how to become the soul of a company Sometimes, we really want to somehow stand out in thethe company of our friends and girlfriends, I want to be at least a little brighter and more interesting, so that they pay more attention to us than to others. It's very pleasant to feel that everyone is happy about your appearance, and communication with you delights your friends. Can this be learned, or is it not available to everyone? And if you can still learn, then how to become the soul of the company, what are the qualities that you need to develop in yourself for this? We at the very beginning noted that it is necessary to be in the center of attention - it is necessary to be brighter and more interesting. We all appreciate meetings with interesting people, and most of us hope that others also find it fascinating to communicate with us. In any case, it makes sense to work on yourself to become a truly interesting person. And we will try to help you with this.

Who can be called an interesting person?

What makes someone more interesting than otherspeople? It is not always easy to answer this question. There are many subjective points of view that are difficult to apply to everyone, especially when it comes to the qualities of the individual. But there are common features that are noted in people of this kind:

  • The ability to take risks. All of us have to solve some problems. But no one pays much attention to a man who always prefers a safe, easy way. A person who is capable of extraordinary decisions and actions, always takes some risks; but he gets some new memorable experience, which adds a new edge to his personality.

Our life is full of examples of people who play withfate only in safe games. They live a measured life, not pretending for something better. Of course, these are not the people we usually hear or talk about. Those about whom they talk about, usually do something that no one has done before them, or they have achieved something, despite all the difficulties. Doing something extraordinary, we always face an element of risk. We start our own business, write the first book or do other similar things - we take risks. We devote ourselves to a hobby - tourism, mountain skiing, parkour or picking Teddy bears - there is also a share of risk here. Yes, just try to buy and wear a super-fashion dress - do not you risk running into ridicule without understanding anything in the fashion trends of others? One thing is clear: interesting people - this is not the type of people who spend all their free time quietly at home, spending every evening in front of a TV or a computer monitor. The latter clearly do not understand never how to become the soul of the company. They and the company, most likely, there is no!

  • Curiosity. By the way, this is one of the catalysts for taking risks. If you are curious to know how bullfights are going on in Spain, then you are much more likely to go there. Curiosity makes us know the world and look for our place in it. It forces us to leave the position of a passive observer in order to become more active. In addition, curiosity is a key moment for the development of the imagination, because some of the best ideas come when we just let our imagination run wild.
  • Own opinion on different issues. Actually, every person is able to express an opinion on this or that occasion. But a bright, extraordinary person is different in that his point of view on many things is often unique, inherent to him. If you just repeat what others say, then you will not say anything new and interesting. The same goes for those people who are afraid to express their opinion. Everyone has the right to his own judgment, and it is only natural that the worldviews of different people can differ significantly. But if you keep your views to yourself, fearing that they will not be popular or lead to conflict, it will make you boring and predictable.
  • Ability to indicate your presence. For this you need your self-confidence, expressive body language, the ability to interact in society. This is not an obligatory condition for becoming an interesting person, but it helps a lot to become just that. Imagine, for example, that you are watching live performance of a rock band. If the musicians go on stage and just play and sing, without showing any emotion and practically not moving, then you will get bored at this concert, even if the songs they sing are not bad. And when you are interested? When the artists cry and laugh on the stage, move and dance, and around them flare up dynamically, poured and turn colored lights.

Ability to stay in the company and interact withits participants can profitably distinguish you among others. There are people who are able to tell even about everyday, everyday things so brightly that everyone will listen to them with great interest. And others even the most ridiculous anecdote will be told so that it will seem boring. That's it is this difference in the ability to submit themselves and does not let the latter understand what they lack to cause interest from friends. how a girl to become the soul of a company

Our recommendations to the girls

Okay, on the whole, we figured out thatdistinguishes interesting people from ordinary people, unremarkable. And what can you do to develop the same qualities? And then, the soul-guy of the company and the girl-soul of the company are, for sure, not the same thing? How does a girl become the soul of a company? For the lovely young ladies we have prepared the following tips:

  • Try not to lose the charm of femininity in any situation. Be friendly and friendly, smile more often. Sincere, warm smile will arrange for you and friends, and girlfriends.
  • Try to follow the fashion. It is not necessary to spend a lot of money to buy more and more things, but to be aware of the main trends is still worth it. Strive to develop a taste and sense of style. Beautifully, skillfully selected clothes will emphasize your personality and help to attract interest to you. And, of course, do not forget about the care of hair, skin, body. Fashionable and expensive dressed, but untidy the girl is able to alienate anyone!
  • Do not be monotonous. If you are ready to talk only about the same thing today, tomorrow and the day after, then in a few days everyone will start shying away from you. Expand your circle of interests, and with it your own horizons. Remember: the more interesting events you do not miss, the more interesting people you will meet there.
  • Be fun and childishly playful. Do not try to seem more adult than you really are! Fun and childishness are very contagious, and you will give others the opportunity to be liberated. This is remembered, and you will always be greeted with joy.
  • Observe the people. Make a list for yourself under the name "Ten of the most interesting people I know." And write down at least three characteristics of each of them, which, in your opinion, make these people interesting for others. Extract from this list key ideas that would constitute the characterization of an ideally charming person. This characteristic will become for you a guide to action!
  • Similarly, make a list of "Ten mostunpleasant people I know. " And in the same way make a list of those traits of character that you would like to prevent in yourself. This is a very useful list, do not forget to sometimes look into it. And the last advice - as much as possible communicate with interesting people, and then you can become the soul of any company! . We advise you to read: