evening make-up for green eyes A competent evening make-up for green eyes canturn any girl into a captivating and exciting lady. But to make such make-up is a whole science. Especially if you take into account the variety of shades of green eyes: turquoise, gray-green, grass-green, olive, etc. In fact, this list is very long, because in nature there are no pure shades. And to emphasize the extraordinary beauty of such eyes will help shadows of a variety of colors. But let's consider them in more detail.

Which shadows to choose

When choosing makeup shadows, pay attention toshades of chocolate-brown flowers, dark green, copper and golden. These colors, as a rule, are suitable for owners of any shade of green eyes. And in addition to them, gray-brown and peach shades are perfect, which advantageously emphasize the richness of green. Ideally look shadows of opal color, as well as the colors of ivory, champagne, cream and light lilac. In general, the whole range of purple and reddish shades perfectly emphasizes the unusual color of the eyes and makes evening make-up really expressive and attractive. For brighter evening make-up, it is better to use creamy and dark purple shades with a metallic sheen. They favorably emphasize the beauty of green eyes in dark lighting. And golden or copper shadows give evening makeup a glamor and delicacy. But there are several color taboos that you need to know to create the perfect evening make-up for green eyes. Under the prohibition of blue, blue, silvery shadows and all derivative shades. Their use cheapens the green-eyed beauties and makes them too vulgar. The only exception is the green eyes close to the blue. Pink color refers to the purple scale, which is beautifully in harmony with green eyes, but you should be careful with it, since this color is very moody. It is important to choose the right shade, which really will favorably emphasize all the magnetism and captivating look of the green eyes. beautiful evening make-up for green eyes

Makeup Tips for Green Eyes

Now you know which colors to choose,making an evening make-up for green eyes. Everyone chooses a scheme to fulfill to their taste, but there are several important and useful tips that will help you make your image truly mysterious, gentle and enticing.

  • Discard the black eyeliner and pencil. Black is too rough for green eyes. It is better to give preference to a pencil of coal-gray or chocolate colors.
  • If you want to visually enlarge your eyes and make them more open, use a white or gold pencil for inner lining of the lower eyelid.
  • Doing evening makeup, avoid cold shades, they make the green eyes less bright and juicy, and warm, on the contrary, add piquancy to the look
  • Play on contrast. If you make an evening make-up for a regular social party, then try to choose colors that are contrasting with each other. This will make the eyes more expressive. For example, combine orange with purple.
  • Use dark brown mascara. In general, do not overload eyelashes, and even more so use invoices, unless you are going to masquerade.

make-up for green eyes

Technique of applying makeup for green eyes

What technique to apply make-up depends onfrom what effect your make-up should make. And, of course, it is important for which event you are painted, maybe it is a corporate party, or a holiday in a nightclub. Agree, it's ridiculous to make a make-up in the style of a disco at a reception? The technique, which is described below, is classical and suitable for any occasion. With the color scheme you can experiment to your taste.

  • Apply a moisturizer or a light reflecting base to your skin;
  • Mask the flaws of the face with correctors and apply a tone;
  • Lightly powder the entire face and décolleté area;
  • Draw eyebrows with shadows of a natural shade or pencil;
  • Light shades (golden-white, ivory, champagne) put on all eyelid from the ciliary edge to the eyebrow;
  • Divide the movable eyelid visually into three parts. The inner corner of the eye does not touch, and on the other two-thirds, apply peach or sand shadows and blend well;
  • Dark shades (chocolate, purple, copper, dark green) apply to the outer corner of the eye, as well as a thin line along the ciliary edge. Well shade the boundaries;
  • Make a thin line withdark brown or coal-gray pencil and lightly shade the line with shadows. The arrow is best done very small, and it should be parallel to the wide part of the eyebrow;
  • If necessary, curl the cilia with a special instrument and apply 2 layers of brown or gray mascara;
  • Blush peach color put on cheeks, slightly winding on cheekbones. Thoroughly blend borders;
  • And completes the whole image of a matte lipstick or lip gloss of a natural shade.

Choose other colors, experiment withcombinations, lines and effects. The main thing is not to be afraid of difficulties and to believe in yourself. Then you definitely will succeed. Show a drop of perseverance and patience, so that your image turns out juicy, bright and impressive, and the beauty of the look fascinated from the first moment. We advise you to read: