exercises for the press and waist Unfortunately, losing weight through a variety of dietsdoes not always give the desired results. Especially it concerns the waist and hips. Well, do not want to go away from that extra kilo! And if they leave, it's very, very slow. The best way to maintain the body in tone was always physical education. In combination with proper nutrition, it is capable of miracles! However, before proceeding directly to the exercises for the press and waist, it is worthwhile to study some recommendations and prepare the body for physical exertion.

  • Refuse to drink water before exercise;
  • And from eating too;
  • For 40-50 minutes before the start of training, do not strain, for example, to lift heavy things;
  • The main thing is to focus on gymnastics, drive away all other thoughts, especially negative ones;
  • The exercises themselves should be followed strictly following the instructions;
  • Do exercises of high quality;
  • Do not practice immediately before bedtime and immediately after sleep;
  • Perform exercises of varying degrees of difficulty;
  • Before the beginning of exercises and after them, pour out cool water (even better than a contrast shower), but be sure to dry yourself to not catch a cold;
  • Do not torture yourself with grueling training during illness or other ailments;
  • Do not get distracted by anything;
  • Drink plenty of liquids, but not carbonated sweet drinks. You can drink coffee or tea, and preferably water, juices, fruit drinks or compotes;
  • During the training, it is necessary to refrain from ventilating the room in order to avoid a cold;
  • Remember - the main thing is not quantity, but quality;
  • Dress in comfortable clothing for all exercises;
  • Yoga! Once you are allowed time, do not be lazy to do some exercises from yoga;
  • Of course, music! Agree, it is easier and more fun to deal with music than in absolute silence.

Having realized the above recommendations, you can include vigorous music and proceed directly to the exercises. exercises for the waist and the press

Hoop - an effective tool for losing weight

Ideal training for the waist is always rightexercises with a hoop were considered. First, there are a lot of muscles that train when doing only one single exercise. Secondly, the hoop has a beneficial effect on the body, improving blood circulation, as a result of which the process of losing weight is accelerating. However, in order to activate all these wonderful properties of the instrument, it is necessary to choose the correct hoop. Here are a few rules that will help you make the right choice:

  • Do not start training with a metal hoop, first buy a product from plastic. And only having learned and got used to work with it, it is possible to acquire metal;
  • Do not succumb to the newfangled models with different weighting agents or all kinds of spikes. They give too much strain on the spine;
  • If you want to increase the load, you can use two metal hoops at the same time;
  • The main thing is to rotate the hoop correctly, watch your legs, they should not be bent at the knees, work only with the hull.

How to vary the exercises for the press

Surely, you are convinced that you know everything aboutthis exercise, but still it is worth to recheck your knowledge. You are mistaken if you think that intensive exercise for the press will make your waist more attractive. All quite the contrary, the waist will become wider due to the build up of muscle mass. What to do? To avoid such an undesirable result, it is necessary to carry out not aerial loads, but aerobic ones. That is, you must avoid a large amplitude and increase the number of repetitions of approaches. For example, if you perform a routine exercise on a press (lying on your back, pulling the body to your knees), then you just need to tear your back slightly off the floor. And repeat at least 30 times for 3 approaches. And, naturally, you also need to work out both the lateral and dorsal muscles. For the waist and the press, such exercises are also very important. In order to achieve the desired effect, do not just perform a classic exercise for the press, but try to slightly diversify it. Lift the body not only straight, but also in turn to one and the other knee. Waist extension is also useful for the waist. Lie on your stomach and try to bend your back as far as possible. Repeat several approaches in different directions. correct exercises for the press and waist

Helpful Tips

  • All exercises must be performed in three ten-minute approaches, with a break of 1-2 minutes;
  • During the first week of training, beginners are advised to perform only one approach, gradually increasing the load;
  • If the training has gone right, then you will feel pleasant fatigue, which occurs under the influence of lactic acid released from the muscles;
  • If you are too tired, then most likely you need to reduce the load;
  • Lack of fatigue only says that training is not too intense and you need to increase the load;
  • It is desirable to conduct training in the evening, whenthe body is relaxed and warmed up. Classes in the morning are not recommended. The body has not yet woken up, and exercise will be too heavy for him. Do not also do the exercises abruptly or overly vigorously.

Remember one important rule: on their own, training for the press and the waist will lead to nothing. To the positive effect does not have to wait for sure to reconsider your diet. Try to lean less on flour and sweet, avoid eating too fatty, sharp and high-calorie foods. Over time, you will get used to a new way of life and you will not be able to imagine yourself without daily training, and buns and sweets will go to the background. And only then you will understand that it is not difficult to look attractive! You just need to set a goal and go to it until the end. We advise you to read: