breathing exercises for weight loss "Ndaaa ...", we think, looking at each other meticulouslyyourself in the mirror, or sigh heavily, standing on the scales. And we are not alone in our sadness about extra pounds. Throughout the world, ladies of different ages, different classes and different prosperity are united by the problem of combating excess weight. Times are now - in a fashion slender, smart, but (glory to the Almighty!) Are not skinny. So we are striving to build, lose weight, tighten up, in a word, to dump fat given by the blessings of civilization. And what weapons we do not use in this struggle! All kinds of (and impossible) diets, starvation, gyms, exorbitant physical activity, jogging and gymnastics. By the way, about gymnastics. Do you know the word "Jianfei"? This is the name of the special Chinese breathing exercises for weight loss. Translated into Russian means it means "lose fat". Jianfei gymnastics came to us from China where, by the way, all the ladies are both thin and sonorous. And it is a complex of simple, useful, effective and even pleasant exercises. We suggest you get acquainted with this wonderful gymnastics in theory and be sure to practice in practice.

What is the essence of respiratory gymnastics "Jianfei"?

What is the essence of this gymnastics? As a rule, the cause of excess weight and his persistent unwillingness to leave, becomes a slowed-down metabolism. Experts believe that one of the ways to normalize it is proper breathing. A specially designed breathing exercises mobilize the reserve capabilities of the body and help to gain a sense of cheerfulness and lightness. This eastern breathing gymnastics for weight loss is actually effective. After a week of classes you will not only see an obvious external result, but also feel a surge of strength, lightness and cheerfulness. In addition to getting rid of excess fat exercises help to increase immunity and strengthen the entire body as a whole. In any case, in Chinese health practices, breathing exercises for weight loss are used precisely for these purposes. It is based on three main exercises: "lotus", "frog" and "wave." The main task of breathing exercises for weight loss is getting rid of hunger, which prevents weight loss (what weight loss, when you want to eat!). Respiratory gymnastics jianfei also becomes a great help during the so-called fasting days on buckwheat, rice or yogurt. This magic Chinese gymnastics strongly enough (and beneficially) influences the general state of health. Passes weakness, malaise, dizziness - everything that usually accompanies a woman during diet and weight loss. In addition to the normalization of metabolism during exercise, the internal organs massage (as during the belly dancing), which also positively affects their work. Exercises included in this recreation complex are not burdensome, they do not require special clothes, special premises and special accessories. They can be performed at home, in the country, on the train or on the plane and even in the office. Let's get down to business and consider the main exercises, as well as the principles and rules for their implementation. jianfei

The first exercise "Wave"

This exercise is recommended to be done always when the feeling of hunger worsen. It is also better to start a series of exercises with him. To perform the "Wave" exercise in the supine position:

  • Lie down on the floor with your face up, your feet should lie flat on the floor.
  • Bend the legs at right angles. Put one hand on the center of the abdomen, and place the other on the chest.
  • On inhaling, pull in your stomach as much as possible and hold your breath for a couple of seconds.
  • Exhale with simultaneous retraction of the chest and protrusion of the abdomen.
  • To perform this exercise in the sitting position,sit comfortably on a chair, straighten your back, slide your legs together and relax. Then do everything the same as in the first version. For one "session" of health gymnastics you need to perform at least forty approaches of this exercise.

    The second exercise is "Lotus"

    This exercise helps to relieve fatigue and normalizes metabolism. Exercise "Lotus" is performed in the "pose of the Buddha":

  • Sit on the floor with your legs crossed.
  • Expand the left palm up and place it on the right palm (for men - on the contrary). Put your hands in front of your abdomen to your feet.
  • Straighten your back, lower your chin and shoulders slightly, close your eyes. Touch the tip of the tongue against the sky.
  • Take a deep breath and imagine something pleasant, the main thing is harmony and peace.
  • The first five minutes breathe freely and deeply, almost silently, completely concentrating on breathing.
  • The next five minutes relax and try to breathe as freely and naturally as possible. Breathing is no longer in control.
  • For the last ten minutes, forget about breathing. Every exhalation and breath do, how to turn out. Breathe just the way you used to in your everyday life. Try not to think about anything.
  • In general, in the eastern practices, the whole process is called meditation. During meditation, a person can completely relax physically and spiritually and achieve the so-called inner harmony.

    The third exercise "Frog"

    For this exercise, take a small chair and sit on it:

  • Place your feet shoulder width apart so that the shin and thigh are a little sharp or right angle. Squeeze the left hand into a fist and grab it with the right hand (for men - on the contrary).
  • Elbows push to the knees and bend your forehead into a fist. Close your eyes and relax.
  • Inhale, straining your stomach, exhale, relaxing. Do the exercise for fifteen minutes three times a day.
  • This exercise is one of the few that does notonly in some magical way speeds up the process of weight loss, but also calms the nervous system. Try to think about what makes you happy. Try to achieve inner harmony, which should calm you and bring you back to normal. gymnastics breathing for weight loss

    Principles and rules of respiratory gymnastics "Jianfei"

    When starting the exercises, do not forget,that this gymnastics for weight loss requires constant control of breathing, as well as complete relaxation of the whole body. Draw the air in your nose and send it to the stomach. Breathe out very slowly. Completely relax the stomach to make it soft. Then inhale again. All the breaths do only through the nose. All movements and breathing should be very slow, relaxed and calm. When the abdominal cavity is completely filled with air, hold it for a couple of seconds, then inhale once more and then exhale calmly. When doing exercises, make sure that there are no unpleasant or painful sensations, so that the stomach does not fill with air too much. Begin with exercises that are easiest to carry out. Do not hold your breath through force. If suddenly there is malaise or dizziness, immediately stop the session. There are no special contraindications for this gymnastics. However, do not exercise during menstruation and after the surgery. With extreme caution, it is necessary to begin classes for those who suffer from increased pressure, diseases of the spine and cholelithiasis (as well as stones in the kidney and bladder). According to those who tried this method of getting rid of excess weight in practice, Chinese breathing exercises for weight loss gives tremendous results! In just a few days, one kilogram is lost, and after two to three months - about ten kilograms of weight. The main condition for achieving visible and tangible results is the regularity of classes. So breathe and lose weight, but at the same time get well and get cheerfulness and lightness of thought. In any case, it is precisely such results that the fans of this oriental gymnastics "Jianfei" promise. We advise you to read: