stretching exercises We all want to be healthy, beautiful andtightened. But how to achieve this with the modern rhythm of life, when you need to do everything at work and at home? After all, sometimes there just is not enough strength for sports and visits to gyms. But do not be lazy, but you need to try to allocate a day at least a few minutes to maintain your health. The most effective for this are stretching exercises and flexibility. Such exercises will be an excellent way to tighten the body, making it more attractive and flexible. Exercises should be performed by everyone involved in sports, whether professional or novice. Thanks to stretching exercises and flexibility, or as it is fashionable still called stretching, you minimize the risk of injuries and strains, and training will be much more effective. But do not forget, no matter how useful the exercises, if you perform them too actively and incorrectly, it can have the opposite effect, and cause injury. In order to avoid this, it is worth remembering the need for warming up before performing stretching exercises. Experts recommend performing such stretching exercises after weight training, which makes the muscles and tendons more "soft", which allows you to acquire the necessary mobility and flexibility. It also can be training on exercise bikes, jumping rope, running. In addition, due to stretching exercises, you can relieve muscle fatigue after training and bring them into tone. It is necessary to know the basic postulates when doing stretching exercises.

  • Do not stretch strongly and sharply in the verybeginning. Gradually, stretch from a light stretch and with each subsequent movement strengthen its amplitude, but only when you feel relaxation at the previous slope.
  • When performing stretching exercises and flexibility, it is necessary to monitor breathing. It must be slow, deep and natural. Exhale when making a slope. Never hold your breath.
  • Stretch and hold the stretch a fewseconds in a convenient position. Do not linger to the sensation of pain and do exercise through strength. The minimum time of "stretching" should be 10 seconds, with time it is necessary to bring up to 1 minute.
  • Do stretching exercises and flexibility do not jerk. In this case, there is a strain of exactly those muscles that you were trying to relax.
  • At the time of stretching, you need to think about thatparts of the body that you stretch. If you feel tension while holding the position in the stretch, it means that doing something wrong and need to take a comfortable position and repeat again.
  • Do not focus on flexibility. It will come with time. The main factor in the success of stretching exercises is the regularity of classes, which should bring pleasure.

stretching exercises and flexibility Let's look more clearly at the set of stretching exercises:

Exercises for stretching the muscles of the legs

  • Stand up straight. Take a breath and raise your hands up, stay in this position for a few seconds and on the exhalation slowly go down, trying to reach out with your fingers to the floor.
  • Stand up straight, lunge forward with your left foot,forming a right angle. The right leg is as far as possible, and the heels are pressed to the floor. Do wiggles, distributing the load on both feet. Change your foot and repeat the exercise.
  • Sitting on the floor, spread your legs, forming a straightangle. Alternately, run the slopes 10 times, lingering in this position for 5-7 seconds, to the right, left foot and the middle. This exercise is very effective for stretching the inner surface of the thigh.
  • Exercises for stretching the arms

  • Raise your left hand up and, bending, take the right ear. With your right hand, grasp the elbow and pull it to the left.
  • It is necessary to straighten the left hand parallel to the floor, then take your hand as far as possible to the right. Repeat the exercise for the right hand. This exercise is very effective for stretching the muscles of the shoulder and back.
  • Exercises for stretching the muscles of the press

  • Lying on your stomach, put your hands on the floor at the levelbreasts, elbows should look up, legs straight. Very slowly and gradually tear off the upper part of the body from the floor, rise on your hands and maximize your back. During the stretching exercise, the stomach should be retracted.
  • Lie on your back, bend your knees, handsput along the trunk. Very slowly lower your legs first to the right, then to the left, twisting your spine. This exercise helps stretch the side muscles of the press.
  • Exercises for stretching the back and spine

  • For mobility of the spine, touch the left foot to the knee of the right leg, at this time straighten your left arm along the trunk. Push the knee to the floor, and turn the head in the opposite direction.
  • Lie on your back, throw the foot of your right foot on your left hip. The right knee is directed outward and pull your hip toward you. Repeat the exercise with the other leg.
  • Lying on the floor, lean your right elbow on the floor and from the position on your side, take the bent knees back. The left arm is on the hip. Raise your hips up. Change the side and repeat the exercise.
  • Exercise for stretching the whole body

    It is carried out at the end of training for general muscle relaxation.

  • Standing straight, gently on the inhale, raise your hands up,clasped his hands in the lock. Hold in this position for a few seconds, while breathing calmly and with all your body, stretch upward, you can rise on your toes. On exhalation, just lower your hands gently.
  • We live in the century, where along with suchdiseases like vegetative dystonia and others, in the forefront is the so-called "illness of office workers" - osteochondrosis. But the spine is our main support. Medical statistics say that half of patients aged 20 years or younger turn to medical institutions, complaining of back pain. In 60 percent of the disability is due to spine disease. But none of us think about the health of our spine, until there are pains in the back. The pain arising in the back, in no case should not be overlooked. It is necessary to address to the expert who will appoint or nominate treatment. But it's better to think about the health of your spine in advance, avoiding complications! And in this you will be helped by exercises on stretching the spine, which allow you to reduce the load on the joints, improve blood circulation and equip the organs with nutritious nutrients, the absence of which can lead to restriction of muscle movement. If you, after all, decided to strengthen the spine in the gym, then the best types of physical exercises for stretching the spine are pilates and yoga. The main advantage of such exercises is safety of performance, and this complex is suitable for different ages and pregnant women. And a little tip: start your morning with light stretching exercises. It's just a wonderful way to cheer up, improve flexibility and, of course, the mood for the whole day. We advise you to read: