how to remove fat from your feet In the fact that women's legs over time (and oftenahead of time) overgrown with fat, it is not only the wrong food and the inactive way of life that are to blame. Our very purpose - to nurture and give birth to children - is the main reason for this unpleasant fact for us. Nature has ensured that the human female, which, unlike other mammals, travels on two limbs and has an unprotected body, could risk bearing the fruit without risk. That's why she defended the cub, which is inside the mother, a powerful fat layer. And that's why most women have fat stored on their stomachs and hips. However, this fact, which led to the creative ecstasy of Rubens, does not please us, but on the contrary, it poisons our life. A modern way of life with refined food, sedentary work (and leisure!) And movement more on wheels, rather than on foot, only aggravates the natural reality. To argue with a wise nature is difficult, and sometimes fraught. But when the normal fat layer on the female body begins to "go beyond", and on the legs appears clearly superfluous fat, and even more cellulite, you need to take action. But how to remove fat from your feet? The answer to this burning question is unambiguous: there is less and more to move. And it would be nice to take special measures. For example, choose the appropriate diet, do a special massage and perform effective exercises. Better yet, that such measures were taken in the complex. Are you satisfied with this answer? Then let's find out about these ways of fighting fat on legs more. And at the same time and that is a fat in our body.

What is adipose tissue?

You know about the most insidious property of fatcells? They do not disappear! They only decrease in size! A person is already born with a fat tissue and even in the body of the worst person these cells are present in billions of dollars. Moreover, the fat cells themselves do not divide, that is, their number does not increase. When we recover, the fat cells grow, and our volumes increase. But if the size of fat cells reaches a critical value, and they can no longer become, the so-called progenitor cells of adipose tissue begin to multiply. They turn into a full fat tissue, and becoming mature cells already remain forever in our body. And then it comes to a painful condition called obesity. So the amount of fat tissue in the human body can not decrease! But to increase - easily. But, fortunately, fat tissue can decrease in volume and transform. And the fact is that a person has two kinds of fat - white and brown. White fat stores nutrients and participates in energy exchange, and brown fat "answers" for heat production. It is white fat that makes us fat. But it is able to turn into brown, thanks to complex chemical reactions, "launch" for which physical exercises become. Now do you understand the benefits of charging or running in the morning? As for the diet, it causes the fat cells to decrease in volume, which is why when dieting, we lose weight. And the benefit of the massage is in the physical effect on the adipose tissue, due to which it also decreases, that is, there is a so-called burning of fats. And now about the practical side of these methods of fighting fat on legs. How to remove fat from your feet yourself


Having decided to get rid of fat on his legs, first of all,it is necessary to revise the diet. You can, of course, sit on some diet for weight loss, but it will only help to quickly lose weight and reduce the volume of any body parts, but, alas, not legs. With such diets, the face, chest, hands are losing weight, but the belly is "falling off," but the fat does not get any less on the legs, and if it does, it's not very much. To start losing weight, you need a long-term diet, and this can only be a new diet without starvation. And this means that it is necessary to abandon all harmful (in terms of fat burning) products. All flour from refined white flour. Flour is not particularly harmful to our harmony, in contrast to buns, cakes and biscuits. All sweets, except honey. True, the use of honey in unlimited quantities, too, you will not add harmony, but still it is "safer" of sugar, sweets and soda. Everything is fatty and fried. Useful and low-fat fat - vegetable oil, but only in a natural "cold" form. Alcohol (no comment). Nutrition must be balanced. That is, in your diet should be present foods containing carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Carbohydrates are fruits, bread (rye or coarse grind), cereals, legumes. Proteins are dairy products, fish and meat (not fatty!). Fats are found in almost all foods except vegetables and fruits. And give preference in your new diet to sour-milk products, vegetables, cereals and fish. As a dessert you can afford fresh fruit, nuts and honey. And remember that to get rid of fat on your feet will help only long-term balanced diet, fractional food and refusal to eat at night.


This is a very effective procedure. You can, of course, start going to a professional masseur, but it's easy to do foot massage yourself. Particularly effective for burning fat on the legs are vacuum cans that help get rid of cellulite. You can buy them in a regular pharmacy, and how to properly use the banks, detailed in the instructions to them. Self-massage, for which you only need a special massage gel or cream and your own hands. Start the massage with strokes, warming the tissues and preparing them for more aggressive effects. Then go on rubbing, tapping and squeezing. Grasping the tissue (not the skin!) With the palm, make intense pressing and simultaneously compressing movements, moving your hands up the legs. Finish the session with relaxing strokes. Hydromassage, which can be done with the help of a shower, directing water jets to the feet, also from the bottom up. Incidentally, in the bathroom you can use a massage brush or mitt, massaging soapy legs. By the way, hydromassage (as well as any other massage) - the procedure is not only useful, but also enjoyable. How to remove fat from the feet correctly


Try to forget about the elevator, go moreWalk to the swimming pool. If health and time allows, then start running in the morning (or in the evenings) - this will certainly help to remove the fat from your feet. But for greater effect, perform special exercises. Just keep in mind that most exercises train muscles and improve stretching. But there are among them and purposeful exercises, helping to get rid of fat on legs.

  • Squats Squat, trying not to tear off the heels from the floor. Squats do shallow and unsharp. Squat until you feel very tired.
  • Jump through the rope But the main condition of such an exercise is a full landing. Yes, and do not forget to wear a bra that supports your breasts well.
  • Goose step Deeply squatting, walk around the room - it looks ridiculous, but it works effectively.
  • Steps on the pope Another very strange exercise with good effect. Sit on the floor, stretch your legs and start making hips moving forward, forcing yourself to move forward.
  • Waving your feet Standing straight, put your hand against the wall. First make a few swords straightened leg forward, a little sideways, a few back. Change your foot.
  • Drops Stand up straight, with your legs together. Make one foot a wide step forward, bending it in the knee and transferring the weight of the body to the exposed leg. Return to the starting position. Make at least ten attacks for each leg.

For a quick result, buy for classesSpecial leggings with the effect of the sauna, or simply tightly wrap the legs with food film. In general, try to move as much as possible. Any dynamic load and even an elementary morning charge will help you get rid of fat on your legs. Well, if you are a supporter of radical measures, then go to a cosmetology clinic where a plastic surgeon removes fat with liposuction. But think very carefully before daring to take this step! And do not forget that any interference in the body does not pass without a trace. In the end, fat on the legs is a more aesthetic problem. Just do not be lazy, just do not eat anything superfluous, just be more active, just be patient, persistent and do not expect an instant result. And you will succeed! We advise you to read: