Eye Makeup Secrets Someone said that a woman's eyes are an opticalsight, through which it accurately beats in the heart of a man. Well, there is some truth in this. After all, a woman knows how to convey the most diverse emotions. He can narrowly narrow his eyes, roll his eyes from indignation, wink at the knight to bring the man into complete confusion. Let him then guess what she meant ... And how many female epithets have eyes - bottomless, mermaid, poor, foxes, smoky ... Let's figure out what secrets and tricks help make women's eyes attractive and inviting. The art of make-up will help us in this. Before you go directly to the makeup of your eyes, you must carefully prepare. Put on the eyes of chilled tea bags or ice cubes and keep them for 10-15 minutes. It will remove puffiness and refresh your eyes. In order to even the color, create an ideal surface and hide flaws, apply a tonal basis. Then powder the eyelid with loose powder. We turn to the technique of make-up. Shadows are best applied with a brush - then the tone will lie smoothly and neatly. Brush the direction from the inner edge of the eye to the outside. Be sure to shade well, so that there are no abrupt transitions and no visible lines. Under the eyebrows, apply white transparent shadows - this visually enlarges the eye and emphasizes the bend of the eyebrows.

About color

In order to achieve this or that desiredeffect, in the technique of make-up there are small secrets. For example, the use of different colors. White color "opens" the look and emphasizes the area on which it is applied. Black - makes the look more expressive, but it goes far from all. Beige color is universal, it will be a good basis for applying other shades. A drop of pink will make the eyes more clear and give them shine. The choice of the color of the shadows depends on many factors. Palettes for blondes and brunettes will be very different. The choice of make-up is also affected by the color of the clothes that you are going to wear. But first of all, the color range of makeup depends on the color of your eyes. After all, we want to emphasize them, make them more vivid and attractive.

  • Blue eyes are great: gray, lilac, pale pink, peach, golden and blue.
  • Brown eyes, dark brown, gold, green and coral shadows look good.
  • Apricot, beige, brown, light green, lilac color is suitable for green eyes.
  • For a beautiful make-up of gray eyes, choose blue, green, silver and blue shadows.

secrets of beautiful makeup

Correct the shape of the eyes

Correctly matched makeup will be almostimperceptible. He will emphasize the radiance of the eyes and their expressiveness. At the same time with the help of beautiful make-up you can give your "mirror of the soul" the right shape. Here are some secrets that will help correct the natural shortcomings.

  • Too small eyes To enlarge smalleyes use light shades. Apply them on the eyelid from the eyelashes to the eyebrows. Then put dark shadows on the outer corners of the eyes and blend well in the direction of the eyebrows - this will lengthen the eyes. Lower eyelid draw a light pencil. Finish your makeup by painting your eyelashes well.
  • Close-set eyes To visually enlargethe distance is to lighten the inside of the eyes and darken the outer one. Apply light shadows to the inner corners. Darker shadows cast from the middle of the century to the outer edge. Shake the lines well. Apply a little mascara on the eyelashes at the inner corners of the eyes and paint well on the outer corners of the eyelashes.
  • Widely set eyes Here we acton the contrary - we darken internal corners and brighten external ones. First use the basic pastel tone. Then, on the inner corners of the eyes towards the eyebrows, apply dark shadows and blend well. On the outer corner of the eye, put a lighter tone. Intensively make up eyelashes in the inner corners.
  • Deep-seated eyes For make-up of such eyesuse light shades. Apply shadows from the roots of the eyelashes toward the eyebrows. Well shade - they should be barely noticeable. If you use a pencil, draw a thin line at the base of the eyelashes. Apply mascara on the eyelashes, moving from the bottom up, this will give the look of openness.
  • Convex eyes Spend with black pencilneat line along the edge of the upper lashes. Gradually expand the line to the outer edge of the eye. Then apply a shadow of dark tones on the mobile eyelid. Lower eyelid, draw a thin line from the middle to the outer edge.
  • Eye with an overhanging eyelid. Apply dark shadows onouter corners of the eyes in the upward direction. Under the eyebrows, apply light shadows. Lines well spread out so that there are no abrupt transitions. In ink, paint only the upper eyelashes. Lower eyelid lead in gray pencil.

Exciting bend

Many women do not pay due attentioneyebrows. And completely in vain. Remember at least the brilliant Vivien Leigh in the role of Scarlett O'Hara. Her coquettishly raised eyebrow could have beaten any man on the spot. What compared to this view of rifles northerners! When correcting the eyebrows, the task is not only to make them neat, but also to give the correct form. Remember the wise advice of the secretary Verochka from the old movie: "The eyebrow should be thin, thin, like a thread, surprisedly raised"? And now forget it! Too thin eyebrows are out of fashion. Although, of course, the width and shape of the eyebrows depends on the characteristics of a particular person. It is best to pluck your eyebrows in the cabin. But you can make correction yourself. To make the procedure less painful, lubricate the eyebrow and skin around a piece of ice. Before proceeding to the procedure, draw a pencil with the desired shape. Pull out the eyebrows from below, strictly along the line of hair growth. Remove the hairs one at a time, not with bundles, or you risk acquiring bald spots. Before applying the tone on the eyebrows, comb them and shape them. You can use a pencil. But for a beautiful natural makeup, special shades and a brush for the eyebrows are better. Put a tone on the brow, as if imitating hairs, do not draw too deep. Choose the color of the eyeliner for the color of your eyebrows. After the make-up is completed, fix the shape of the eyebrows with a special tool or a regular hair gel. Remember:

  • rounded eyebrows soften the look;
  • The eyebrows in the shape of a house give a look to playfulness;
  • too long eyebrows make the face wider, and short - narrow;
  • eyebrows with a too low lowered outer edge make the face sad and old.

useful secrets of eye makeup

Useful little things

  • To give the eyes a beautiful almond-shaped shape, you need to apply the eyeliner with a thin brush only for a third of the upper eyelid, from the center to the outer corner of the eyes, strictly along the line of growth of the eyelashes.
  • To make eyeliner does not look too rough, makeup artists advise to apply it not with a pencil, but with the help of shadows.
  • Eyelashes look as natural as possible, if theirdye ink in the direction of growth. Pay special attention to the outer corner, carefully staining it. While the ink is not withered, straighten the cilia and remove the lumps of carcass with a clean brush.
  • A few pearly shadows in the middle of the upper eyelid will make the look brighter.
  • If you make your eyebrows too bright, do not try to erase excess. Just apply with a cotton swab on top of a little friable powder.

Guided by the basic rules, do not be afraidexperiment. After all, make-up is an art. And it, as you know, does not tolerate stereotypes. Using different techniques, techniques and secrets in eye makeup, you can make your look irresistible. And then it will remain only to take a good aim and strike on the spot! We advise you to read: