causes of papillomas on the face Papilloma is a kind of benigntumor, which is a papillate growth that protrudes above the surface of the skin. A peculiar defect in the skin is a fairly common phenomenon. The luminaries of medicine state the fact that almost 90% of all people on the globe are carriers of any kind of papillomas. I must say that there are a great many of them, because more than 100 types of science are described in detail by science. And there can be papillomas on any part of the body and not only on the visible surface, like the papilloma on the face and hands. Experienced doctors easily diagnose papillomas in terms of location, color, shape, size and symptomatology. However, some of them may be of a very hidden nature and for the time being do not give any indication of their existence.

Medical classification of papillomas

For the convenience of classifying a specific virushuman papillomavirus (HPV) assigned a serial number. But one should not think that the higher the ordinal number, the higher the oncogenic risk. Only specialists can understand this, and not a knowledgeable person in medicine, it is enough to know that when starting self-treatment and removing hated outgrowths at home, you still need to consult a doctor who will suggest the best option for disposal depending on the type of defect. Especially if it concerns such an important area as papillomas on the face. After all, some species are "responsible" for the appearance of warts, others are outgrowths that can be easily confused with common calluses by ignorance, and some can affect organs such as the vagina, penis, cervix or even the airways. Regardless of whether the papillomas are visible inside or on the surface, only those that are caused by HPV of high oncogenic risk are dangerous. It is not necessary to sound the alarm at the appearance of skin growths, because of all the known varieties of the virus, only 7-10 types are recognized as dangerous or conditionally dangerous in terms of degeneration into malignant formation. But with these types of treatment cures with timely decontamination in the form of preventive procedures. removal of papillomas on the face

Facial papilloma: origin and species

We must agree that the dangling build-up on the face- a rather unpleasant phenomenon, but it makes it possible to pay attention to it in time and to conduct treatment. But the internal asymptomatic appearance can be more unpredictable. Therefore, at the first signs of the appearance of papilloma on the front part, one should go to a specialist to determine the origin of the neoplasm and begin to treat it correctly. In cosmetology apartments will take for the treatment of papilloma, not having a viral origin, which are fibropapillomas, seborrhoeic keratopapillomas and basal cell variants. The latter is nothing more than a characteristic manifestation in older people. They, as a rule, keep on a leg and slightly differ from the basic color of the skin. Keratopapillomas are based primarily on the delicate skin of the eyelids and initially are not noticeable, but only felt when the fingers come in contact. Dimensions can vary from a scanty grain of sand to rice grains, which are supported on a thin rod, which will tear apart. Fibroapilloma can be congenital in nature. Of all the species presented, such a papilloma is most noticeable, and its removal can be complicated by the fact that it is riddled with blood vessels. With an unsuccessful touch, fibropapilloma causes pain. laser removal of papillomas on the face

How to get rid of skin growths on the face

As already mentioned above, what to remove the papillomasonly a specialist can. In no case is it necessary to take up the tug of the papilloma by thread, wanting to get rid of it. The best effect at home is given by the drug "Superchistotel", but they need to be able to use, so as to hit point only on the surface of the papilloma. Otherwise, you can damage your skin. Papilloma on the facial part of the body is not accompanied by any unpleasant, painful symptoms, but, of course, causes trouble in that it is noticed by others. Moreover, often they not only notice, but also begin to give advice on the speediest disposal of education. Do not test yourself with everything that others recommend, because the treatment that has come to one person may not give a positive result to another. And if the papilloma is of viral origin, then, having got rid of one, you can get a whole lot of her like. To date, medicine has developed a variety of methods for treating papillomas, but it can not be said that any of them is universal. Each species requires its own approach, and it will be determined only by a dermatologist. In addition, each method has its drawbacks and, depending on the type of papilloma, the specialist will tell you which way to go. For simple papillomas, there is no better remedy than a surgical scalpel and, of course, an experienced surgeon. High frequency cauterization (diathermocoagulation) is effective for outgrowths of a filiform, pointed or plantar species. Liquid nitrogen is also suitable for many varieties. A special radio knife will not only help to destroy painlessly education, but also to treat so that it will be possible to avoid the repeated occurrence of papilloma. Laser removal of papillomas is very common today, because it does not leave scarring, which is very important when performing the procedure on the face. But the healing takes about a month, and, having decided on this method, you need to have a spare time for further restoration of the skin surface. It is better to plan treatment and provide for this period of leave. Otherwise, violations of the recommendations of doctors during the recovery of the skin can leave consequences in the form of depressions and irregularities.

Folk remedies in the fight against papillomas

Of course, not everyone is ready at the first signsovergrowth of papilloma on the face to run to the doctor. I must say that Russian citizens rely on "maybe it will resolve itself". It is absolutely impossible to resort to aggressive removal yourself. Another thing, if there is a desire to try the treatment of people with harmless means, such as potato juice or celandine. Only potatoes should use red varieties and squeeze the juice not to rub or apply to the formation, but simply drink every day for half a cup. You can try rubbing a mixture of the usual face cream with the addition of garlic paste. It happens that the effect of a frozen infusion of chaga, string and celandine, which should be applied to the papilloma in the form of an ice cube for not more than 5 minutes. Repeat the procedure 2-3 times a day. It is recommended to rub castor oil into the build-up site 2 times a day. Experts say that most often the papilloma virus affects people with low immunity. So before you start treatment, working locally on the growth, you should pay attention to improving immunity. Here you can use both vitamins and herbal preparations. It is usually recommended to drink at least a week gathering herbs of plantain, horsetail, nettle, melissa and dandelion root in equal proportions. All components are infused with a water bath and consumed 30-40 minutes before meals before main meals.