friends or likes Trying to find the difference between friendship and lovesometimes even the most philosophical minds can be confusing. Often from friendship love and passion are born, and true love always contains friendly notes. Obviously, these two areas of the relationship are closely related. Often, a guy and a girl themselves can not understand what kind of relationship has developed between them - friendship? Love? It often happens that one of the pair experiences unease from the uncertainty of the relationship. A girl or a guy can not understand what their partner feels. He is friends or loves me? And how to behave in this case? And it happens that the girl herself can not understand her feelings. She likes the guy, she is interested with him, her attention and support is dear to her. But is this enough to understand: she loves or is friendly, and this young man is just a friend or beloved for her? What is the difference between a strong friendship and romantic love, and where is the line that divides them? Let's try to figure it out!

How to distinguish friendship from love?

Sometimes you can so love your friends that it iseven difficult to express in words. At the same time, we love our relatives, but we do not always want to be friends with them. There are friends who are closer to us sisters and brothers. This closeness is maintained between friends, regardless of time and distance, which can divide them. Such friendship stands the test of time - like the love that a person feels for his family. A true friend is able to understand any movement of your soul, sometimes even better than some close ones can. A loving person not only understands you, but also is able to forgive your mistakes. Even those that sometimes even friends do not forgive. But! - for loving people, love alone is not enough. A necessary condition for love is always friendship. If it is not, then love becomes simply the need of the flesh - it is not even love, it is only passion. Passion is also part of love; but the passion can fade with time, and if the feelings of lovers do not reflect friendly notes, then love goes away. You can not take passion for love alone. The more passion, the harder it is to see if there is really love. Sometimes passion makes a person blind, and he ceases to see the obvious truth, easily succumbing to deception. While friends can see a lie, just looking into each other's eyes. Our friends often become a mirror reflecting our reality; and love is like a crystal ball, in which all our dreams of the future are reflected. But sometimes a friend can nurture your dream; he will reveal all the best in you and show how great your possibilities are. True friends always have much in common with you, fitting into your life and complementing it. The true friendship of both makes it better than they would have been if it were not for this friendship. You still do not understand how to determine whether you love someone or are you just very good friends? Indeed, there is much in common between love and friendship; but there are differences. If you want to finally understand how to distinguish friendship from love, then try to look step by step through all the similarities and differences between friendship and love. And then listen to yourself and analyze your feelings. how to distinguish friendship from love

The similarities between love and friendship

  • Friendship - when you have something in common with anotherman. You feel comfortable together. You can talk on any topic, and tell a friend such secrets that no one else would tell. The same can be said about the beloved person.
  • A real friendship is when, even after a quarrel, youstill remain friends. Being offended by a friend, you still understand that you can not cross it out of your life. In love it happens the same way. Even when you quarrel and run to different angles, very soon you will begin to think about how to sooner make up. You will miss and miss your beloved. Without it, your life becomes meaningless.
  • Love is when you can come to yourpartner with a problem, and he will listen to you and give you some advice. He will never remain indifferent to your difficulties. So is a friend - he will never say that he does not have time now to listen to you. And he will not say that your stupidity does not take him. A friend will always try to help.
  • Friendship is when someone mocks youor even attack you, and a friend stands up for your protection. And he will certainly try to console you. Do not even say that the beloved will do the same.
  • True love is when you are loved andtake what you are. Forgiving even the shortcomings. A friend, too, does not require you to change. He understands that it is these inner qualities that make you what you are.
  • Differences between love and friendship

  • Friendship is when you part (for example, oneof you leave), but at the same time you know that communication and communication between you will not be interrupted. You will not allow your friendship to fade. When you love, you try not to part. You need to be there every second, you need constant communication. And even if your partner, for example, gets an offer of profitable work far from your city - he either refuses it, or takes you with him.
  • A real friendship is when someone flirts withyour friend, and you feel happy and happy for him. If you flirt with someone you love - you are jealous, even if you understand that your boyfriend loves you only.
  • Friendship is when you feel that you have met as a brother, like you. Love is when you realize that you found a part of yourself, without which you would be half as small.
  • she loves or is friendly

    We want to advise you ...

    Since love and friendship are really veryare similar to each other, you need to watch yourself, listening to your feelings and to your heart; It is possible that true friendship will eventually turn into true love. Most romantic relationships began between two people who before that were great friends. The main thing was that they knew how to distinguish friendship from love; The one who became your favorite, should also be your friend, only now on a different level; Remember that a true friend and true love is really hard to find.

    ... and warn

    You will experience bitter feelings if youto love a person who sees in you only a friend; Even more grief you will experience, if such a person you make your lover. And you will not find love, and you will lose friendship. And true friendship, and true love is a great gift for every person. They allow us to feel needed for another person, and we experience happiness only from the fact that we can do everything possible for the happiness of a friend or loved one. We advise you to read: