Proper nutrition There is an opinion that delicious food and healthy foodare in different planes. Most people are sure: useful dishes can not bring pleasure. It is time to dispel this error. The Russian Academy of Medical Sciences is already sounding the alarm: 30% of people over thirty are obese, excess weight is observed in 60% of women and 50% of men. And the main reason is not at all immorality, as some believe. Psychologists are sure: food dependence in physically healthy people causes, in the first place, stress. The stronger and more prolonged, the more often the desire to "seize" trouble: we know that such a "medicine" will act much faster and more efficient than the present. At the same time, many understand that "food relaxation" does not lead to good, and they try to pull themselves together, if and, without limiting the amount of food, then, at least, switching from a calorie to a useful snack. The trouble is that the right food in the mass consciousness is associated more with the hospital ration than with the dishes of haute cuisine. Believe me, it's worth breaking this stereotype, and things will go much better. In fact, for those who want to lead a healthy lifestyle, there are a lot of wonderful recipes. The main thing is to observe two principles: to prepare from natural products and, if possible, by gentle methods. Useful snack

Correct snacks

In order not to break, between meals of main dishesnutritionists are advised to arrange a few satisfying, but not too large snacks. If it comes to the office, then it can be any seasonal fruit - apple, pear, mandarin, persimmon, banana. By the way, there is an opinion that this tropical visitor does not contribute to harmony, however in one banana contains only about 70 kcal. At the same time, the nutritional value of the fetus is very high, and the useful substances contained in it help to raise the mood, increase concentration of attention and reduce fatigue. Also, it is not a bad idea to keep rich groups of vitamins in your hand. In a snack bar of yogurt and cereals, or dried cranberries, "papaya" cubes, dried apricots, nuts. They will not only relieve nervous tension, but also enrich the body with vitamins of groups B, vitamin C, potassium and fiber. The only thing, when buying dried fruits, is to give preference not to weighted, but to hermetically packed fruits - this ensures products no mold fungi, bugs and bacteria in the product. In principle, to raise the tone, you can eat even a chocolate bar. The main thing that it was real - from cocoa powder and cocoa butter, and not falsified, stuffed with low-grade tropical fats. Having received a piece of the right chocolate, the body will begin to produce serotonin, called the hormone of joy, and reduces anxiety andanamid. In addition, the product stimulates the brain, helping to raise self-esteem, which is also important in stress. Muesli with fruits

We go for groceries

The culinary experts are absolutely sure thateach dish can be made interesting, tasty and useful, if you cook it yourself, with imagination, love and, of course, from natural products. Following this principle, for the purchase of quality meat, fruits and vegetables, it is worth contacting the stores of farms with a good reputation. This ensures that fruits loaded with pesticides, hormones or antibiotics will not fall into your food basket. When it comes to finished products of industrial production, the task becomes more complicated. It will be necessary to be especially attentive to their composition in order to avoid the purchase of goods with artificial additives - dyes, flavors, thickeners and preservatives. Also, there will be a need to take into account the possible change in the recipe of popular products, which some manufacturers resort to from the desire to save. For clarity, consider a product that is literally in every home - ketchup. A popular sauce with such a name can be natural, as, for example, everyone knows the Heinz, that is, cooked from tomatoes, natural vinegar and spices. At the same time on sale there are also "ketchups" from less expensive ingredients - vegetable or fruit puree, which was given a "tomato" taste, smell and color with the help of synthetic components. It is clear that the question of the benefits of the product can only go in the first case: after all, natural ketchup, as is known, contains at least a large amount of a powerful natural antioxidant lycopene. A sauce of courgettes, apples or pumpkins can not boast of this. If you want to buy natural products, you need to be cautious, because there are a lot of examples of such substitution of some ingredients by others for maximum profit. In particular, it is no secret that some manufacturers use tropical instead of milk fat, and soybean proteins instead of meat proteins. In order not to fall for such a trick, carefully study the packaging: on it the manufacturer is obliged to indicate all used components. For example, quite often the surrogate falls into the dairy departments: cottage cheese and sour cream are only curd and sour cream "products", which are approached to a real "sour-milk" according to taste and consistency. In them, the ingredients, designed to become a source of calcium for our body, are replaced by tropical vegetable fats, which have nothing in common with milk. In order not to become a victim of a possible forgery, you can use the available information on the results of official quality checks of products and purchase goods under brands that have received good reviews from specialists. Vitamin snack

Cooking delicious, prepare useful

When the refrigerator is full of everything you need,it's time to create a culinary masterpiece - delicious and, at the same time, useful and nutritious. Of course, it would be desirable to permanently abandon the fryer in favor of a steamer. However, it is clear that radical changes are likely to lead to a rapid breakdown and the previous diet. Therefore, to begin with, it is worthwhile to find a worthy compromise, for example, by going to dishes baked in the oven or extinguished in the "Utyatnitsa". Having found a free minute and giving yourself a little time, you can recall the dishes that we wove for both cheeks in childhood, but then somehow forgot about them in everyday vanity. Rassolnik, mushroom soup, chicken broth with homemade noodles, oxalic soup, borscht - admit, it sounds like music. And cooking does not require a special talent, and the benefits to the body are a whole sea. And what are the second dishes served in those times when they ate with feeling, with good, with arrangement! Buckwheat porridge with liver and sour cream, vegetable stew in pots, stewed pork with potatoes or beef - with prunes and laurel leaves ... And homemade desserts will be no less tasty, but much healthier than purchased: apples baked in the oven with honey and nuts, cottage cheese casseroles, pumpkin with cinnamon or even pies with apples. On them all Sunday it's not a pity to spend: while you knead the dough, prepare the filling and mold one masterpiece after another, get so much positive that all the worries and troubles will go far to the background. By the way, cooking can turn into an exciting hobby and an interesting way to spend leisure time - master classes for those who wish are periodically held in many classical restaurants. Perhaps this will be the outlet that you have missed all these years.