how to understand that a man loves you It has long been no secret that men and women, in the first placeturn due to natural differences, show their feelings very differently. Especially it concerns the manifestation of such an intimate and secret feeling, which is real and deep love. Often it is difficult for us to understand the true feelings, thoughts, desires and intentions of another person, even in the most seemingly simple at first glance things, and in such a burning issue there should not be any intrigue or confusion at all. How to understand that a man loves you? For a tender and trembling female heart, the unknown will be no less damaging than a sad but simple answer: "You are mistaken. He does not love you, alas, but ... No. " Well, it's worth it to understand. On this depends our peace of mind and well-being, confidence in the future and our own self-esteem. Common sense literally insists on clarifying all the circumstances in the relationship with the object of your dreams. But first we need to understand what love means to us, what is its difference from love and passion. How often we, taking one feeling for another, hurt ourselves.

Love? No, just falling in love

When we are in love, we tend to idealizepartner, endow it with all the virtues, abilities and positive qualities. Everything is fine in this emotion - with one exception. Infatuation - a short enough sense, one of its properties - it's transience, the ability to quickly end ... Or to transform. In love, as much as we would like in the ideal. Love is different from falling in love with the depth of feelings that we experience. This is a more serious, stable feeling. We more objectively evaluate the partner, we understand him better, and most importantly - we are ready to fully accept him as a person who has both advantages and disadvantages. It is necessary to emphasize exactly the full acceptance of another person - this is the main difference of love, not only from falling in love, but also from passion. how to understand whether you love a man

Love? And again - no! "The whole reason was passion"

True love does not blind at all, and up tosuch a degree that, after sobering, disappointment inevitably sets in; no, it is based on the knowledge of his chosen one and on building relationships not with a fictional character, but with a real person. Being similar in its length to time with love, passion, unlike it, has a greater intensity of feelings. Of course, it can also manifest itself separately from love, but it can also be (and even more so - should, why not?) Be its component. Passion is, first of all, the attraction of a sexual nature, the call of the flesh. It can be compared to a natural disaster, so are the destructive effects of passion with the destructive impact of nature forces-fires or typhoons. This is a real insanity, encompassing both the soul and the body of a person, eclipsing reason and common sense. There is nothing in common with love and passion in its pure form. Relations based only on passion, attract and arrange not every woman. After all, most of the fair sex is hoping for a long and stable alliance, which can not be built on passion alone.

Observe, remember, analyze

Watching the behavior of a loving man byrelation to his chosen one, what do we see? How does he show his feelings and attitude towards her? Let's try to identify the main points that will help each young lady better understand the attitude towards him of his men:

  • The frank manifestation of the intention to conductmost of the time together This applies not only to joint ventures into entertainment venues or to some public events. A man gladly makes you a company when you intend to devote an entire day to intensive shopping in all the shopping centers of the city. He is enrolled in a sports club, where you have been walking for a long time, and begins attending training with you. And yes, he walks with you with your dog. He wants to spend time alone with you just to chat about something, discuss something, laugh at something.
  • Choosing a topic for discussion also mattersA guy interested in you will not only talk about himself and only about what he is interested in; he will listen carefully to your speeches, try to support the topics that interest you. It should be remembered that not all men are ready to immediately confess their love for you, especially at the very beginning of the relationship. This is due both to the fear of rejection and rejection, and to the fact that such a serious approach is a sign of the seriousness of his intentions. Do not forget also that most of all the behavior of a man is characterized by his actions towards you, and not just by words.
  • Careful attitude of knights to beautiful ladies -that's what also catches your eye when you see lovers in front of you. From the very beginning of the relationship, the manifestation of care, even in small things, is just an excellent indicator. You are mutually interested in each other's state of health, mood, and strive to facilitate the life of your loved one in ways that are accessible to you. A man in love is the one who most precisely manifests his feelings, desires and intentions towards you, trying to make your life better and more pleasant, and not only at moments of sharing your pastime, but also when he can not be near you. He tries, among other things, to do it unobtrusively, not to show off, and the thought does not come into his head that he will ever be reproached with this. This can take place at later stages in the relationship, when it happens that there is an accumulation of mutual insults. In order for you to pass such a fate, do not forget, in turn, to appreciate the manifestation of care and to praise your man at least from time to time. Of course, caring should always be mutual.
  • The romantic character of your hero in relation to you,Here is something that attracts attention immediately. Especially if it was unusual for him before. After all, the desire to make an object of love happier can manifest, in addition to caring, also in the ability and desire to cheer it up, make a surprise, give a positive emotion. It is not the value of a gift that is important, but its size, of course, can make an impression. But the notorious coffee in bed, cooked exactly in the way you like, for the trace left in the soul will be of no less value to you. He also understands this, if he is sincerely interested in you, and is not afraid to appear to someone "not a real man", showing his romantic attitude towards you.
  • They are your touch to each other - they are muchThey can tell the girl about the feelings of the guy to her. It's not just about touching the sexual orientation - passionate kisses, embraces, stroking - but about enough innocent touch, simple physical contact. It transmits the heat not only of the bodily shell, but also the tenderness of the heart. Look around - lovers all the time find the opportunity to touch each other. They walk, holding hands, sitting, leaning on the back of their partner, lie, laying their head on the lap of a loved one. This behavior serves as a physical analogue of the words of love. A man who does not want to abuse the frequent pronunciation of coveted words will, nevertheless, try to show his love and desire to be near you with his numerous touches.
  • Priorities are placed in your favor, and you aredefinitely feel For example, your chosen one is an enthusiastic fisherman, but instead of going alone for a whole weekend fishing, as usual he did in the old days, he suggests that you go with him. Or even more, he cancels the trip because he needs to help you change the plumbing in the bathroom or escort your car to the car repair shop. You get real confirmation that your affairs and your life are important to him. There are no situations in which you suddenly feel lonely and abandoned, left alone with your problems.
  • You become a part of his life: it happens quite harmoniously, consistently and smoothly. At some point, you discover that you do not suffer the question of how you will spend the coming vacation or weekend. It becomes somehow natural to understand that on the weekend you two will roll around at home, coming to your senses after a busy week. A vacation will be spent in the company of each other, performing part of the repair work in your apartment. If you manage quickly, then wave for a couple of days somewhere on the nature, to clean air and water.
  • The officiality of your relationship is acquired by certainnot quite obvious, but quite clear signs not only for yourself, but for your environment. His family, making up a list of invitees for the upcoming family celebration, includes you in it by default. Now there are not only yours or only his friends or friends. All became common and in the eyes of all of them you are definitely a couple. You are invited somewhere individually very rarely, and most importantly, while saying: "And your (your) will not be against? No? Well, then everything is fine, tell him (her) hello. "
  • Your sexual relationships become over timeeverything is better and more harmonious. There is no fear that you do not like or that he can disappoint you. A man seeks not only to satisfy his own desire, to satisfy his sexual hunger; not at all. Your feelings and desires find understanding and support. He studies your body willingly and carefully, gives pleasure in all possible ways from those that you really like, and not in his personal opinion. He understands that a woman can have moments of reducing sexual desire, and treats it calmly, without blaming a woman for selfishness or, which is already beyond the bounds of reasonable frigidity.
  • Readiness and the desire to become husband and father - that'sthe most significant sign of love between a man and a woman The continuation of your relationship is a man in the conclusion of an official union and the appearance of the obvious fruits of your love - children. It can be safely stated that there are few among sincerely and unconditionally lovers in their best halves of men who do not wish to perpetuate themselves and their love in children whose births they expect from a beloved and loving woman. No words that can describe the excitement experienced men at the moment when they make a proposal of the hand and heart. There are no words to describe the excitement and joy of a woman when she tells her beloved that she is in the position and soon they are expected to be added to the family. At this stage of doubts in mutual love, the couple usually no longer remains.
  • And one more fact that can not be left withoutattention, talking about the signs of a man's love: this is his respect in everything - from feelings to action. How to understand that a man loves a woman sincerely, strongly and truly? A man respects her personality. He likes the way you look, what you do, how you live. This is expressed not only in compliments. His approval is confirmed in fact:

    • He approves of your hobby (even if he heard about it for the first time thanks to you), and you can easily find and allocate time for your favorite pursuits.
    • Your family and your environment will not be criticized from his lips, even if you yourself ask him to voice his point of view on some points. Anyway, the opinion will be expressed in the most loyal form.
    • It suppresses all attempts of unauthorized personsinterfere with your relationship, and also subject you or your behavior to the slightest criticism. He has no desire to attract advisers and arbitrators to where you are able to figure out on your own.
    • He will not allow you to suffer from the torment of jealousy or suspense, will not manipulate you or use your tender attitude toward him for his own purposes.

    how to understand whether a man loves

    Summing up

    Most of the signs about which we are heretold, confirm the sincerity of feelings and the truth of the intentions of your man. Most importantly - be able to listen and hear your intuition, listen to the voices of your heart and mind. There is no definitive and absolutely correct sign, guaranteed to indicate that the girl is not indifferent to the boy, but to be afraid of starting a relationship, as well as recklessly rushing into them, like in a whirlpool with a head, of course, should not. Time will somehow put everything in its place. To better understand what kind of relationship is built between you and your man, remember also that love is a very quivering feeling. It requires a careful attitude to itself, and this fully applies to both partners. Man and woman are created for each other, so conceived by nature itself and so it is from the very creation of the world. These are two communicating vessels, the level of fullness between which is regulated by ourselves, and mutually. Do not be afraid to give your love, generously share your feelings and emotions. To you it will also return a hundredfold. A man who has met in his life the very One Love, will make every effort to win it, and for him there will be no word "no". You will feel and understand everything yourself! Absolutely every representative of the fairer sex needs the tender love of her chosen one, and every woman hopes that fate will be supportive of her and will give such love. Let us wholeheartedly wish you to meet on your life's journey and become a happy possessor of sincere, mutual, hot and true love. May she always be between you and your man! We advise you to read: