exercises for a thin waist Elegant, slim and slim waist has always been considereda symbol of female beauty. But this, unfortunately, is not only part of the figure, which gives a special femininity to its owner, but also the main problem. The main assistant in this matter are exercises for a thin waist, which will help you to reduce it or slightly to correct it. In total there are three recognized types of female figure: a pear, an apple and an hourglass. The ideal of beauty is the latter, that is, when the volume of the hips and breasts is almost the same, and the waist is equal to 70% of the hips. Such proportions look very feminine and harmonious, even if they exceed the frames of 90-60-90. Probably, every girl knows that men pay more attention to the owners of the "wasp" of the waist. And this is not only because of correct posture and self-confidence, but also because at a subconscious level such a woman is perceived capable of giving birth to a child without deviations. Other types of figures, even despite their edible attractive names, look less pleasant and tempting. The girl-pear hip is always much wider than the shoulders, and the woman-apple can be attributed to the heroine of the well-known anecdote, which ends with the question: "Where shall we make the waist?" In addition, a thin waist is a guarantee of health, because girls with an apple figure the highest possible risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. So what should we do in this situation? How to properly "make" the waist? thin waist exercises

Ordinary classics

The simplest and most common option is, as they say,tighten yourself in a tight corset. But on the other hand, it is considered the most painful: it is unlikely that you will be able to endure such a compressed state for a long time. Therefore, you can go another way: spend twenty minutes every day on waist exercises and after a couple of weeks you can happily note that the figure is becoming more attractive and the mood will skyrocket. And in a month it will be possible to buy a dress with a dress, to which you have long been eyeing, because the piquant round seats that you used to hide under the hoodie will remain much less. The press is the four main muscles: straight, transverse, external oblique and internal oblique. It is very important that they start working synchronously with the muscles of your back, because this will allow you to reach the desired result much quicker. In addition, remember, beauty does not tolerate speed and fuss, so the complex of exercises should be carried out in a concentrated, calm state. Below we will present a few exercises that are very simple and are known for decades, constantly proving their effectiveness, just as the well-known formula for losing weight: eat less - move more. Learn to perform exercises for a thin waist regularly. If you decide to do yourself, do it every day. After an intensive first month, you can give yourself a small discount and conduct training every other day, but not less often, otherwise you will very soon regain your former forms.

Exercises for warm-up

As you most likely know, any trainingbegins with a warm-up, in order to improve the mobility of their joints, warm up the muscles and prepare the body for work. To start, turn on cheerful music and start with a five-minute walk in place. You can do this exercise longer, until the heat that spreads throughout your body appears. Of course, you need to vigorously march while raising your knees as high as possible and working with your arms bent at the elbows. Now you need to put your feet to the width of your shoulders and perform the slopes to the left and right, at the same time reaching one knee to the knee, feeling the stretching on the opposite side of the body. Repeat this exercise at least ten times in each direction. After making a few circles with your hands, lifting your shoulders up. At this time, the head should be slightly lowered. Finally, gently and slowly lift your head and look at the ceiling, feeling the tension in the muscles of the chin and neck. Repeat these movements ten to twelve times. Finish our warm-up easy running in place for two to three minutes. But only now you can start exercises for correction of the waist. exercise for a thin waist

Exercises for a thin waist

To have an excellent shape is not necessaryexhaust yourself on the simulators or hours of fitness. If you want to achieve a slender waist, simple exercises that you can easily perform at home will help you.

  • Lie on your right side, bend your legs and put your right hand in front of you. Left hand should be pulled to the knees, while keeping the back straight and do not fall back. Exercise should be repeated 20-30 times.
  • Lie on your back and lift your knees bent at the knees andArms bent at the elbow at right angles. Perform swings knees to the right and left 20 times, do not tear off the back and shoulder blades from the floor, the abdominal muscles should be strained.
  • Exercise for twisting: lie on his back, slightly lifting his shoulders and straight right leg. The left leg should be bent, and the left hand should be pulled upwards behind the head. With your right hand, grab your ankle and gently pull your knee to your chest. Exercise repeat for 20 times for each leg.
  • Lying on your back, bend your knees, feetput exactly on the floor. Keep your hands behind your head, but your fingers should not be closed. Stomach to draw. Now lift your shoulders and head, at the same time slightly lifting your hips. Hold in this position for ten to twenty seconds. Lower the hips, head and shoulders back to their original position, while keeping the press in tension. The main load goes to the abdomen, so do not strain the buttocks when lifting the hips. Do the exercise 20-25 times.
  • Lie on your back, bend your knees. Put your hands along the body on the floor, palms down. The stomach must be retracted. First, strain the abdominal muscles, raise the hips ten centimeters from the floor. Now, stay in this position for ten seconds, and then sink to the floor. Lift the hips slowly and smoothly, do not make sharp movements. Repeat the exercise 20 times.
  • Put your feet shoulder width apart and bend slightlythem, hands to make a "lock" on the back of the head. Carry out turns of the trunk to the left and right, while leaving the thighs still. Exercise is done 15-20 times in each direction.
  • First you need to sit on a much wider spreadlegs, and put your hands on the back of your head. Now tilt the whole body to the right side, while trying to touch the elbow of the knee. After doing exactly the same, just the other way. Exercise repeat 15 times left and right.

It is very naive to think that the "wasp" waistis the result of training alone, even if stable. You could not help but know that proper nutrition is just as important. To begin with, remember that one hour before the exercises and two hours after them it is better not to eat anything. Of course, be sure to revise your menu, that is, exclude slowly from your diet fast food, cakes, cakes. In the first place put vegetables and fruits, and on the second - low-fat meat, fish, cereals and dairy products. Do you think you can not or will you get sick? Of course not! Because of these products you can cook a variety of different dishes, in no way inferior to the same fast food or sweets. By the way, chocolate is not rejected by any diet, only to choose a quality, black, which contains in itself less than 75% cocoa. We advise you to read: