how to drink martini Martini ... This drink is heard by many. Today, it will be about how to properly drink martini bianco, what kinds of martini exist, what alcoholic cocktails with martini can be cooked. There are many stories and opinions from where the Martini appeared. Some believe that the appearance of this drink, we owe the barman of the 19th century to Thomas D., others believe that the martini appeared in the city of Martinez. Currently, martini is a very popular drink and is a brand of vermouth produced in Italy, which was named after the owners of Luigi Rossi and Alessandro Martini. The most popular types of vermouth are:

  • Martini Rosso - has a caramel-red color, as well as a bitter taste.
  • Martini Bianko - white vermouth, has the smell of vanilla and characteristic spiciness.
  • Martini Rosato - pink vermouth, contains in its composition a variety of spices. For the production of this type of martini, white and red wine is used.

The composition of absolutely any martini includes onlydry wine and a huge number of plants such as orange, chamomile, ginger, mint, coriander, immortelle, yarrow, juniper, ash, St. John's Wort, etc. The main ingredient is wormwood, due to which, for example, Rosso Martini has a unique taste. Since the most popular drink is martini bianco and it is on its basis that a large number of cocktails are made, we will talk about it in more detail. It is a white and very fragrant vermouth and for sure many have noticed that in almost any bar, restaurant or nightclub, it takes an honorable place in the bar counter. For its production is used Italian white dry wine with sugar. Vanilla and herbal tincture - give it a unique taste. There are a lot of different recipes for cocktails, which are made on the basis of martini bianco. Essentially, ingredients such as juice, vodka, chocolate, cream, etc. are used. Delicious cocktails with martini - this is the favorite drink of mostly girls, but there are men who are not indifferent to this drink. With what to drink martini bianco? It's the business and tastes of everyone, mostly martini is used with fruit as a dessert. Consider a few recipes for making cocktails based on martini bianco, namely with what you can drink martini presented ingredients just mix. Basically, they make cocktails with martini and juice, but there are exceptions. cocktails with martini bianco Recipes of cocktails with martini:

«Orange martini»

  • 100 ml. martini Bianko
  • 200 ml. orange juice
  • 5-6 ice cubes
  • orange slice


  • 20 ml. vodka
  • -20 ml. martini Bianko
  • 15 ml. Irish Krim
  • 10 ml. grenadine

"Martini with Tequila"

  • 30 ml. martini Bianko
  • 60 ml. tequila
  • 5-6 ice cubes
  • 1 slice of lemon

Cocktail "Matador"

  • 15 ml. martini Bianko
  • 40 ml. whiskey
  • 20 ml. orange juice
  • 1 piece of orange (for decoration)
  • 1 ml. grenadine
  • 10 ml. liquor «Sour cherry»
  • 1 ml. orange bitter
  • 1 cocktail cherry (for decoration)
  • 5-6 ice cubes


  • 50 ml. martini Bianko
  • 50 ml. martini ExtraDry
  • 30 ml. orange juice
  • 10 ml. white rum
  • 10 ml. banana liqueur
  • 5-6 ice cubes


  • 40 ml. gin
  • 5 ml. martini Bianko
  • 5 ml. martini ExtraDry
  • 15 ml. vodka
  • 1 slice of lemon (for decoration)
  • 5-6 ice cubes


  • 20 ml. martini Bianko
  • 20 ml. vodka
  • 50 ml. green chilled tea
  • 5 g. ginger (for decoration)
  • 1 slice of lemon (for decoration)

This is not the whole list of cocktails that can be prepared on the basis of martini, it all depends on your imagination - the main thing is not to overdo it. We advise you to read: