jelly isotov What is the wish for various holidays, startingfrom birthdays to New Year's, most often you hear yourself and say it to others? Of course, this is a wish for health. Many people, especially older people and those who have experienced problems in this area, like to add that health is the most important thing. If it is, everything else will follow. With this truth it is difficult to argue. Only a healthy person can fully enjoy life and feel all of its magic. The secret of such well-being is simple: everyone should realize their responsibility for their own health. Having realized it, you will get the rights to good health and a full, rich life. You can lead a long debate about the different opportunities for people to lead a healthy lifestyle, eat well, play sports and so on. Many people dream of finding such a recipe for health and longevity, in which almost nothing needs to be done. He drank a pill - and healthy, like an ox. But, unfortunately, the magic pill has not yet been invented. Fortunately, there are many effective ways, without large financial costs, to carry out the prevention and treatment of various diseases. All that is worth doing to you is to be attentive to yourself and observe some rules. Our article will tell you about Izotov's jelly. This is a real miracle, accessible to everyone.

The precious heritage of ancestors

In the most popular book of the XVI century - "Domostroe"the recipe of oatmeal is mentioned. Also records about him are found in the monastic books of that time. The recipe for oatmeal was one of the most popular in the Russian folk cuisine. It served as a source of vitamins, and was also used to treat stomach diseases. In addition, our ancestors used a recipe of sauerkraut for the treatment of the spleen, so they called it "spleen". For a long time, the ancient recipe of a jelly made from oats was consigned to oblivion. This was a big omission, because its healing properties are unique. Justice triumphed when a Russian doctor - virologist Vladimir Kirillovich Izotov drew attention to this recipe and, having carefully studied it, appreciated all unsurpassed virtues. The specialist supplemented the experience of generations with the knowledge of modern science and offered mankind a truly miracle - oatmeal jelly Izotova. Yes, it is to humanity, because in the West they know and respect this product, calling it "Russian Balsam". The recipe for this remedy can be found in people who care about their health.

How does "oatmeal" work?

Dietitians - naturopaths claim that the systemnutrition accounts for 30% of all factors affecting human health. Food of animal origin contains a large number of proteins. Their excess does not have time to be processed and assimilated by the body, as a result of which it decays. So toxins are formed, which are transported by blood throughout the body and cause chronic autointoxication. VC. Izotov offers an absolutely safe way of cleansing from harmful products of protein breakdown and general health improvement. It is based on the fact that a useful dish is added to the daily diet - oatmeal jelly Izotova, which is easily prepared at home. oatmeal

Examination for jelly

The way of preparation of Izotov's jelly passedexamination in the Scientific Research Institute of the State Patent Expertise of the Russian Federation, which concluded that Izotov's jelly has several advantages, namely:

  • increased biological activity of the product;
  • easy digestibility;
  • absence of side effects;
  • efficiency in the recovery of the human body.

Also Dr. Isotov's jelly has two moremerits. This is the recipe itself (its unique composition) and the way of making oat concentrate, which is used for further cooking jelly. Everything is very simple, does not require special conditions and equipment. Concentrate is easy to produce at home. In addition, throughout the world, he has no analogues on the action on the human body. According to the results of the examination, Izotov's jelly received the patent of the Russian Federation.

What are the useful properties of oat jelly?

A wide list of amino acids and vitamins contained in the drink, gives it a unique healing properties. Irreplaceable amino acids, which are part of the isotovian kissel:

  • tryptophan;
  • lysine;
  • lecithin;
  • methionine.

Irreplaceable acids must be continuously supplied tothe human body with food, because he himself does not synthesize them. Below we will reveal to you the meaning of these elements and the consequences, which lead to their lack in the human body. Tryptophan This amino acid performs a number of functions to ensure normal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract:

  • regulates the feeling of hunger and normalizes appetite;
  • provides a good metabolism;
  • reduces the craving for carbohydrate food.

Tryptophan partially neutralizes the effects of nicotine and alcohol. It is important for children, because it affects the production of growth hormone. As a natural antidepressant, tryptophan contributes to:

  • good sleep;
  • getting rid of nervous tension and relaxation;
  • reduced irritability;
  • getting rid of headaches and even migraines.

As a result, the sufficient level of thisamino acid is the key to good concentration and performance. The action of this substance on the digestive and nervous systems leads to the cure of eating disorders, including such serious ones as anorexia and bulimia, as well as getting rid of neuroses and some mental disorders. Obviously, the lack of tryptophan leads to a physical and psychological ailment. Lysine It is necessary for growth, production of hormones, enzymes and antibodies. Also, lysine is involved in tissue repair, because it is indispensable for the synthesis of muscle fibers. This substance has an antiviral effect. Especially important is lysine to combat herpes and respiratory infections. It is useful in cardiovascular pathologies. This amino acid accelerates the process of fission of fats and provides the body with energy. It also increases the absorption of calcium and its transport to bone tissue, so it is mandatory for use in the treatment and prevention of osteoporosis. Thus, the main functions of lysine are:

  • increased muscle strength and endurance;
  • improvement of short-term memory;
  • prevention of osteoporosis and atherosclerosis;
  • thickening of the hair bulb;
  • improved erections and increased female libido;
  • prevention of recurrence of genital herpes.

Deficiency of lysine leads to increased fatigue,nausea, dizziness, lethargy, decreased appetite, growth retardation and weight loss, nervousness, bleeding in the eyeball and the appearance of blood vessels on the belly of the eye (red eye symptom), hair loss, anemia, menstrual dysfunction and reproductive problems. Lecithin This substance is vital for the human nervous system, because it is the main nutrient for it. Lecithin accounts for 17% of the peripheral nervous system and 30% of the brain. Accordingly, its deficiency leads to an irritable state, fatigue, down to nervous exhaustion and breakdown. In addition, lecithin has a very wide range of effects on the human body:

  • restoration of the structure of the liver and lungs;
  • decrease in obesity of the liver;
  • regulation of bile production;
  • prevention of cirrhosis;
  • protection from overweight;
  • participation in the transmission of nerve impulses;
  • normalization of cholesterol and fatty acids in the blood.

Lecithin improves the health of sufferersmultiple sclerosis. It is necessary for pregnant and lactating women, because it affects the formation and normal development of the brain and nervous system of the child. Methionine It helps in the cleavage and use of fats. Methionine removes excess fat from the bloodstream and, thus, leads to a decrease in adipose tissue. It plays a key role in removing heavy metals from the stomach and liver. Also this substance is a good antioxidant, because it deactivates free radicals. Methionine improves memory. Deficiency of this amino acid leads to liver infiltration, edema and skin itching. jelly isotope recipe

What vitamins contains isotovic jelly?

Let's turn to the vitamins contained in the miracle -kissel of Dr. Izotov. Their wide spectrum consists of vitamins of group B: B1, B2, B5. In addition, kissel contains vitamins E, A, PP. Vitamins of group B do not accumulate in the body, so their intake must be constant. Together, this group of vitamins fulfills its primary function of generating energy and participating in tissue respiration. Their role in maintaining emotional and mental health of a person is extremely important. Next, we will tell you about the function of each vitamin of this group contained in oatmeal. B1 (thiamin) It is called the vitamin of vigor of spirit. It helps fat, carbohydrates and proteins to turn into energy. In addition, it protects the nerve cells. Thiamine does not allow aging cells of the brain, preserving memory and attention to advanced years. Alzheimer's disease is characterized in particular by the fact that patients have a very low level of vitamin B1. Here are a number of functions of thiamine:

  • strengthening immunity;
  • prevention of cardiovascular diseases;
  • regulation of amino acid metabolism and carbohydrate metabolism;
  • support the work of the gastrointestinal tract and liver.

Deficiency of vitamin B1 leads to insomnia,headache, memory impairment, muscle weakness and cardiovascular disease. A prolonged lack of this substance in the body leads to damage to the nervous system. B2 (riboflavin) This vitamin takes part in all metabolic processes. Its most important role is to ensure the normal state of the skin, mucous membranes, visual functions, as well as the synthesis of hemoglobin. Enzymes, which include riboflavin, play an important role in regulating the metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Vitamin B2 protects the retina from the effects of ultraviolet rays. Thus, riboflavin is necessary for the growth of nails and hair, the health of the skin and the entire human body. The lack of this vitamin is manifested in a burning sensation of the skin, dermatitis, lachrymation and rubbing in the eyes, dry lips and cracks in the corners of the mouth. B5 (pantothenic acid) This acid is involved in the formation of cholesterol and the release of energy. It is a powerful stimulator of the synthesis of adrenal hormones, therefore it is used in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, arthritis and allergies. As a result of avitaminosis, dermatitis, depigmentation of hair, loss of appetite, damage to the mucous membranes may occur. More serious consequences include neuritis and paralysis. PP (nicotinic acid) This vitamin is also known as B3. Its functions in the human body can not be overestimated:

  • prevention of cardiovascular disease;
  • participation in the formation of hormonal background;
  • regulation of cholesterol in the blood;
  • preventing the formation of clots in the blood;
  • prevention of hypertension and diabetes;
  • participation in the production of gastric juice and food movement processes;
  • activation of the liver and pancreas;
  • an important role in the synthesis of hemoglobin and the formation of red blood cells.

The lack of this vitamin can lead tothe emergence of pellagra - avitaminosis, which is characterized by nervous disorders, diarrhea, peeling and cracking of the skin. In addition, the deficit of nicotinic acid is fraught with insomnia, loss of appetite, indigestion, muscle weakness, pain in the limbs. E (tocopherol) This is, above all, a powerful antioxidant, which very successfully fights against free radicals. It neutralizes their effects and prevents the formation of carcinogens. In addition, it has a wide range of important functions for a person:

  • strengthening immunity;
  • alleviation of Alzheimer's disease and diabetes mellitus;
  • strengthening the walls of the capillaries and preventing thrombosis;
  • increase skin elasticity and prevent aging;
  • ensuring a healthy sexual attraction;
  • compensation for estrogen deficiency.

Deficiency of tocopherol is manifested in muscledystrophy, violations of cardiac activity and reproductive function, the disappearance of sexual desire, obesity of the liver. The lack of vitamin E also leads to anemia. A (retinol) This vitamin is responsible for the health of teeth, bones, skin, hair. It affects the functioning of the lungs and urinary tract, and is also extremely important for good vision. Retinol strengthens the immune system and ensures the correct development of the child's body. Its lack leads to the so-called "chicken blindness", dry hair and skin, weight loss and fatigue, insomnia. Choline Separately it is necessary to isolate such a substance as choline. It is a vitamin-like substance contained in Dr. Izotov's oatmeal. He is responsible for vital functions and significantly supports human health. It is also called vitamin B4. It has a membrane-protective effect. Its most important function is to protect the cell membranes from damage and destruction. In addition, this substance has such effects on the body:

  • antiatherosclerotic - lowering cholesterol in the blood;
  • nootropic - improvement of cognitive functions due to activation of metabolic processes in the brain;
  • soothing and antidepressant.

Choline is very important for healthy functioningnervous system. It is involved in the formation of the myelin sheath of nerves. Deficiency of choline leads to destruction of the myelin layer and damage to nerve cells. This substance also participates in carbohydrate metabolism in the pancreas. It normalizes the level of sugar in the blood. In this regard, choline is indicated to diabetics to regulate insulin requirements. The role of choline in the reproductive function of men is important. It increases the activity of spermatozoa and is necessary for the prevention of disorders of the prostate gland. Choline deficiency in the body leads to:

  • irritability, fatigue, nervous breakdowns;
  • gastritis and diarrhea;
  • impaired liver function;
  • increased arterial pressure;
  • slowing the growth in children.

Minerals in oatmeal

Undoubtedly, besides amino acids and vitamins, oat jelly is rich in mineral elements. He contains:

  • calcium;
  • magnesium;
  • iron;
  • potassium;
  • fluorine.

They provide the necessary water-salt balance, improve the functions of enzymes and, as a result, support the healthy life of the human body.

  • Calcium This mineral is necessary for clottingblood. He is the main building element in our body, which together with fluoride is responsible for strong bones, teeth, hair and nails. In addition, calcium is a probiotic. It performs antioxidant functions, promotes elimination of radionuclides and heavy metal salts from the body. Also, calcium has anti-allergic and anti-stress effects on the body.
  • Magnesium He takes part in the assimilation of glucose,generation of energy, the synthesis of proteins and the transmission of a neural signal. It is necessary for the construction of bone tissue, regulation of the tone of blood vessels and muscles. This mineral substance calms, reduces the excitability of the nervous system, has anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory effects, regulates the work of the intestines, the prostate system and the bladder.
  • Iron It is necessary for intracellular exchangeand hemopoiesis, the formation of hemoglobin. It affects the functioning of the thyroid gland, regulates immunity, affects the metabolism of B group vitamins contained in the jelly. Also, iron is responsible for the transportation of oxygen.
  • Potassium One of the most important elements for the body. This mineral substance prevents puffiness, as it enhances the processes of water withdrawal from the body. Also, potassium is necessary for blood clotting. Its salts ensure the healthy functioning of all soft tissues: muscles (especially the heart), capillaries and vessels, kidney cells, liver, brain, endocrine glands. Also, potassium is an antisclerotic.
  • Fluoride It supports immunity, speeds up the processesregeneration of bone tissue, is necessary for the prevention of osteoporosis. It also prevents the appearance of caries, also participates in hematopoiesis, eliminates radionuclides.
  • As you can see, contained in oatmealvitamins, minerals and amino acids are necessary for the good functioning of all human organs. Summing up the line and drawing a general conclusion, we can say that the deficiency of these substances makes it impossible for the body to function fully and soundly. Thus, the intake of all the listed vitamins and amino acids must be constant. This is the basis of the recommendations for the daily use of oat jelly. The author of the improved prescription, Dr. Izotov, regularly uses this product and from day to day is convinced of the value of his work.

    Who confirmed the effectiveness of oatmeal?

    The first "experimental", which was testedauthor's recipe, became Vladimir Kirillovich himself. The doctor had already suffered tick-borne encephalitis, after which he acquired a number of chronic diseases: hypertension, urolithiasis, coronary heart disease, heart rhythm disturbance, hearing impairment and some others. For a long time, Dr. Izotov was treated with pharmaceutical drugs, sometimes drinking 33 medicines a day. A serious side effect of this therapy was a serious drug allergy. For 8 years, the virologist, a doctor, took his oatmeal daily, which returned him to a healthy life and whose recipe he perfected. During this time, Izotov forgot about visiting his fellow doctors. He perfectly strengthened the immunity, which is the basis of human health. There are many confirmations of the healing of other people from various ailments. The author of the invention regularly receives letters from grateful users of his idea. The doctor's archive consists of more than 1,000 letters from people who have returned oatmeal to life. Vladimir Kirillovich observed a sick 70-year-old woman for five years. She suffered from chronic cholecystitis, accompanied by inflammatory processes of the liver, duodenum, pancreas and stomach. The disease was very difficult, accompanied by an increase in temperature to 40 degrees, which was followed by a chill and a drop in blood pressure. After four years of regular use of the isotov jelly the patient was completely healed. Older people with jelly can cope with multiple diseases of the liver, gastrointestinal tract, gall bladder, cardiovascular system, pancreas. Oat pudding favors an early rehabilitation after myocardial infarction. For cooking oat jelly, first of all, it is necessary to prepare the concentrate, which will subsequently be diluted to obtain the final product.

    How to prepare a concentrate?

  • Fermentation In order to prepare the concentratethis miracle cure, you will need a five-liter glass jar. Fill it with 3-3.5 liters of boiled water. The water temperature should be like that of fresh milk - 30 - 400 C. After this, add 500 grams of oatmeal "Hercules" and 100 milliliters of kefir to the water. Close the jar with a lid, wrap it around or put it near the battery (if you are preparing the concentrate in the heating season). Fermentation should last 1 - 2 days. Do not leave it for a longer time, as this will adversely affect the taste of the jelly. Improve the process of fermentation will help 10 - 15 tablespoons of oatmeal, ground in a coffee grinder to a coarse grind.
  • Filtering After the specified time, the mixtureit is necessary to filter. To do this you will need another five-liter bank - a sump, and a colander, which will serve, in fact, a filter. The diameter of the hole holes should be 2 millimeters. Place the filter over the sump and pass through it the fermented mass. Dense sediment, settling in a colander, stirring intensely, rinse with small portions of cold running water. The ratio of the thick mass to the liquid collected in the settler should be 1: 3. If you have a dog, do not throw away the clot remaining on the filter, but give it to your pet. This delicious and useful for him delicacy.
  • Treatment of the filtrate Leave collected inSedimentation fluid - filtrate for 16 - 18 hours. After this time, it will break up into 2 levels: the liquid will be the upper one, and the white loose sediment - the lower one. Using a rubber tube, remove the top layer. The remaining bottom layer is the goal to which you aspired. This is oat concentrate.
  • Concentrate storage Transfer the resulting white sediment to smaller glass jars and store in a refrigerator. The maximum shelf life is 21 days.
  • How to cook the oatmeal itself?

    Finally we got close to the most important thing. In order to cook the oatmeal, take 5 - 10 spoons of oat concentrate. The recipe for its preparation we examined earlier. Choose the dosing to your taste. Before you find your favorite, experiment. Stir the selected volume of concentrate in 500 milliliters of cold water, bring to a boil on low heat, stirring constantly with a wooden spatula, then respect until the desired density. The recipe states that the recommended boiling time is not more than 5 minutes. Before you turn off, salt to your taste and add your favorite oil: olive, sunflower, sea-buckthorn or creamy. Switch off and cool to room temperature. As you see yourself, in order to prepare this miracle, you do not need to spend a lot of money or time. The recipe for this drug is extremely simple, but the benefits of it are enormous. Take for breakfast with black bread. Bon Appetit! It is curious that oat concentrate can be used for subsequent lactic acid fermentation. To do this, replace kefir with 2 tablespoons of concentrate to make new portions of it. As you can see, everything is extremely simple, and most importantly, it is economical for your budget. It is remarkable that this unique way of healing is available to everyone. The recipe for oatmeal can be prepared by any person independently. Use oat jelly for the prevention and treatment of all possible diseases. An additional bonus will be the process of rejuvenating the body. Mature people who have experienced the miracle of this product, with pleasure celebrate the rise of vitality and high activity. They are happy with the changes in their behavior and appearance, which becomes fresh and changes for the better. The main thing remember: a stable health-improving effect is guaranteed only with regular use of isotovian oat jelly - daily for breakfast.