how to choose a powder The woman who cares about her appearance andtries to look perfect, no matter what time of the day in the street, where it is and what kind of lighting is around it, approaches the question of choice of powder in the most careful way. Often the question of how to choose the right powder is not properly answered, since we do not know all the subtleties and nuances, and we are persuaded by not always competent salesmen who do not try to choose what suits us ideally, but simply give what is not always successfully sold out. In this case, when you come home, you see all the defects on the skin, which should be obscured and hidden, you see all those irregularities of the skin that need to be aligned and much more. You can not return this powder, leave it, as they say, until better times, or pass it on to numerous friends and acquaintances. What powder to choose, it is necessary to solve only independently, not succumbing to anyone's advice and persuasion, what exactly will suit you, so as not to be disappointed then.

That the choice did not disappoint

How to choose a powder? There are several universal councils on this topic. Remembering them, you will never go wrong with the tone and choose the right powder, and your makeup will always be perfect. First, all powders are selected either for use during the day, or for use in the evening version of makeup. Since the powder is needed not only to smooth the skin and its tone, but also to hide pigment spots, to remove the fat gloss from the face, neck and décolletage, close the wide pores, then the consistency of the powder you choose should be consistent with the declared requirements. Of great importance is the tone of the powder itself. If you can not decide the tone, since you are approached by two (one is slightly darker, the second is lighter), then we advise you - choose and acquire two tones at once; this will not only save you from having to choose powder for evening make-up, but also help you to structure your face competently. Secondly, if you have a fading or dry skin, then the powder in its classic form should be discarded, since it produces a drying effect. It will be advisable for you to choose a cream powder or powder, which you can apply to a moisturizer or foundation. The tone of this make-up remedy is worth choosing, applying a little on the bridge of your nose, since it is there that it will be as close as possible to the natural color of your skin. Thirdly, pay special attention to the powder itself. Since today there are many varieties of it (friable, liquid, compact, terracotta, cream powder, shimmering, green, antiseptic, bronze, etc.), the choice is most likely to start not with the tone of the medium, but with its species. If you learn everything that was listed above, the question of choosing the right powder for you will never be insoluble. The choice of powder is not only the choice of tone and the choice of the manufacturer you trust most. You should consider many parameters. As practice shows, the price range and the name of the campaign that produced the make-up remedy is not the main thing. Keep in mind that one of the important factors that will affect your skin most is the composition of the remedy. Suffice it to recall that throughout the life of mankind the composition of the pood has changed not once. Since women always wanted to look beautiful, and the sign of health was smooth and white skin, it was necessary to resort to small tricks. For example, in ancient Egypt powdered with lead white, in China and Japan used a mixture of rice flour and white clay. Now such a composition is almost unrealistic for use in cosmetology, but at the same time the composition of the modern remedy can cause some doubts. It is for this reason and it is worth checking out all the ingredients, some of which can cause allergic reactions. How to choose a shade - perhaps, is not such a difficult question. Although there are options when none of those shades that you are considering are not suitable. If you have applied to the bridge of the nose, but it does not match the shade of your skin, then you should think about the fact that you can apply a foundation for it. In this case, the ideal solution for you can be a combination of foundation and transparent powder, which will not give a shade, but only will give a haze. If you doubt how to choose a face powder, then the consultant in the cosmetics department can help you find the shade. Whatever you choose, you must use different options for applying cosmetics and different makeup options depending on the time of day. The question of the choice of powder is relevant for every woman, since at different seasons the shade of the face changes (tan appears or disappears, many other factors influence). The face is that part of the body that you pay attention to first. The task is simple - to make it attractive. Naturally, in the traditional sense, a beautiful face is attracting attention not only with the right features, but also with how the features are emphasized or hidden. With the help of properly selected powder, you can make rough features soft, imperceptible - stand out, and at the same time alternating dark and light tones to outline the contour of the face. The question of how to choose a face powder is greatly simplified if you know exactly when and under what lighting you will use this or that color or this or that texture of the remedy. how to choose the right powder

Tone selection rules

Essential in choosing the right powder will helpKnowing how to choose her tone. The traditional method of choosing a tone (application on the bridge of the nose) is not always suitable for those who have pigmented spots on their face or the skin has different shades. As we have already said, there is a variant of a combination of cream and powder. But this is not always successful. Therefore, for you the most practical solution may be to purchase means for make-up of several tones or purchase powder in natural-tone beads (with light skin) and bronze (with dark or tanned skin). It is necessary to pay attention to what is the chosen tool in the texture, since the degree of its grinding depends on the imposition and shading. On how to choose a tone, there are numerous tips of each manufacturer, but you should at the same time be guided only by your own opinion and do not listen to someone who is not a professional in the field of cosmetology and stylistics. Among other things, there are numerous comments on how to choose the color of make-up remedies. Since it is worth bearing in mind the features of each basic color (for example, pink - fills the face, ivory or marble - makes the face color noble, bronze - often grows or lengthens the shape of the face), then pay attention to how the color of the powdered The face will be combined with the color of the hair, hands and neck. That is why when you are asking how to choose the color of make-up remedies, you should consider the color spectrum of your cosmetics, and the type of your face. It is known that a loose powder is considered a classic. It is not only convenient and easy to use, but for all its economic efficiency it allows you to apply the product smoothly and create an effect of perfectly smooth skin. It should be borne in mind that when using a foundation, you should choose either a powder of the same color, or transparent. In no case should you use the tone of the remedy that is darker than your natural skin tone. A light tone will be ideal for day and evening makeup. If you have not decided yet whether you are ready to use friable powder, then it should be borne in mind that it will be the optimal solution for both owners of dry skin (since it can be applied surprisingly thin layer), and for those whose skin is different fat content. how to choose the right face powder

What kind of powder suits you

You can choose which powder to choose, it's up to you. Here everything will depend on how much money you are willing to spend, what colors and tones are offered, what type of powder is the most successful from your point of view. Deciding for yourself, the powder of which firm to choose, it is worth considering whether you use a foundation. In this case, the choice will be facilitated - feel free to choose exactly the color and tone that is marked on the cream. One need only bear in mind that both products must be produced by one campaign. If you decide that the powder will be used only in the evening, it is worth choosing one tone lighter than the cream - this will create a fresh skin effect. In any case, which firm would not have your powder, what color and what texture, you always need to consider how to choose it correctly when buying. The face will never be marked with a powder brand, it will be difficult for a layman to guess what kind of consistency it has; but it will always be noticeable (not even important, under what kind of lighting), if the tone of the powder does not match the color of your skin. If the tone is picked up incorrectly, all your efforts will be futile and will not lead to the desired result. Therefore, it is important not to forget how to choose the right tone of powder. It's worth spending a little more time on careful selection to always be confident in your attractiveness. We advise you to read: