coffee in turkey It's nice to start the morning with a cup of coffee. We know many ways to get this magical and invigorating drink: coffee machines, coffee makers, Turks, French presses and just instant coffee. But true gourmets believe that only coffee made in Turkey can be considered true. There are many recipes known, but there are also basic principles of how to brew coffee correctly in Turkey. The Turk is a vessel in the form of a cone with a narrow neck and thick walls. The Turks themselves call it jezvoz. It can be made of copper, clay or ceramics. The clay Turk has a porous structure, and coffee, cooked in it, is saturated with air and acquires a special taste. The beverage prepared in ceramic jezve will also be strong and fragrant. But ceramic and clay Turks have one drawback - it's fragility. Therefore, the greatest popularity was won by the copper Turks. To protect your hands from burns, it is better to choose a model with a wooden handle. It is believed that the Turk is the right size, if it is designed for one or two cups, with a larger volume of flavor and flavor will not be so saturated. grains for coffee

Which coffee to choose?

In the world there are about 90 varietiescoffee trees. But only two of them won popularity: Arabian and Congolese. It is from the seeds of these plants that coffee varieties, Arabica and Robusta, known all over the world, are obtained. Arabica is a fairly expensive variety. Fragrant and gentle, it gives the taste a little sourness, which indicates the high quality of coffee. Robusta cheaper and less valuable option, drinks from this variety are strong and full. What kind of grains to give preference to you. If desired, you can buy both varieties and experiment, mixing them in different proportions. To date, store shelves abound in a variety of colorful packages with attractive names. How to find the right combination of price and quality, and what is the first thing to pay attention to? The appearance of the content is very important. The correct grain should be flat, oval in shape and have approximately the same size. Remember that arabica is larger than robusta, and its grain is oily in appearance. If the coffee grains look dry and cracked, it says that the product is not the first freshness and it should not be bought. The smell of coffee is also important. Good grains always have a bright, rich flavor. If you smelled burning, then the coffee was overcooked and the drink made from it would be bitter. Be sure to pay attention to the country of the manufacturer. Give preference to Central and South America, Brazil and Vietnam. This will guarantee that you will buy truly worthy coffee beans. boiling of coffee in turkey

How to make coffee in Turkey?

The process of preparing the drink is quite simple, but,deciding to cook it at home, we think about how to make coffee in a Turk, how many grains should be used for one cup, how long to hold a Turk on fire, how much water to heat, etc. We will analyze this process step by step. In order to cook a truly delicious coffee, you need to grind the grain. To what extent do they grind, it's up to you, but the smaller the grinding, the brighter and more richly the drink will turn out. Try to grind as much coffee as you can use at a time. Then the bottom of the Turks needs to be heated and only then sprinkle the crushed grains. To proceed is better at the rate of 1-2 teaspoons per 100 ml of water. You can add sugar or spices (cardamom, cinnamon, vanilla) to your liking. Norm of coffee should not be increased. The taste of the drink does not change for the better, it only adds bitterness. After that, fill the turka with water until it reaches the narrowest part of the neck. That's right, if you use purified, filtered water. Excess impurities contained in tap water can spoil the taste of coffee. We stir well, so that no air bubbles remain, and put the turkey on a slow fire. We hold until the cap of foam begins to rise. It is very important not to allow water to boil and not destroy the foamy barrier. Then the hat will not fall off and the enchanting aroma of coffee will persist. As soon as the foam begins to rise actively, we remove the Turk from the fire and wait until the cap settles. After the procedure, repeat one or two more times. Your coffee is Turkish ready, you can pour it into cups. But before that, they are recommended to warm up. Fill them with hot water, let stand a minute and pour out the water. This procedure will allow coffee to open up even more, and the drink will retain all its magic. Brew coffee in the Turkish properly, hone your skills, then you can get a delicious and flavorful drink. And remember, the main thing in this process is clarity and consistency, well, and, of course, a good mood.