make-up for the quads of green eyes Light, barely noticeable make-up, with the righta selected palette of shadows, is able to emphasize all the merits of kara green eyes. Unfortunately, the owners of such a treasure do not always understand what kind of wealth nature has bestowed on them, and use so much cosmetics that there can be no question of any individuality. But in order to choose the appropriate option for your type of face, it is enough to experiment a little in front of the mirror.

Strict daily make-up: we paint for work

  • The basis

The first thing a girl should do is prepare a face: cleanse the skin with lotion or tonic to remove dirt from the pores, apply a nourishing cream, and after twenty minutes - tonal. The final touch is the matte powder, which is necessary for fixing the base. Please note, blush in this case is not used.

  • Arrows

So, first you should hold a black pencila thin line inside the lower eyelid to make the incision of the eyes more distinct and expressive. Often, the girls make a serious mistake by drawing arrows with a spout, forgetting that the thick lines look too vulgar, defiant and aggressive, and the thin ones look too pale.

  • Shadows

The mobile eyelid is applied with a special brushmatte dark brown shadows, in the inner corners - one or two shades lighter. However, you should do everything carefully, so that this contrast is not too conspicuous. To avoid such a mistake, it is recommended to use products of the same brand. If necessary, you can smooth the transition with a brush for feathering.

  • Eyebrows

How would you not like to emphasize this partface, do not do this with a pencil, better stock up with special dark shadows and a stiff brush. If your eyebrows are too light, and like MakeUp you do often, paint them with special paint. This procedure does not take much time, but in the future you will save five to ten minutes on the morning make-up.

  • Mascara

If dark-haired beauties can affordchoose any color, starting with black, ending with brown, then the natural blonde is better to choose a lighter and more gentle tones. The sharp contrast between fair-haired eyebrows and black eyelashes will look rather strange, so make-up should be a little more reserved. Not everyone knows, but there is a small trick to which the fair-haired representatives of the fair sex go to emphasize the unusual color of the eyes, make it more vivid and saturated - they dye eyelashes with green mascara. On a bright sunny day it looks especially impressive.

  • Lips

The rule that the main accentshould be done either on the lips or on the eyes, in this case is no exception. Therefore it is recommended to use natural shades of lipstick, most suitable for your skin color. Also, it's not bad on the lips that it looks ordinary colorless or slightly pinkish shine. makeup for green brown eyes

Kare-green eyes: details of make-up

No matter how beautiful your eyes are,poor-quality makeup can make them murky and dark, a poet, picking up the color palette of shadows, observe several basic rules. First, say no to light and dark blue tones, even if you are a blonde and think that the blue you madly goes. In this case, you will be like an eighties girl who has finally bought a lot of scarce cheap cosmetics and does not know how to use it properly. Secondly, prove to be smoky eyes. Remember, black and gray simply weight heavier and more saturated colors, so this make-up for the penalty of green eyes is completely inappropriate. If desired, to emphasize the beautiful cut of the eyes, you can use a pencil, which is subsequently shaded with a special brush. Thirdly, do not apply too many pink shades, as purple, purple, lilac, etc. colors, unfortunately, are not all women. If, however, you chose this palette, do not use blush or bright lipstick, as the daily make-up for the quads of green eyes should not resemble the fighting color of the Barbie doll. Another mistake, which allows a fairly large number of girls - a combination of a large number of different colors. Remember, no matter what type of face you have, the color of eyes and skin, you can use no more than three shades, and they should be combined with each other.