first sex with a girl The first sex for a girl is an exciting event,which can leave the most vivid memory. Someone expects him with impatience and excitement, someone is afraid, and someone in general tries to delay this moment as much as possible. For one girl, the first sex in life becomes a victory over one's own fears, while the other has only negative memories left. How does it depend on how to part with virginity? And why does not everything go smoothly? Most often this happens because the young couple do not yet have enough experience, and a young man or girl - and more often both - does not know how to behave properly: how to reduce the risk of pain, where to start and what to do next, and most importantly , how not to lose your head and stay calm. And it is from all this that the success of the first sex depends, especially for the girl. Young lovers themselves do not know this, but most of the time there is nobody to ask. Talking about the upcoming sex with parents or with someone from the elders is unlikely to get anyone out, and friends and girlfriends vying with each other advise absolutely the opposite things. So it turns out that there is no knowledge on the issue of interest, and no one can ask. Vicious circle!

What you need to know about sex?

We decided to help you. Gathering the most frequently asked questions of young people about the first sex life in our life, we tried to answer them in as much detail as possible, having built our conversation with you on the "question-answer" principle. You can trust us: we will treat you with due attention and respect, we will not read notations, but simply share our knowledge.

Can there be sex without love?

For some people, sexual feelings are associated withlove and close relationships. Others believe that sexual intercourse should only occur in marriage. For the third love and sex are completely different things. And even the first sex and in general often comes from the pure curiosity and desire of a young virgin to quickly feel grown-up. It is important here that you feel good, do not regret what you are doing, and observe all security measures. To observe safety means to provide not only a physical risk to health, such as a possible pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases. This also means the risk of emotional discomfort (regret from an ill-considered act that can remain with you for many years, and even for a lifetime). first sex for a girl

When is it worth thinking about the first sex?

There is no age limit whenone could consider a person ready for sex. It is important whether you are ready for sex specifically. It also depends on what you mean by the word "sex". After all, there are so many ways with which you can give and receive sexual pleasure and without sexual intercourse. You can do each other sensual massage, kissing, hugging each other, caressing and bringing to orgasm, without touching the genitals. For some people, such actions can bring even more pleasure than the actual act of sexual intercourse. In the life of young girls, it often happens that the environment begins to exert pressure on them. Friends and friends start chuckling at their virginity and literally pushing to an important step. You involuntarily have the thought that you should go and try, what it is, even if you yourself do not really want it. It is not always easy, but still you must resist this pressure. You should not do things that you do not like, and you should do only what you really want to do. And yet, let us tell you a secret: not all your friends who say that they have "it already was," in fact, have actually already experienced sex. Thinking about all the consequences of possible sex can help you make the right decision. There are many reasons why people do not want to have sex. Someone is deterred from temptation by sufficiently strong religious or cultural beliefs. You, for example, can feel that you are not yet ready for it emotionally, and if you force yourself to step over your doubts, this will mean that after the event you will feel regret. And someone just decides to wait. Whatever your decision, you must do exactly what is right for you. It must be an informed decision, not based on fear or pressure from anyone, even if it's your guy.

How do you know if you are ready for sex?

If you are not sure that you are ready for sex, then,most likely, you are not ready. Rather, you feel pressure from your friends. We already warned you - if someone tells you that he already knew sex, it does not mean that you should do the same just because "the time has come." And anyway, are you sure that they are telling the truth? Again and again we are ready to repeat: never do what will create discomfort for you and your partner! Is it "cozy" to you in your relationship with a partner? Do you trust enough each other? Are you sure that your young man will do everything in his power to protect you from unpleasant sensations and from further emotional torment? Deciding on an important step, do not forget that the first sex is only once in a lifetime. Unfortunately, many girls lose their virginity to a person they will never meet again, and maybe still have not met. How silly when it happens to an accidental person somewhere at a party, after all, then there is usually nothing left but embarrassment and regret! And the pain - after all, an unfamiliar guy does not care about making you feel good, it's important for him to get only his own pleasure! And the disappointed girl does not have anything but disappointment, and she starts talking about the fact that the first time - it hurts!

How to do it correctly? What should be the pose?

It is very important that the first sex for a girlbegan with getting sexual arousal from preliminary caresses. During the prelude, kisses, stroking, caressing of erogenous zones (belly, chest, earlobe, clitoris and others) play a big role, rubbing and touching each other. Sexual arousal will "give off" itself by certain physiological signs. The girl will start to release a lubricant from the vagina, there will be a feeling of moisture between the legs. Nipples on the chest will swell and become dense to the touch. And the young man will have an erection - his penis will become bigger and harden. It is important that the stimulation takes place as long as possible, because if the girl is not sexually aroused, her vagina will not be lubricated well enough, and it will be much harder for a guy to put a penis in there. And this means that there may be pain. When the couple is ready (this also means that the guy has already put on a condom), it will be easier if one of them will direct the penis to the vagina. Then, when the penis is already inside, it is necessary to take such a position that nothing prevents the penis from performing frictions (movements in and out of the vagina), which eventually lead to an orgasm of one or both partners. There are a number of different positions that are suitable for the first sexual intercourse. Most often this is a classic pose, when the girl is lying on her back, and the guy is on top (this position is sometimes called "missionary"). In addition, a girl with a guy can swap places, and the girl will be at the top, as if sitting on a partner (pose "rider"). And you can lie on your side, the guy from behind, and the girl in front, cuddling her buttocks to the partner. These poses are most suitable if sex in your life happened for the first time. They allow you to control the depth of penetration and the force of friction of the penis, and this is very important in order to minimize possible unpleasant sensations to a minimum. first sex girl

Is it true that the first time it hurts?

Many virgins fear that the first sexwill be accompanied by pain. Minor pain can really be felt by a girl, but this pain is so insignificant that it can not be called pain. There may be a little blood. There is all this because at the first in a life of the young woman the sexual certificate or act the integrity of a hymen is broken. The hymen is a small fold of the thin skin, which lies across the vagina closely after entering it. This skin is so thin, and it's so easy to damage it, which often happens in ordinary life, and the girl does not even notice it. For example, during sports or cycling. So do not be afraid, there will be no severe pain, rather mild discomfort, and even then not always. A lot depends on the prelude to sex, we've already told you about it.

What precautions should be taken?

If you and your loved ones consider themselves mature,to think about sex, you must be mature enough to discuss the possibility of using a condom. Just because this is the first time, does not mean that you do not have the risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease or becoming pregnant. A condom will almost completely save you from these troubles. Therefore, it is very important that for the first time you have sex with the person you trust. With him, you do not hesitate to discuss whether you can use a condom, and also be sure that you have it. Understand and in other ways of contraception - it can be a special cream or tablets. Do not hesitate to ask at the pharmacy that you are recommended the most suitable contraceptive for you. After all, are not you going to become parents at this age?

Can I get pregnant the first time?

Yes! The ability to conceive does not depend on whether you are having sex for the first or tenth time. It does not depend on whether you did it lying or standing, in the bathroom or in bed. And the ability to conceive depends only on whether your egg is ready for fertilization, which ripens in the ovaries of the uterus. When ovulation occurs (that is, the egg ripens and begins to move from the ovary to the uterus through the fallopian tubes), for fertilization, it only lacks a meeting with the sperm. And if the first sexual intercourse happens at this time, then the girl has all chances to become a future mother. Therefore, use contraceptives, unless it's your wedding night or you decided not to have a baby.

Whether there will be an orgasm during the first sex?

Girls can not always experience orgasm duringfirst sex. She can be prevented by fear, stiffness, shame. But in general, all things happen in different ways. Some couples say that they were both at the peak of pleasure, some say that neither he nor she experienced orgasm. It's very individual, just do not try to expect too much from your first experience - like any other experience, it takes some time to get to know your partner's body, and your own body too. In any case, you will be very pleased - especially if you love your boyfriend.

What feelings will I have after sex?

After the first sexual experience you canoverwhelm a lot of different feelings. If it was not planned or you did it under pressure, then you might feel disappointed or unhappy. We have already spoken about this. Your expectations can also affect your feelings after sex. It will influence your mood and whether you were able to use the contraception properly. But if you responsibly approached the issue of preparing for the first sex, then the impressions you will have only the best! And yet, you immediately feel that your relationship has reached a new level and acquired a special intimacy and intimacy. You probably noticed that the stories about the first sex are different for everyone. Some are satisfied with their first experience, while others claim that they did not experience anything special. This is at best. At worst they say that "it was terrible!" What will be the end of your story with the first sex - depends only on you. Listen to our advice, but we wish you everything to turn out just fine! We advise you to read: