Relaxing day on green tea Unloading days on green tea have long been wonto itself kind glory. They help maintain the figure in good condition, and in addition, have a healing effect on the body, clearing it of toxins and toxins. There are several options for organizing such unloading days, and we want to tell you more about this.

What is a fasting day?

Briefly, a day of unloading on green teaor on some other product is a holiday for the body as a whole and for the gastrointestinal tract in particular. Without loading the stomach with the usual amount of food, we give the possibility of rest for all systems involved in the digestion of food. This is the first. And the second. Thus, we cleanse and revitalize our body. And as a pleasant bonus, we get a weight loss. Unloading days are widely used in dietetics, and they can have completely different filling: carbohydrate, kefir, apple, etc. Everyone chooses a fasting day at his discretion. You can spend, for example, two days off a week: kefir and tea. This means that these days your food is reduced only to the consumption of the product that you have chosen for unloading. Difficult? From the first try it is difficult to fit into such a diet, but as soon as it becomes a habit, believe me, you will wait for these days with impatience, because observance of such a diet brings a tangible result. First, the excess weight goes away, and secondly, the appearance improves considerably. Fresh complexion, firm skin, lack of bags under the eyes - is this not what you dreamed of? Another important point at which I would like to stop. If you enter unloading days into the system, you can get rid of excess kilos without sagging skin, poor health, which is usually observed when using so-called "fast" diets. When unloading, the weight is lost slowly, but surely, and the additional plus is that with such weight loss, kilograms do not return. Unloading days on green tea

Relaxing day on green tea

In China, Japan and other Asian countriesGreen tea has always been considered a drink of health and longevity. For a long time this drink is considered to be its own in Europe. Nutritionists appreciated the healing power of green tea and actively use it in weight loss programs, offering at least once a week to spend a day of unloading tea. If you do it systematically, you can achieve impressive results. How to build a fasting day on green tea? There are several options for such an unloading: only green tea and nothing else or green tea as the main product and in addition to it some kind of extra food. It can be fruits, berries, vegetable salads. In other words, if you do not feel the strength to withstand unloading only on green tea, then you can afford some more light meals. Of course, the best option is a day of unloading on green tea without any additives. In order to ensure that the day of unloading on green tea has brought the maximum benefit, one should choose a high-quality leaf tea (it is possible with additives - jasmine, pieces of tropical fruits) and correctly brew it. The taste of tea and its useful qualities are not least dependent on water - it should be soft and well-purified. Optimal use of melt water. Do not pour green tea with boiling water, the water temperature should not exceed 80 degrees Celsius. One serving of tea leaves can be used three times - each time tea will fully "open" its taste and aroma. Green tea can be consumed both in hot and cold. During the unloading day you can drink from one and a half to two liters of green tea. Drinking should be frequent and a little. Another fluid you will not need this day, and if there is such a need, it is best to drink mineral water without gas or melt water. You can brew green tea on milk. This version of the unloading day also gives an excellent result. At the same time, there is practically no feeling of hunger. In general, this combination of products is very useful for the body. Green tea on milk is much better absorbed and does not cause discomfort in the stomach. Drink has a strong diuretic factor, very well relieves edema, removing unnecessary liquid.

How to brew? There are three options

  • Brew tea in the usual way, and then add milk to it in a ratio of 50 to 50.
  • Boil the milk, cool to 70-80 degrees and pour the green tea. Insist about 15 minutes, drain.
  • Brew tea on water and leave for 20 minutes. Then add the hot milk and leave all together for another 10 minutes, then drain.
  • For one liter of water or milk there is one dining roomspoon of welding. Such a drink, as already noted, has a very strong diuretic effect. Therefore, to restore the water balance, you must always drink water. Unloading day on green tea: before and after Is it necessary to somehow specially prepare for a day of unloading? This question often arises in those who have never previously resorted to such a diet. There are no special requirements, but, of course, the day before it is necessary to slightly reduce the amount of food consumed, do not overeat, and for dinner eat something quite light. The same can be said for the day that follows after unloading. Do not attack food, eat a lot of fat and sweet. Eat often and gradually, most of the day's ration take vegetables, fruits, all kinds of salads. If you want protein food, then you should give preference to fish or dietary meats (chicken, rabbit, turkey). Unloading day on tea with the right approach and the right psychological mood will help to re-evaluate the approaches to nutrition, to move to a healthy lifestyle and thereby to normalize your weight and improve your body. We advise you to read: