shapely leg exercise Tell me: who among us does not dream of having beautiful and slender legs? Even happy owners of such wonderful limbs will not refuse to improve them. In general, women, fully satisfied with their feet, no! And if the slender legs do not get enough, then it threatens the lady (according to her purely personal opinion) almost a universal catastrophe. There are two solutions to the problem. The first is to hide your legs under wide trousers or long skirts, the second - to spit on everything and rejoice that legs as such are simply available. However, there is a third solution to the problem - exercises for slender legs. More precisely not for the slender, but for the ordinary, but able to become slender with the help of these exercises. And here the third decision for some reason attracts very few people. And in vain! Exercises for slender legs - not at all exhausting the body and facilitating the purse trainings in the gyms. It's just gymnastics - an activity even enjoyable and accessible to absolutely every one of us. But that we are all around, yes, about! Let us, finally, consider the exercises that should become the basis of training in the name of slender legs. And at the same time we will find out why this legacy is often lacking in legs. exercises slender legs

Why legs lose slenderness

Usually at a young age the skin is very elastic,muscles are maintained in tone, and all the calories eaten very quickly are spent and do not settle excess fat in all inappropriate places. Moreover, the more active the way of life that we lead, the longer our body remains taut and slim, and the body is able to resist the consequences of malnutrition and bad habits. But gradually our activity is declining, we are engaged in sports once, we are overcome by negativity, and the pleasantness of a quiet (married) life makes our body excessively smooth and lush. And why? Because habits often remain the same, we eat no less (or even more) than in adolescence, and we begin to move less and less. That is, in plain text, we begin to get fat! Notice that women are getting fat differently. Someone is getting wider in the waist, someone is getting sick with a priest, someone starts wearing larger bras, and someone suddenly discovers that slender legs are like the legs of a plump baby with "bandages" and wrinkles. Alas, this fact does not please anybody. And so we urgently sit on all sorts of diets and run to the gyms. However, we do not always have the money and time to visit fitness centers, and we limit ourselves to diets. The diet is, of course, good. However, returned with the help of harmony is often imaginary - we lose weight, we lose weight, but that's somehow wrong. Volumes and weights decrease, and coveted slenderness is good, while we are in clothes. It is only necessary to remove the masking covers, as it becomes obvious streaks, flabbiness of the skin and tenaciously seated on the pope. Or, on the contrary, we grow thin to such an extent that we become skinny and flat, with bulging ribs, withered knees and a ridge, like dried vobla. But gymnastics (combined with diets) just helps to achieve the optimal result: the fat with its help melts, and the muscle relief is preserved (or even appears). This is especially true for our long-suffering legs, from which the hated fat and cellulite do not want to leave. So, we immediately get down to business and start doing gymnastics for slender legs. exercises for slim legs

Exercises for slender legs

Naturally, if we dream of slender legs,then you can not do without physical exertion (like to ride - love and sled!). There are many different sets of leg exercises, and they are all effective if you do them regularly and do not shirk. Do it best every day, well, or at least every other day. Which complex is right for you is a matter of your taste. Here is one of the most common sets of leg exercises:

  • Squats

Initial position: back straight, hands on the waist, legs slightly apart. Execution: on the account "one" slowly we sit down, thus we watch, that knees did not turn in a side (they should be on one vertical with stops). To keep the balance, at the moment of squatting we stretch our arms forward. At the expense of "two" also slowly return to the starting position. Perform best in two approaches fifteen times each. Resting between the approaches is not more than one minute, so that the muscles do not relax.

  • Makhi feet

For this exercise, we need a chair orany other support. We get up straight, near the pedestal, legs together, we select a stomach. At the count of "one", swing your foot to the side, trying not to bend over and raise your foot as high as possible. On account of "two" we return to the starting position. At the expense of "three" we do a swing back, trying to pull the leg as far as possible and feel the work of the muscles. At the expense of "four" we return to the starting position. Perform the exercise you need fifteen times on each leg.

  • Lateral foot lift

We rise, as in the previous exercise, face to facesupport, keep your back straight. Slowly raise the straight leg to the side as high as we can (the sock is looking at the ceiling). We stay at the top point for five seconds and also slowly lower the leg. The same is done with the second leg. Perform an exercise (for each leg) twenty-five times.

  • Rifts

We stand upright, feet shoulder-width apart, hands on the waist. Squat as low as possible, bending your knees. In this position, without bending the back, we transfer the weight of the body from side to side from one leg to the other. The main thing is that when performing a spin, it should remain as straight as possible. Perform the exercise you need two times ten rolls in each direction.

  • Scissors lying

We lay down on the back, hands stretch along the body orwe put it behind the head, we pull the stomach. We raise our legs at a right angle to the floor and we bend them to the sides (maximally wide). Then slowly we reduce our legs together and again we bred them. The socks must look at us, the knees do not bend. Perform the exercise better in two sets of fifteen to twenty times.

  • Impacts

We get straight (hands on the belt), tightenstomach and buttocks. We make the widest step forward. In this case, the knee of the exposed leg should be bent at right angles. We keep the back straight and do not forget to strain the press. We return to the starting position and perform the same attack with the other foot. This exercise strengthens the calf muscles, the muscles of the back of the trouble. It must be done two times fifteen times. It's enough to spend only twenty minutes a day on this complex. Agree, this is a very short period of time, which can be "carved out" at lunchtime or at bedtime. And you can do exercises in the morning instead of charging. exercises for slender legs

Additional measures

If daily exercise is not enough for you,slimness does not return as soon as one would like, then try to take additional measures in addition to gymnastics. If you have a problem whose name is too much fullness, then slender legs will provide a complete weight loss. So, what to do to get rid of fat on your legs?

  • Take a diet or go for a healthy diet. In your diet should be more vegetables, fruits, cereals, sour-milk products, as well as fish and meat.
  • Take a course of anti-cellulite massage on the problem zone or in the complex for the whole body. Massage will help break up fat deposits and make the skin more attractive.
  • Buy a bicycle! Yes Yes. The twisting of the pedals perfectly helps to bring the leg muscles into tone. If you do not know how to ride a bicycle, buy an exercise bike. In the summer, catamaran riding is quite suitable.
  • Walk more. For example, instead of going to work by car, get out early and start walking! And it's best to return from work also. This will help not only burn calories, but also relieve stress.
  • Practice a contrast shower for the legs, and better for the whole body. This will cause the skin to tone up, and also help to strengthen the immune system.
  • Start regular exercises for slim legs. They well strengthen muscles and help to burn the hated fatty deposits

And most importantly, remember that under a recumbent stone water does not flow. Act and change! We advise you to read: