Fashion 2013 for teenagers Youth is a time of hopes and dreams, brightacts and unforgettable impressions. And every young girl is very important to meet the ideals of a certain subculture, and at the same time be unlike anybody. Stylists and designers perfectly understand this, so the teenage fashion winter-summer 2016 gives every teenager an opportunity to feel free in choosing wardrobe and style. The well-known brand D & G presented its new collection for the cold season in the ski style. Clothing in it is very democratic, knitted sweaters with "grandmother's" ornament prevail - the coldest winter will seem warm. The sports and youth style was introduced by Calvin Klein. This combination of free cut and sports style is great for this fall. Another famous designer John Varvatos in the collection winter-summer 2016 combined street fashion with negligence and relaxation. The image of a young rebel from John Varvatos looks very original and exciting.

Fashion trends of the winter season of 2016

In the cold season, longsweaters, jackets, scarves and leggings with Scandinavian and Jacquard patterns, depicting reindeer and snowflakes. We do not doubt that not only adolescents will delight in such a fashion trend, but also their parents. Despite the fact that the teenage fashion 2016 promises us hot hits, still many elements of clothing of past seasons will remain relevant - do not rush to part with the old things of your children. As before, asymmetrical things, such as tunics and one-shoulder dresses, will not go out of fashion. It is useful to have things in the wardrobe in the style of "military", made in brown, green and crimson colors. Incredibly convenient and practical for young women of fashion in winter weather will be warm jackets, jeans, dress shirts and cardigans. As for outerwear, popular are cloaks, a coat-trapezoid with wide sleeves three-quarters, jackets-down jackets. In the winter season, adolescents are warmed by youth sheepskin coats, turned inside out or in the form of a scythe. The square silhouettes of outer clothing made of leather and nylon, combined with a dress or narrow trousers, emphasize the fragility of the girl's figure. And winter will be an excellent occasion to boast in front of peers. teen fashion 2013

Summer Fashion 2016

Fashion trend of the summer of 2016 will be things andAccessories with incredible patterns and prints: cage, strip, geometry, plant and animal drawings, an image of cartoons and heroes of comics. The most important thing is that these things fit well with each other. It's easiest to wear a bright thing in combination with a monophonic garment. At the peak of fashion will remain short red dresses, lush skirts, as well as lace. Materials in the summer in fashion are natural - silk, linen, cotton. Do not go out of fashion and men's style in clothes for girls. Shirts and blazers, trousers and shorts will please the lovers of this style with strict styles. Among the shoes in the future summer season will be fashionable oxford, lowers, shoes, ankle boots and boots with sewn socks. Of course, from summer materials, so that the teen's leg does not sweat. White collar, will be another fashionable addition to your clothes. This element of school style fits perfectly to the dress or blouse.

fashionable accessories

Judging by the trends that the fashion dictates to us2016, the year for teenagers will be bright and interesting not only in terms of clothing, but also accessories. Try to experiment with striped bags, shawls in peas and shoes with funny drawings. And winter does not exclude such experiments. At the peak of fashion there are small handbags, a clutch bag, an envelope bag, and also plush versions in the style of Teddy bears. Some models will be decorated with a guitar, keyboard or synthesizer. To not get lost in such diversity and look stylish, treat the choice with ease and sense of humor. Youth fashion of the summer season of 2016 provides complete freedom in choosing jewelry. Gold and gold accessories, various chains, large pendants and all kinds of bright and original hand-made items (knitted, woven, embroidered and decorated with modeling) are very actual - fashion gives room for imagination. Fashion 2013 Winter for Teenagers

Top 15 Fashionable Youth Things

In order to make it easier for parents to orientate themselves in the fashion world of adolescents, we will list the most fashionable things that teenagers should have, so that they have a reputation for mods.

  • A short lush skirt or a skirt in a cage. And what is most interesting, this skirt will be appropriate in winter and in summer. Of course, with the correction for the material from which this very skirt is sewn.
  • T-shirt with the image of heroes of cartoons, stars, idols. A little childhood will not hurt anyone - it's especially true for girls.
  • Short tricot knit dress or chiffon in the floor - for girls of any make. The main thing is to choose a style and color.
  • Wide and narrow belt. And both classical and loinclest - girls will have wide scope for imagination.
  • Short leather jacket or raincoat. They are especially in demand among teenage boys.
  • Sarafan or overalls - summer will allow you to experiment with bright colors and material.
  • Warm sneakers and boots in the style of Uggs. Winter will not catch your child by surprise, since this winter footwear is not only very fashionable, but also warm.
  • Volumetric vest.
  • Jacket-down jacket or a fashionable sheepskin coat - with them the harshest winter to the teenager is not terrible.
  • Bag with bright prints or in a sports style. Remember that teenagers should not only have a winter bag, but also a summer bag. Although they themselves will not let you forget about it.
  • Warm tights of bright color and leggings with a Scandinavian pattern - the girls are usually completely ecstatic about such things, and parents can be calm - the winter cold will not affect the health of their daughters.
  • Knitted sweater, jacket, cardigan.
  • An unusual tunic, a blouse and a long scarf. And the tunic or blouse should be winter, because the highlight is in combination with a scarf.
  • Original and homemade bracelets, earrings.

Teenage Fashion 2016 is beautiful in itsdiversity and has a serious advantage over the adult. Here you can combine any thing, the main thing is that they reflect on the views of life, bring pleasure and recognition of friends. We advise you to read: