Why do I need to update cosmetics? Many people buy decorative cosmetics (mascara,lipstick, cream, pencils, shadows) and use it until the contents of the jar or tube finish. And, after all not everyone knows, that in delayed cosmetics dangerous bacteria which by means of which it is possible to earn, at least, a boring, let alone an allergy are planted. Basically, manufacturers of this or that cosmetics establish an approximate shelf life - a couple of years. And this must be paid attention! You will not eat past-due meat or drink sour milk? In the case of cosmetics, the same. That is, if cosmetics has lost its shelf life, then throw it without hesitation, and safely order new jars of tubes in www.vaali.en Pay attention to how you store your makeup. It happens that because of improper storage, it can deteriorate much earlier than the expiration date. For example: if you subjected the cosmetics to a sharp temperature drop, twisted the lid badly, it was very humid in the storage places ... Therefore, the conclusion is this: use cosmetics for about a year and a half, and if it's cream (including tonal ones), then about a year. Part with mascara for three months, with lipsticks - after eight. Even if your cosmetics are still very good in appearance and smell, then do not take risks, using it, while earning skin diseases, which then will be very difficult to get rid of.