cod liver oil Fish oil - substance, to put it mildly, not very muchtasty and pleasant. Here, I myself do not really want to take this strangely and oddly smelling liquid, and to force a child to drink at least a spoonful of "for dad and for my mother" - in general an unbearable burden. It was for such people that manufacturers came up with the idea of ​​encapsulating it. And apparently it's not so nasty, and it's much easier to swallow. However, around the fish oil to date, there is a lot of controversy. Sometimes newspapers and magazines publish articles that disprove the useful properties of the substance in capsules. Who is right? Is it worth buying such products? Is there any benefit from it? Or do you have to drink old and familiar to us from childhood fat? In fact, everything is not so simple and straightforward.

Fish oil: everything you need to know about it

This type of fat is mainly extracted from the usualfish, living in the cold waters of the world's oceans. This applies to mackerel, herring, cod, which are sold in regular supermarkets. By the way, what about the latter, then it is considered the most useful. To date, you can find only three types of this product:

  • Brown

This is a technical fat that can not be consumed infood. He has a rather unpleasant appearance, terrible smell and disgusting taste. Fat is used in the production of various lubricating fluids, etc.

  • Yellow

It is used only in medicine, after having passed several stages of purification. It is also not taken inside, like the previous one.

  • White

Only such fish oil can be consumed inside. Note: it will not be as white as a sheet of paper. Quality products have a slightly yellowish tinge. Smell like a creamy substance will be unpleasant - this can not be helped. The quality and usefulness of the products you are offered to buy in pharmacies depends on the raw materials and the mode of production. As it was said above, they extract fat from any large fish. But it is preferable to take what is made from the cod liver. As for the processing, the fish oil can either be made at the factory or manually by fishing boats. In the first case, everything is cleaned first, the gallbladder is separated, washed in abundant water. The fat is cooked in a special pot (kettle). Warm up somewhere to 50 degrees Celsius, the liquid is separated, collected and cooled in a cool room. It is impossible to make white fish oil by yourself, as it is enough to over-rest everything for a minute longer or more strongly to spoil the substance. cod liver oil in capsules

How to properly take fish oil in capsules

Remember that taking such a remedy,previously without consulting with specialists, it is not necessary. Think about the benefits of fish oil, if you can not calculate the dosage correctly? Plus, not always and not everyone can use such products. In most cases, fish oil is still safe. It is sometimes recommended even breastfeeding or pregnant women. Completely healthy (both physically and psychologically), people can take no more than 2-3 g of this substance per day. Those who have problems may need a double standard. Who exactly shows fish oil? In this category are people who have a fairly high level of triglycerides, people with arthritis. It is often recommended to drink this substance to women who are in a position to prevent the risks of involuntary miscarriage. In any of the above cases, the norm is established by the doctor. how to take fish oil in capsules

What is the use of fish oil?

Why is fish oil so useful? It's all about the vitamins A and D that are contained in it. So, that same vitamin A is responsible for cell renewal and their growth, for their eyesight. If it is not enough, the first thing it will affect the condition of the skin, hair, nails. They will become dry, brittle, ugly. As for vitamin D, without it we will have even worse. He is responsible for nervous excitability, helps to penetrate phosphorus and calcium into our cells. Other substances that are in fish oil are oleic and palmitic, omega-3 and omega-6 acids. Thanks to them, you will not have problems with blood vessels, thrombi, etc. Plus, they help get rid of the inflammatory processes that occur in your body. By the way, elderly people also can not do without fish oil. It positively influences mental activity, improves memory. Scientists hypothesize that this drug can prevent the onset of Alzheimer's disease or reduce symptoms in the early stages. Specialists conducted studies, during which it was found that people who consumed fish oil, are less likely to suffer from senile dementia. Just one capsule - and in a hundred years your brain will work better than the young. So, maybe it's worth thinking about. As mentioned earlier, fish oil affects the regeneration of cells. That is why it is used for tuberculosis, rickets, etc. serious diseases. Plus, if you decide to lose weight, without making special efforts, this tool will do just fine. But you need to take it in small quantities, because only then will it be useful. This substance accelerates lipid metabolism, stimulates fat burning, which influences weight reduction. Bad ecology, constant experiments with flowers and haircuts, diet and stress - all this negatively affects the health of the hair of the fair sex. Fish oil also helps restore the former shine to dry and lifeless hair. And it's all about vitamins A and D. Summing up all of the above, it's safe to say that the benefits of fish oil in capsules are quite high. But before you start taking it, consult a doctor beforehand. There are a number of contraindications when you can not drink it. For example, do not experiment with health, if you have problems with thyroid, kidneys, and there is an individual intolerance to marine products. By the way, that was the same benefit from this substance, in any case do not take fish oil in capsules on an empty stomach.