coffee in the coffee machine Coffee is the best friend of bona fide clerks andromantic poets, young female students and serious business ladies. He invigorates, heals, gives inspiration. To always bring joy, you need to know how to make coffee in a coffee machine, and adhere to two fundamental rules:

  • Coffee should never boil.
  • Use only high-quality, fresh and soft water, filtered or bottled. This will not only improve the taste of a wonderful drink, but also prolong the life of the coffee maker, protecting it from scaling.
  • As for coffee makers, they are drip, geyser, carob and capsular. Depending on their type, the cooking methods differ.

    Drops and geysers

    The method described below is suitable formodest, but by no means deprived of the advantages of a drip coffee machine. The drink prepared with its help is characterized by a soft and delicate taste, as the whole thicket settles on the filter. First of all, we insert a disposable filter into the coffee machine, which is convenient in that it is simply thrown out after use with the thicket. If your pet is equipped with a reusable filter, you do not need to insert anything anywhere. After each use, it is necessary to thoroughly rinse the nylon mesh of the filter. If you forget about it, over time, coffee can get an unpleasant rancid taste. Then 10-15 seconds we smear the grains in the electric coffee grinder and get the coffee of medium grinding. He poured into the filter at the rate of 1-2 teaspoons per cup, depending on the strength of the drink, which you want to get out. Then cold cold water is poured into the tank. When measuring its quantity, you can follow the marks on the tank or simply pour water from the cup from which you are going to drink. Closing the tank cover, press the start button and wait until the liquid stops dripping, and then pour the smoking drink on cups or mugs. If the coffee maker does not turn off automatically, do not forget to press the off button. The second common type of coffee maker is geyser. These coffee makers look very elegant and look like old coffee pots. The cooking process includes filling the bottom tank with water and filling the medium or coarse coffee (5-7 seconds in the electric coffee grinder) into the filter. Coffee when falling asleep should not be trampled, otherwise you can spoil the taste of the drink. The coffee maker is placed on the cooking zone or switched on if it is electric. The finished drink enters the upper tank. It is very important to make sure that coffee does not boil. True connoisseurs say that coffee, brewed in a geyser coffee machine, has a slightly better taste than the one obtained in the dropper. The main drawback of the geyser coffee machine is that after each use it must be disassembled and thoroughly washed with warm water and detergent. coffeemaker for coffee

    Horns and capsules

    As for carob coffee makers, herethe quality of the drink is directly dependent on grinding. If you like coffee more strongly, then grind fine (20-25 seconds in an electric coffee grinder), if not too strong, then medium or coarse. The horn should be metallic, because when using a plastic horn the drink turns out to be weak. If the events turn out badly, the plastic horn can get very hot and the coffee will get a taste of plastic. The second fundamental moment is to properly compress the coffee in the horn. If you press too hard, the coffee will turn out to be excessively strong and bitter. If not enough, then the drink will be tasteless and watery. It is possible to do this with a conventional plastic spoon or tolkushki, but true gourmets are advised to purchase a tempera - a special tool for pressing, which is used by professional baristas. Before you achieve excellence in the art of ramming, you will have to practice. But then you can teach your friends and relatives how to make coffee in a coffee machine. Pressing the coffee in the horn, just insert it into the coffee machine, turn the lever and in half a minute enjoy a strong coffee. After use, the horn must always be rinsed with warm water. Holders of capsular coffee makers enough to put in a special reservoir hermetically sealed aluminum capsule with pressed coffee and press the button. The rest of the work will be done by the machine itself. A minute later, you will have a wonderful drink of your favorite variety - espresso, cappuccino, macchiato, with or without caffeine, with vanilla, caramel or other additives. The most important thing is not to forget to purchase these capsules, which are suitable for your machine, because you can not use ordinary coffee for coffee machines of this type. But in this case nothing will have to be washed, except that rinse the cup. different ways of brewing coffee

    Alternative method

    The risk that a quality coffee maker fromthe famous manufacturer will break down, is small enough, nevertheless, it can not be ruled out. To suddenly and inopportunely not to remain without a cup of saving, invigorating drink, it is recommended that together with a coffee maker you purchase a Turk, otherwise called a jezvoy. To weld coffee in a Turk is not at all difficult, you will only have to show a little patience and do not leave the plate for several minutes. Coffee is very finely grinded (25-30 seconds in an electric coffee grinder) is poured into the Turkish with sugar and spices (to taste), and the turk itself is put on medium heat and warmed up. After a minute, pour clean cold water, only not to the brim, but about three quarters, then stir and keep an eye out so that the coffee does not boil and run away. As soon as the foam appears, quickly remove the Turk from the burner, wait until the foam settles, put the Turk back. We repeat this way 2-3 times. We give coffee a couple of minutes to brew and pour on tiny cups. If you do not like foam, you can remove it, or, on the contrary, carefully and carefully put in a cup. This coffee is delicious with a slice of lemon, a drop of liquor or the legendary black Riga balsam, famous since Soviet times. A bronze, copper or ceramic Turk will look as good in your kitchen as a modern coffee maker.