exercises for tightening the buttocks It seems that all the girls now and then are busy with that,that they struggle with extra pounds and cellulite and follow one of the second diet - if only to lose weight and forget about the boring deposits that accumulate in the most attractive places - legs, hips, abdomen and buttocks. The reason for this can be and ecology, and an inactive way of life, and an unbalanced diet. But do not worry, if you are faced with such problems - the solution is always there. And the first of them is sport, the main assistant in the struggle for a beautiful figure. Today we will talk about the muscles of the buttocks and hips - the most problem areas. Let's consider what exercises for tightening the buttocks are more effective, and what you need to pay attention to get the desired result. And the first question, which immediately needs to be answered is the place of classes. What to choose - a professional fitness center or classes at home? Here the decision depends on you. Of course, if financially you are not too cramped and can afford the expensive services of a qualified instructor, then it is worth to be like in a gym. But if you want to save money and at the same time achieve the desired effect and tighten the buttocks, then just for you we picked up the most effective, useful and effective exercises for working out the muscles that interest us. This complex can be performed at home.

We will start with streamers

All sports will be ineffective,if the muscles are not pre-heated. For this purpose, the usual charging and elementary stretching is ideal, which, moreover, will prepare the muscles for a long workout with a significant load. To stretch, you need to sit on the floor and bend the left leg in the knee, after which you need to take it back. As a result, the inside of the thigh should be on the floor. At this time, the right leg, bent at the knee, lies on the floor, but the outside. We begin to press the foot of the right foot to the front side of the thigh (left). After this, through the right leg, which is in a bent state, slowly bend forward. Now change the position by changing your foot. This position of the body will contribute to the effective stretching of the gluteal muscles. Try once again to bend lower and lower - perfect the body, making it flexible. By the way, stretching also affects the gait - it becomes more smooth. The body is warmed up? Now you can begin to exercise. exercises for tightening the buttocks

We tighten the gluteal muscles: a set of exercises

How many exercises to pull upbuttocks, nor existed, the most effective are still the usual squats. But it is very important to be able to perform them correctly - there are some nuances that must be paid attention to, otherwise efficiency will immediately decrease. The first is the location of the legs. Be sure to put them on the width of the shoulders. Turn the socks outwards. At the same time hands are stretched out to maintain balance - do not lower them. Now, pulling the pelvis back, slowly sink. Make sure that the load is distributed mainly on the heels. If the center of gravity moves to the socks, then the load will move to the hips. Another exercise, no less useful for the gluteus maximus muscle, is the half-jag. You need to lie on your back with your arms outstretched. Hold your hands to your hips. At the first count, pull your knees up. On the second, firmly resting on the head and feet, lift the hips. On the third count, lower the hips, and the fourth - straighten the legs. Try to breathe evenly during the "half-bridge". Repeat fifteen times. After a while, you can slightly complicate this exercise. Lying on your back, legs move from the floor to the edge of the chair. At the same time, arms are stretched along the trunk. On the first account, completely leaning on the head and heels, lift the hips. On the second - strain the buttocks and try to stay in this position for five to seven seconds. On the third account, lower the hips, then - return to the starting position to re-repeat the exercise. It takes ten repetitions. Side flaps will effectively work through the gluteal muscles. This exercise is also suitable for tightening the hips, making them elastic. You need to be straight, turning sideways to a chair or a wall - it's important to have support. Holding on to the support, we lift the leg to the side, trying to keep it approximately at the same level with the trunk line. Be sure to keep your foot straight and do not bend them in the knees. Do not tilt the case. Try to lift your foot as high as possible. The mahi must be performed in two or three ways, each with fifteen to eighteen repetitions for each leg. Another version of the flies is the mahi back, aimed at pulling up the big muscle - the largest of all the gluteal muscles. Face the support, keeping your back straight. First, take the leg a little back, then up. Your goal is to raise the hip to the maximum so that the tension is felt. Now lower your leg and repeat the mahi fifteen more times. Repeat for the other leg. In total, you need to do three approaches. And the last version of the mahovas that is performed is standing on the knees with the support of the hands. The first - bending your arms, lean against the floor, keeping your back straight. Now bend the leg and lift it up, keeping it level with the trunk. Tighten your muscles to the maximum. In this position, you need to stay for three seconds. Now, lowering your leg, go back to the starting position. When executing such flies, the heel should be pointed towards the ceiling. In total, you need to make three full-fledged approaches, in each of which - ten repetitions. The notorious exercise is a "bicycle", which in itself is quite effective. It allows you to tighten the muscles of the buttocks and thighs, and make the legs more slender and seductive - that is, it gives a complex effect. But this simple exercise must necessarily be done correctly, lying on your back and stretching your arms along the body. Raise your legs at an angle of forty-five degrees and start performing simulated cycling exercises. Keep your shins straight. Observe the maximum amplitude. Good hip and buttock pulls the usual rope. Nothing complicated, but the effect will surpass your expectations. Jump on the rope on the toes, starting slowly and gradually increasing the tempo. Pay attention to the fact that breathing is even. Jumping for five minutes will be enough to bring in muscle tone. It will not be superfluous to execute attacks. To do this, place your legs in such a way that one is in front, and the other - from behind. Smoothly sit down, leaning back with the foot on the toe. Try to touch the floor with your knee. But that knee that looks forward, in no case should go beyond the line of fingers. Begin gradually, with five or seven attacks for each leg, and increase to fifteen repetitions. Pull the buttocks will help "walking" on the pope - an extremely simple and very useful exercise. Sit on the floor and stretch your legs. Tearing them off the floor and keeping balance at the expense of the hands, move on the priest first forward, then back. Due to the fact that in the process of such a "walk" all gluteal muscles work, and this effect is achieved. An alternative to walking on the pope is walking on your toes. Rise to the socks, straining the muscles of the buttocks, and start small steps forward. During the exercise, do not bend your legs in your lap. It will be enough to do so one hundred and twenty steps. After a week of walking, you will notice how tight your legs have become, and the buttocks - elastic. To the buttocks were tight, it is important to work out the lateral surface of the thigh. Lie on your back, pressing your spine to the floor. With your hands behind your head, tie them into the lock. Raise your straight legs up, spreading them as wide as possible. Now draw your legs and repeat the exercise. This complex will be enough to get your buttocks more sporty, sexy. However, remember that no matter what exercise you perform, no matter what cosmetic means and procedures you use, it will not make sense if you do not start eating properly and rationally. No exercises for tightening the buttocks will not help if you eat sweets and heavy, fatty and fried foods. At maximum fill your daily diet with fruits and green vegetables, drink enough water and reduce the consumption of sugar - better replace it with no less delicious fruits. This will be enough to make your figure slim and attractive!