Stretching breathing exercises for slimming The beautiful half of mankind constantly leadsunequal struggle against excess weight. This is understandable. After all, every woman wants to be slim, light, beautiful and catch her admiring glances. Now in the arsenal of slimming women there is another powerful weapon for fighting the hated kilograms - breathing exercises Strelnikova. How can this technique help in the fight against obesity? Let's understand. The author of this system is Alexandra Nikolayevna Strelnikova - a professional singer and vocal teacher. However, the first exercises of the complex were developed by her mother in the far 40s of the last century. Subsequently this gymnastics was helped by A.N. Strelnikova recover lost voice and cope with a serious illness. Initially, the gym was designed to solve problems associated with respiratory organs. Specialists note that gymnastics Strelnikova helps successfully combat asthma, chronic sinusitis, bronchitis and many other diseases. At some point, people who practice the Strelnikova method began to notice that, with regular exercises, excess kilograms go away, volumes decrease and appetite normalizes. Since that time, it has also been used to lose weight. Why is the respiratory system Strelnikova so well suited to combat excess kilograms? The fact is that gymnastics, which was developed by A.N. Strelnikova, contribute to the acceleration of metabolism. With short and sharp breaths, air reaches the maximum depth of the lungs. Thanks to this breathing, the body consumes much more oxygen. As a result, fat cells begin to burn actively and the process of losing weight is started. A graphic illustration of the fact that this method really works was Alexander Nikolaevna Strelnikova herself. Even when she was already over seventy, she wore 46 sizes of clothes, while not observing any diets and was absolutely healthy.

Fundamental rules

In order for the effect of the lessons by the methodStrelnikova was the maximum, it is necessary to observe several important rules. Do not spare the time and be sure to study them before proceeding directly to the exercises.

  • The most important thing in breathing exercisesStrelnikova for losing weight is a breath. It should be sharp, short and noisy, like cotton. Imagine that you are not just breathing, but sniffing the air or sniffing your nose.
  • Do not focus your attention on the exhalation. It should be as natural and inconspicuous as possible. Exhale after each inhalation. When exhaling, do not hold your breath, but do not push the air with force.
  • In the process of performing breathing exercises for weight loss, observe the pace of the drill step. All movements should be performed on inhalation.
  • Basic gymnastics Strelnikova consists offour approaches with eight breaths each. Between the approaches spend 3-5 seconds on rest. Gradually increase the number of approaches and the number of breaths in the approach. Do not forget that the number of breaths should be a multiple of eight, and the number of approaches - four.

Respiratory gymnastics for slimming strelnikovoy

Basic Exercises

After you have studied and memorized the basicrules, you can go to the gym. Breathing exercises for weight loss includes a number of simple but effective exercises. Performing them regularly, you can achieve amazing results and surprise everyone around you with your slender figure. So, let's get started.

  • "Ladoshki." Standing straight, bend your arms in the elbows - as if you are showing your hands to the invisible viewer. On inhaling, squeeze the palms of your hands into fists, performing grabbing movements. Take eight sharp breaths, then rest 3-5 seconds. Follow the four approaches. Take care that the shoulders do not take part in breathing. It is better to practice first in front of a mirror.
  • «Pogonchiki». Place your hands at the level of the belt and squeeze them into fists. On inspiration, push your hands down and push your fists apart. Shoulders during breathing should be strained, but not raised. The number of respiratory movements and approaches is the same as in the first exercise
  • "Pump". To perform the next exercise, place your feet a little narrower than the width of your shoulders. Body tilt slightly forward - so that the hands are located just above the knees. On inspiration, lean down. Thus the back should be round. Straighten up with exhalation. Imagine that you are blowing the ball with a pump. Do not lean too low and sharp. The slopes should be slightly noticeable.
  • "Cat". Exercises "Cat" very well uses the side muscles of the press, which is very important for weight loss. Stand up straight, put your feet already shoulder widths. On inhalation, slightly squatting, turn to the side. At the same time hands must make grabbing movements. On exhalation return to the starting position. Then, take a breath and turn to the other side. Squats should be light, springy. Turn the head together with the body to the right and left, do not tear off the legs from the floor.
  • "Hug your shoulders." To perform the following breathing exercise, raise your hands to the level of the chin. Bend your elbows and spread them apart. During a short, sharp breath, hug yourself by the shoulders. Do not cross your arms - they should be one above the other. You can not change the position of your hands. In this case, it is not important which hand will be on top, and which is from below. On exhalation, raise your hands, but not too wide. Movements should be easy and natural.
  • "The big pendulum." This breathing exercise for weight loss combines into a complex "Hug the shoulders" and "Pump". Stand straight, feet shoulder-width apart. At the first inspiration, lean forward slightly, clasping your hands in fists - as in the exercise "Pump". With the next inhalation, straighten up and put your arms around your shoulders. Alternate exercises with each breath. And again, complete 4 sets of 8 breaths each. Rest between the approaches can be a maximum of five seconds. Do not forget that you should not bend too deeply down or vice versa.

Once you master the basic breathing exercises well, you will be able to move on to a more complex complex. To introduce "advanced" exercises should be gradual, adding one each day. Strelnikova breathing exercises for weight loss

Helpful Tips

Respiratory gymnastics will bring more effect for weight loss, if you follow some tips.

  • Do exercises recommended in the fresh air at a temperature of not less than 3 degrees. In winter, do gymnastics in a well-ventilated room.
  • Perform exercises better twice a day - in the morning on an empty stomach and in the evening, a couple of hours before bedtime.
  • Be sure to combine gymnastics with sports. Especially well breathing exercises Strelnikova combined with kardionagruzkami - running, walking and bike training.
  • After a month of daily training, you can increase the number of breaths to 16, and then to 32 in one approach. But do not forget to rest in between the approaches for 3-5 seconds.

Advantages and disadvantages

Adherents of this technique assure thatStrelnikova's respiratory system for weight loss has no contraindications - it can be practiced at any age. Moreover, even if you are overweight or have chronic diseases. Then you can simply perform many exercises sitting or lying down. Respiratory gymnastics Strelnikova not only helps in the difficult matter of losing weight. This technique contributes to the overall strengthening of the body and the prevention of many diseases. However, before you start classes, it is better to consult a doctor. Suddenly this system is contraindicated for you? It is better to make sure beforehand that you will not cause any harm to your health. Do not expect that breathing exercises will become a panacea in the process of losing weight and, as if by magic, will save you from extra pounds. Unfortunately, miracles do not happen ... The system will work only if you combine it with proper nutrition and physical loads. Then the result will not take long. At you all will necessarily turn out! Shall we try? We advise you to read: