exercises for the abdomen and waist Probably, a lady of any age - especially ifthe lady is young or feels young - she dreams of having a beautiful figure, a flat belly and a thin waist. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is abdominal and waist exercises with a hoop. With it, you can achieve smart results in a relatively short time. It's never too late to start lessons with a hoop! But what hoop to choose, how to twist it correctly and what exercises to perform? Let's try to understand.

Types of hoops

First of all, it is necessary to understand what kind ofhoops for the waist, and choose the most suitable option for you. Over time, you can change the lightweight hoop to a heavier projectile, but it's best to begin with the simplest one. And the most simple and inexpensive hoop is plastic or aluminum. You will surely remember him from the school lessons of physical education or classes in sports clubs, as well as seen during performances of circus acrobats. The advantages of such a hoop: light weight and low price. It is great for beginners. To the minuses it is possible to carry a weak load and a little-expressed massage effect. If you are sufficiently trained, then from a light hoop there will be no special effect, since the muscles are already accustomed to higher loads. In this case, it is worth thinking about buying new equipment for training. Another type of hoops - weighted. These hoops can weigh up to two kilograms and are perfect for those who have well developed muscles of the press. Accordingly, the stronger the press, the heavier the hoop is selected. But you should not overestimate yourself, because if the exercises are too difficult, you simply abandon the workouts. By the way, you can make a weighted hoop yourself. It is enough to make a small incision (if the hoop is plastic), fill the cavity with sand or pea croup, and then glue the cut with tape or tape. If the hoop is aluminum and it is impossible to disassemble, it will be necessary to reconcile and purchase equipment heavier. Another type of hoops, which is often found in stores - folding hoops. They are convenient because they do not take up much space, they are easily folded and sorted out. So, you can always take such a hoop with you on vacation or at the dacha. If you are often on the move, but determined to attend classes, then this option is just for you. Massage waistband for the waist performs two functions at once. He not only trains the muscles of the press, but also massages the skin with special balls or bumps, strengthening blood supply and helping to get rid of fat. Sometimes such hoops are equipped with sensors that record the duration of training, the number of calories burned and even the number of turns. exercises for the waist and abdomen

Pros of lessons with a hoop

If you have a heavy massage hoop, the first timewill be very difficult - it is likely the appearance of bruises. But eventually you will get used, bruises will leave, and the stomach will please the eye with a strong press. Even if you do not know how to twist the hoop, soon the exercises will start to bring you pleasure. The pros of classes with a hoop is very much - that's just some of them:

  • The hoop does not affect the internal organs and, contrary to the prevailing opinion, does not cause their displacement. The press reliably protects them from negative impact.
  • The hoop is very simple to handle. Even a child can do it with him.
  • The hoop helps not only to get a beautiful belly, but also participates in the development of coordination, as well as strengthening of the respiratory and vascular systems.
  • Thanks to the massage effect, honeymoon exercises improve skin tone and appearance.
  • Classes with a hoop burn about 15 calories per minute! This is a great way to "defuse" an extra sweets or rolls eaten at dinner.
  • How to properly twist the hoop?

    For lessons to be effective, you need to learncorrectly twist the hoop. First of all, find a place for classes. It should be large enough so that you do not accidentally touch anything (and no one). During the normal exercise (simple rotation), you should stand straight, legs apart to the width of the shoulders and keeping the abdominal muscles in tension. During the rotation of the hoop, not only your press, but also the legs, the whole body and neck should work, otherwise you simply can not hold the hoop at the waist. There is a mass of exercises with a hoop, but the most popular, of course, exercises for the waist and abdomen:

    • Simple rotation

    This is the most common type of exercise - you just rotate the hoop for an average of 15-30 minutes. The legs are shoulder width apart, the back is straight, the movements are smooth, the spins are fast.

    • Alternating rotation

    Another simple exercise. When you start rotating the hoop, make 5-7 turns in one direction, then stop and make 5-7 turns in the other direction. To start, it's enough to change direction 25-30 times, but gradually the number of approaches can be increased.

    • Rotation in the semicircle

    This exercise is for the more experienced. Put your feet to the width of your shoulders and begin to untwist the hoop, and then gradually sit down as low as possible, but keep your balance. This exercise will not only strengthen the abdominal muscles, but will also tighten the muscles of the buttocks and thighs. However, it is not worth doing it for more than ten minutes.

    • Rotation with crouching

    This exercise is similar to the previous one. You need to stand in the starting position and start rotating the hoop. But, unlike the previous exercise, squat and rise up, and do not stay in static tension. The main thing is not to lose the hoop at the same time.

    • Rotation on the move

    With this exercise you need to walk around the room, alternately rotating the hoop around the waist and hips. Depending on the level of training, you can gradually increase the speed of movement and the intensity of rotation.

    • Swing the press with a hoop

    In this exercise, the starting position is the same,as in the usual work with the press: lying on his back, knees bent. The hoop is under the neck, hands freely grasp it. Perform lifting of the body, first tearing off the head, then the shoulders and back. To complicate the exercise, you can do alternate twists (turns). This will stretch the oblique muscles and form a thin waist. a hoop for the waist


    Unfortunately, you can not twist the hoop to everyone. Doctors do not recommend rotating the hoop

    • To people of advanced age;
    • Girls during menstruation;
    • Women during pregnancy and within 2 months after childbirth;
    • With diseases of the back, abdominal organs and gynecological problems.

    The hoop will help you to become slim, but do not forgetand about proper nutrition and other physical exertion. If you do not have any contraindications, then boldly start to prepare your body for the hot season, because the spring has already come, and until the summer there are only a couple of months! We advise you to read: