Kissel from starch Kissel refers to the traditional Russian dishescuisine, and the secrets of his cooking were owned by our great-grandmothers. However, this is not just a drink - its benefits to the human body have long been proven by doctors. First, he not only copes remarkably with the manifestations of the common cold - coughing, runny nose, wheezing - but also favorably affects the gastrointestinal tract. Having a thick, thick and at the same time soft consistency, kissel envelops the walls of the stomach, thereby relieving spasms and reducing pain. Secondly, the drink is unusually satisfying and, oddly enough, a light dish. It can be made from potato and corn starch, with fruits, berries, homemade jam, milk, honey, pumpkin, rhubarb. The list can be continued indefinitely, because each recipe is an individual combination of different ingredients, proportions and tastes. If the child has caught a cold, do not be too lazy to prepare a drink from a dogrose. You just need to dilute the starch, soak the berries for a while and weld the jelly. He not only helps the baby to cope with the cold as soon as possible, but also increases the protective forces of the young organism, because the dogrose is a real storehouse of vitamins. Over the long years of its existence, jelly has undergone significant changes. Previously, it was customary to do it on the basis of previously fermented cereal crops (this is where the name of the drink came from). However, modern housewives do not need long to suffer - just buy a ready thickener. Kissel is usually brewed from potato, less often - from cornstarch. The first gives the future drink a thicker and more transparent consistency. The second, on the contrary, allows you to prepare a dense, "muddy" syrup, which flows pretty well. If you use a recipe based on potato starch, but for want of this ingredient you decided to replace it with corn, note that it is less viscous, so you need to increase the proportions. That is, take twice the thickener than indicated in the recipe. Nuances of preparation of the drink there is a mass, so we suggest in practice to master all the subtleties of the great skill of cooking. Moreover, it is not difficult at all and will take a minimum of time.

Kissel "Vitamin Charge" from the dog rose

How many doctors have said about positivequalities of a dogrose - all pluses and not to re-read. Its benefits are undeniable and proven long ago. First of all, wild rose berries are a powerful source of a huge amount of vitamins: C, K, E (in seeds), B1 and B2, and R. In the content of ascorbic acid, they are 10 times richer than black currant and 50 - lemon. In addition, the decoction of rose hips has a diuretic, anti-inflammatory, choleretic, as well as bactericidal action. And he also helps with general weakening of the body, anemia and atherosclerosis. We think, now it is not necessary to convince you that the dog-rose must at least occasionally appear in the diet of each person. You can make tea from it, prepare a fragrant liquid drink or weld a thick jelly. You just need to pick up this recipe and get down to business. Note that the berries should be well brewed, then the broth will turn out rich and tasty. Ingredients:

  • half a lemon
  • starch - depending on the desired density
  • two handfuls of dog rose (about 70-90 grams)
  • five large spoons of sugar
  • one liter of cool water

Cooking method: How much starch should be added to the jelly? This will tell you the desired consistency of the future drink. Modern culinary specialists distinguish five types. For example, if you want to make a liquid jelly, it's enough to take one tablespoon of thickener, which is about ten to fifteen grams per 1000 milliliters of water. For a more dense state, add 30 grams, and to cook a very thick jelly, like a pudding, you need about six large spoons of potato starch. It should be noted one more thing: first thickener should be diluted in chilled boiled water, mix thoroughly, and then quickly poured directly into the boiling drink. In this case, it should not be introduced into the center of the pan, but closer to its edges, which will make it possible to obtain a more homogeneous jelly. If you are ready to master the basics of culinary skill, let's get down to it. First, carefully read the recipe, and then consolidate the knowledge into practice. Put the washed rose in a small bowl and fill it with two cups of cold water. After two or three hours, strain the infusion, smooth the fruits well with a mortar and send it to simmer. Fifteen minutes later, add sugar, previously cooked and strained berry syrup and freshly squeezed sour juice (about one teaspoon). The latter can be replaced by citric acid. Now you need to dilute the starch: pour it into a small bowl and mix with water to dissolve it. As soon as the kissel starts to boil, quickly pour into it a thickener and some more time to cook with constant stirring. Before serving "Vitamin Charge" on the table, cool it well. By the way, so that the film does not form a film on the surface, sprinkle it with a small amount of sugar. It will be tastier if you serve jelly with fresh berries: black or red currants, raspberries. You can also add prunes or dried apricots, previously soaked in hot water. If there is a desire, diversify the recipe by adding sweet fruits from strawberry jam. Bon Appetit! how to boil a jelly from starch

Kissel made of wine and jam

If you do not know how to cook the jelly from starch, do notworry - now it will be very easy to cope with the task. We offer a simple recipe for a delicious drink, familiar to many from childhood. Semi-liquid jelly from a jam will remind of pleasant moments spent for pranks with friends. It can be prepared simply with sweet syrup, but we decided to experiment a little, adding a dry wine, which will give a special piquancy. Ingredients:

  • 25 grams of sugar
  • 0.5 cups of red dry wine
  • a tablespoon (without a slide) of potato starch
  • 50 grams of strawberry or any other jam
  • 225 milliliters of boiled and pre-chilled water

Cooking method: First, combine the water and the red wine in one pan, then put the dishes on a slow fire and turn the cooking zone to minimum. While the liquid is heated, take the fruits out of the jam, leaving only the sweet syrup. Go to the next step: now you need to dilute the specified amount of starch in water. Pour sugar into the pan, add the syrup and very quickly enter the thickener. Cook the drink, regularly mixing, for about ten minutes. Then cool, distribute to serving glasses and serve on the table. If you do not want the film to form on the surface of the jelly, sprinkle it with sugar (you need about a handful) and cover it with a lid or polyethylene.

Apple Drink

When to get fresh fruit is problematic, you cancook jelly from home jam, use frozen berries - raspberries, currants, cherries, gooseberries - or resort to another method. We offer a recipe for apple drink from the dried White pouring. Cook it better based on potato starch, as corn is more suitable for biscuit dough, delicate sauces and desserts. It gives the dishes a softer taste. Ingredients:

  • cold water - four glasses
  • three teaspoons of potato starch
  • sugar - to taste
  • 130 grams of dried apples (we used White filling, however you can add any fruit)

Cooking method: Dried apples for a short time (about fifteen minutes) soak in hot water. Then transfer into a saucepan, pour a fresh portion of cold liquid and simmer over low heat. When they begin to disintegrate, they will become soft, wipe them through a sieve. Excess flesh and skin discard, and pour the broth back into the dishes and continue cooking. Dissolve the starch in a small amount of water and combine it with the rest of the ingredients. Continue to stir the jelly so that it does not take up lumps. When the drink is thick enough, turn off the hotplate and refrigerate it. If desired, you can change the recipe, for example, make a kissel with fresh apples. Sort the variety depending on what flavor you want to get. If sweet, buy a Macintosh, Golden or Fuji. Such fruits as Idared, Simerenko or Antonovka will make the drink slightly sour. To achieve a thick dense consistency, add 15-25 grams of starch, and for flavor, enter vanilla sugar. how to cook a jelly from starch

Creamy pudding "Children's" with fresh apricots

The use of the jelly for the sick stomach is,that it envelops its walls, reducing painful sensations. Therefore, to all who have problems with the digestive tract, doctors recommend at least occasionally to use this sweet drink. It is brewed from jam, based on dried or frozen berries - prunes, dog rose, currants, - as well as fresh fruits. Not every child will be delighted with jelly, but there is a recipe that is the best for children. No baby will refuse such an appetizing creamy drink, you'll see. Ingredients:

  • three glasses of cream of average fat content
  • 150 grams ice cream Plombier
  • 15 grams of starch (it is recommended to use potato)
  • nine large apricots
  • 20 grams of sugar
  • two tablespoons of sweet berry syrup or jam
  • vanillin - optional

Cooking method: First, dissolve the starch in a few milliliters of warm cream, mix well and add the sugar and vanillin to the remaining dairy product. Put the dishes on the stove and heat the resulting liquid on a quiet fire. At the very end, add starch, pouring it with a thin stream. Please note that you need to do this very quickly, then the kissel will come out homogeneous and without lumps. Hold it on the stove for about five minutes, stirring constantly. After turn off the hotplate and put the drink aside so it cools down. If you are preparing a jelly for yourself, then at this stage you can stop. However, the "children's" recipe requires a little more effort: distribute the mixture over glass vases, each serving with an ice cream ball and apricots cut into small cubes. Then top with a homemade jam or berry syrup, bought in the store. We think the baby will appreciate your efforts. Kissel from starch recipe

Drink from oranges

You have already met the secrets of cookingcream and fruit and jelly, cooked from homemade jam. Now we move on to another level of culinary skill. The recipe for an orange drink can be used not only in everyday life - why not treat them to friends in your house? Thanks to citrus fruit jelly will be incredibly delicious, rich and fragrant. You can even experiment a little by adding tangerines. Ingredients:

  • liter of pasteurized milk
  • three medium oranges
  • four chicken yolks
  • sugar - 100 grams
  • 25 grams of starch

Cooking method: This kissel is more likely not to drink, but to desserts. Thanks to a large amount of starch, it turns out to be quite thick and looks like a pudding that is not too frozen. Incredible flavor is given to oranges. So, let's get down to cooking. First cut off one citrus with a thin layer of skin, and from the remaining pulp squeeze out the juice. Then take two oranges, peel them and cut into thin circles. Now put them in a bowl and sprinkle with sugar. Top with a juice and close the lid tightly. Remove the dishes in the cold, and take care of the rest of the ingredients. Separate the squirrels, whisk the yolks carefully with a whisk with sugar. Put on a quiet fire milk with chopped peel. To bring the liquid to a boil is not necessary - as soon as it starts to slightly boil, pour into it the egg yolk and starch. The latter in advance dissolve in a small amount of milk. For about seven minutes, hold the mixture on the stove, not forgetting to stir it. When the kissel thickens, pour it into a shallow dish and send it to the refrigerator. Then stick the candied pieces of oranges in it and serve them. Water the dish with a fragrant fruit syrup. How much starch to take for a jelly, each mistress decides independently. As already noted above, one or two tablespoons will make a semi-liquid drink, and six or eight tables are very thick, like a souffle. If you add freshly squeezed berry juice, enter it at the very end, after the thickener. In addition, so that the mixture does not get clogged, it should be cooked on very low heat with constant stirring. Otherwise, you can expect a fiasco - kissel will be "bumpy" and unappetizing in appearance. In winter, when purchasing fresh fruit is rather problematic, it is recommended to use prunes, dried apricots, dried apples, pears, frozen raspberries, strawberries, cherries, currants. Blanks for future jelly can be made from summer. To the fruit drink has not lost its appeal, take on board a little tip: add a little lemon acid, diluted in warm water. We advise you to read: