evening make-up Evening make-up is a real art. It is more difficult than the daytime performance and is done much longer. Many girls know this, but do not know how to apply make-up properly for night-time output. For some reason it seems to them that with the light of the moon, absolutely all the colors of the rainbow will look great, and at the same time. In a word, to see the girl's face under a thick layer of "plaster" sometimes does not work. It's a pity. We are sure that the beautiful half of humanity has something to show the world. Therefore, we will tell you how to make evening make-up, right here and now. To begin with, we will open a small truth to you: you can not stress both your lips and your eyes at the same time. Emphasize one thing, otherwise you will resemble a painted doll. After all, a beautiful and fashionable makeup - it's not an abundance of cosmetics, but rather a skillful use of it.

Sequence of evening makeup:

  • Preliminary cleansing of the face;
  • Moisturizing the skin;
  • Masking the flaws;
  • Application of tonal means;
  • Makeup of eyes, eyebrows, lips, etc.

Prepare in advance all necessary means,choose the desired shades, think about the future image. For example, eye makeup is a huge field for imagination. For him with the same success fit and sequins, and bright shades of shades, and all kinds of lipsticks, and even colored carcasses. The main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise instead of an easy and exciting look, something vulgar and repulsive can turn out. But how to make an evening make-up so that it looks perfect? We offer you step-by-step instruction. evening makeup

Preparation of the face

Before embarking on an evening make-up,it is necessary to prepare the skin. To do this, remove the remnants of daytime make-up and the dust that has settled on the skin for a day, with the help of detergent milk and tonic. After that, apply a moisturizing cream and a make-up base with reflective particles to the skin, which will hide the uneven skin and give it radiance.

Even tone

After you have cleansed your skin, you need toprepare a "canvas" on which you will draw your fashion image. To do this, apply a thin layer of foundation on the face to get a beautiful smooth color. Do not forget to shade the borders well, so that the mask effect is not created. Slightly go through the sponge with the rest of the tonal basis on the ears and neck. If you have skin defects that can not be masked with a foundation, use special scanners and correctors. After you have leveled the skin color and concealed all the shortcomings, lightly powder the face to fix the result.

Accurate eyebrows

No wonder the French believe that the most important thing inevening make-up - this beautiful smooth tone of the face and neat eyebrows. One has only to forget about them, and the make-up looks unfinished and untidy. Therefore, carefully tint your eyebrows along the hairline. If you use a pencil for this, you should remember a couple of simple rules:

  • It must be sharply sharpened and hard enough. Do not use eyeliner pencils for eyebrows.
  • Do not under any circumstances carry out a long continuous line. Try to make short strokes, as if drawing each hair.
  • The color of the pencil should be exactly the same as the tone of your eyebrows, or a little darker.

If you use the eyebrow for eyeliner, thenDo not overdo it with brightness. It is better to walk along the line of the eyebrow with an applicator a couple of times, gradually adding intensity, than redoing the entire evening makeup. If, however, you are slightly overdone with the shadows, gently scrub the excess paint with a brush for the eyebrows. evening makeup eyes

Expressive eyes

The eyes are the mirror of the soul. So let's learn how to create a simple and bright make-up that is relevant in any environment. To do this, almost any shade is suitable: matte, satin, pearl or with sparkles. Even the color scheme here is not limited - you can use the most unexpected combinations of colors. However, it is worth sticking to a few tips, so as not to look like a motley parrot:

  • Choosing shades of shadows, consider your color.
  • Do not forget that even the most beautiful evening make-up of eyes should harmoniously be combined with a dress and accessories.
  • Pay attention to how the selected makeup will look with the hairdo.
  • In the inner corner of the eye, always apply shadows of the lightest shade.
  • Do not forget to create a flare of light shadows under the eyebrow. This will "open" your eyes and make them more visually.

On the eyeliner, the conversation is separate. If you want a strict and clear line, use liquid liner. However, please note that it is unlikely that you will be able to make an ideal line from the first time. Need training. If you do not want to take risks, use a pencil for your eyes. They can also draw a fairly clear line, or you can create a light haze effect. The main rule of the shooter - do not make them too long or tall. The arrow should continue the natural line of the eyelashes and end at approximately the level of the tip of the eyebrow. The choice of carcass is again diverse. It is best to use waterproof, as it lasts longer and does not crumble at the height of the party. If you have chosen an unusual image, color carcasses or false eyelashes are quite appropriate. It all depends on the nature of the event, which you are going to. A simple business dinner provides a strict image. A party with friends allows the most daring makeup options.

Alluring lips

Let's repeat: the main rule of make-up - a bright accent is allowed only on one part of the face. If you decide to make expressive eyes, then it is enough to slightly emphasize the lips with lipstick or lip gloss. Well, if your choice is a beautiful and bright color of the lips, then it is worth considering a few tips:

  • To lipstick lasted longer, it is necessary to powder the lips, circle them with a contour pencil.
  • Lipstick should be applied with a brush, so as not to leave the contour ..
  • Apply a second layer of lipstick and glare usinglip gloss. To do this, go through the main color on all the lips, and then shade the most prominent parts of the lips. So you make your lips more expressive and bulky.

Completing the image

To make your image look perfect, applyblush. They will emphasize the shape of the face and give freshness. But you need to do this as neatly as possible to create a bright and light makeup. After all, one wrong move is enough, and a beautiful woman will resemble a nesting doll from a children's cartoon. You do not want this kind of resemblance, do you? Now as for the blush itself. No beautiful and fashionable image can not do without this detail. Blush is applied a little, so that there are no clear boundaries or spots. Color is best to choose a neutral-peach or tone of lipstick. Instead of the usual sponge, use a large makeup brush. Did they? Now make sure that one cheek is not rougher than the other. Are you ready? Now complete the makeup with a powder - and voila! You are ready to go out! We advise you to read: