exercises for priests Every girl wants to have a beautiful figure. For this it is important to pay attention to all parts of your body, including the pope. Because the loose, sagging buttocks are able to spoil the impression even from the slender figure. In order to tighten the buttocks you need to regularly perform exercises for priests. Exercises for a beautiful priests are best performed in the morning, but, as a last resort, you can transfer them to the early evening. It is not recommended to do them at night looking. Exercises for elastic priests begin with stretching. Performing it, special attention should be paid to the Achilles tendons. To do this, you have to crouch down on the full foot, while gradually tilting the body forward. During this exercise, it is well felt how the calf muscles stretch. And you can stand with your toes on the threshold or on a stand, a height of fifteen centimeters, and pull a little of the heel to the floor. The main thing is not to do during the exercise of sudden movements, since it is fraught with sprain in the area of ​​the ankles.

Exercises for priests

  • The falls forward. To perform this exercise you need to stand up straight and put your feet together, and put your hands on your waist. Then you need to make a deep thrust forward and make three wiggles down. Then you should repeat the same with the second leg. To achieve the maximum effect of this exercise, it is important that the leg that remains behind, stood on the full foot, and not on the toe. First, do 7-10 repetitions on each leg, and eventually increase to 10-12 times.
  • Deflections. To perform this exercise you need to stand up straight, put your feet together and take in hand not heavy dumbbells. First you need to take your foot back while lifting your arms up, and make a deflection. Then you need to return to the starting position. Exercise should be done 10-12 times, alternately my leg, which is retracted.
  • Arc. To perform this exercise, you need to lie on your stomach and stretch your arms forward. Then you need to raise your hands, and behind them and your body - this is the arc. Then you need to lower your arms and raise your legs only. This exercise is performed 6-10 times.
  • Bunny. This exercise consists in jumping on two legs through a rope. A prerequisite is a uniform breathing through the nose. Perform the exercise first for 2-5 minutes. Gradually, the time of training can be increased.
  • A bike. To perform this exercise for a beautiful priests you need to lie on your back and put your hands along the body. Now lift your legs at an angle of 45 degrees, making moves with your legs, like when riding a bicycle. The shins must be straight, and the movements must be made with the maximum amplitude. The exercise is repeated 5-10 times.
  • The boat. To perform the exercise, you need to lie on your stomach, put your hands behind your back, connecting your fingers to the lock. Now you have to raise your arms and legs, without bending your knees, so that your body looks like a boat. In this position, you should hold for 10-30 seconds.
  • Vanka-vstanka. This exercise is performed while kneeling. Hands need to be pulled forward at shoulder level. Then, first you need to sit to the left of the heels, while turning your hands to the right (exhalation), then you need to return to the starting position (inhalation). Now we must sit to the right of the heels, turning our hands to the left, again the starting position. Exercise should be done in each side 6-10 times.
  • Double turns. To perform this exercise you need to sit on the floor and raise your legs, slightly bent at the knees, and hands to pull forward. Now you need to turn around your own axis first to the left, then to the right. It should be borne in mind that the exercise should only involve the muscles of the buttocks. Doing this exercise, it is necessary that the breath was uniform. Exercise is performed 2 to 8 times.
  • Scorpionchik. Exercise is done using the table. It is necessary to lie on it on the stomach so that the legs, starting from the hip, no longer touch the table. Now you need to take hold of the edges of the table and, taking a breath, raise your legs up. In this position you need to hold on for 10 seconds. Then the legs can be lowered. Exercise should be repeated 3-6 times. Legs should be tried to lift high, bending well into the lower back.
  • Wiggle. To perform the exercise you need to sit on the floor, combining the soles of your feet. Now you need to pull them closer to you and clasp your hands around your feet. Sitting straight, you need to roll from one buttock to the other. Do this 40-100 times, without forgetting about the back and breath: the back is straight, the breath is even.
  • Mahi - 1. You need to stand on all fours, keeping your back straight. In this position, you need to make the foot of the mahi back up as high as possible. You can not lower your foot to the floor. It should be held just above its surface and raised again straight. Exercise should be performed with each leg from 10 to 20 times.
  • Makhi - 2. The starting position is the same. Machs are also performed the same way, only the leg must be bent at the knee, forming a straight, even angle. You need to do 10-20 swings up each leg. After that, the right leg, bent at the knee, should be lifted up to the right of itself, and the left one - to the left. These flies are performed 10 to 25 times.
  • Walking on the pope. To perform this exercise, stretch your legs forward, sit on the floor. The back is straight. Now you need to move on the floor forward, moving only with the help of the buttocks. Having reached this way to the end of the room, go back without turning around, again only with the help of the buttocks. Exercise should be done 5 to 7 times.
  • Squats. You need to put your feet to the width of your shoulders, unfolding your socks outward. Having risen on toes, you need to slowly crouch, while at the same time spreading your knees as widely as possible. Getting up, rise on носочках, only then having dropped on heels. Exercise should be done 7 to 15 times.
  • Swallow. For the starting position, you have to stand up straight, putting your feet together. While performing the exercise, you need to step forward with your right foot, while simultaneously stretching your arms at the shoulder level. The left leg should be raised as high as possible back and up, bending the trunk. Try to stay in this position for one minute. Exercise should be done with each foot 5-8 times.
  • Tiger. To perform the exercise, you need to bend forward, drop into the palm of your hand. In this position it is necessary to pass, like a tiger, along the room back and forth. You need to go through without interrupting the movement, 10 times.
  • Slide. To perform the exercise, you need to lie on your back, resting your arms along the trunk and bending your knees. Feet stand on the floor. Now, straining the muscles of the buttocks and thighs, you need to slowly raise the pelvis and also slowly lower it. Exercise should be repeated 6 to 8 times.
  • Cotton knees. For this exercise, you must again lie on your back, spreading your arms to the sides. The legs are set. Then you need to lift the pelvis and hips. In this position, you need to alternately reduce, and then dilute the knees. Repeat the exercise need from 6 to 8 times.
  • Doing these simple exercises regularly forbeautiful priests, you can achieve an amazing effect. Muscles of the buttocks will tighten, cellulite will leave, the skin on the priest will become smooth and smooth. Enjoy your classes! We advise you to read: