sugar - 250 grams
  • 200 grams of cranberries
  • four tablespoons of starch
  • 500 milliliters of milk
  • a tablespoon of powdered sugar
  • 1000 milliliters of hot water

Cooking method: The dried and washed berries dry well, then squeeze out the juice from them. You can do this with a special kitchen appliance or grate the cranberries through a sieve. The resulting nectar is poured into a non-oxidizing bowl, cover with a lid and send to the refrigerator. The flesh itself, put it in a saucepan, fill it with hot water, put it on a slow fire. Cook the syrup should not be longer than seven minutes, after boiling, cool it and strain through gauze. Now the resulting broth plum and again heat on the stove, if foam appears, carefully remove it with a spoon. Fill the glass to half with warm water and dilute the thickener. When it is completely dissolved, pour it into the fruit syrup, while continuing to stir. Bring the drink to boiling, at the very end, pour the pressed cranberry juice, which all this time insisted in the refrigerator. Hold the saucepan on the stove for another five to eight minutes, then let the drink cool. Spread the kissel on the bowls, freeze in the refrigerator, and then serve with milk or cream. The recipes offered by us are very simple, and the drink is incredibly delicious. This fruit jelly is something that everyone should try. We advise you to read: