eye makeup step by step Eyes - not only the mirror of the soul, but also the most importantwomen's weapons in the struggle for men's hearts. Unfortunately, many girls forget about this and make eye make-up hastily, slightly bringing up the eyes or slightly touching the eyelashes with ink. In vain - the correct make-up will make a man drown in your eyes.

Eye makeup: basic rules

A good make-up is a make-up that is profitableStresses your eyes, even if they are irregular in shape or you wear glasses constantly. It can be considered successful only when the eyes are ideal and not very shaped will look attractive and tempting, albeit thanks only to cosmetics. One wrong stroke of the pencil or podvodki - and you distort the shape of the face, giving him a surprised or mocking look. Whatever moderating fashion does not say, choose a color range for eye makeup, focusing on the shade of your eyes and skin tone. For example, if you are often disturbed by dark circles under the eyes, set aside blue, black and brown shadows. Remember that the shape of the eyebrows must be regularly adjusted - chaotically protruding hairs give the image a slovenliness. Secrets of Excellence: How to Make Persistent Any Shadow or Eyeliner Want to learn how to make the eye makeup step by step? It's worth starting with the right preparation. If you make up your eyes without bothering to at least wash yourself, do not be surprised that the shadows quickly fall off, and the ink lies on the eyelashes lumps. Wash your favorite means for washing and apply a little eye cream on the area around the eyes. To get rid of unnecessary traces of yesterday's party in the form of puffiness and dark circles under the eyes, use a cooling roller. Blot excess eye care products with a napkin and apply makeup. If any shadows, even luxury brands, quickly roll down on your eyelids or disappear at all, as if absorbed into the skin - you will be helped by a special make-up base. Many cosmetic brands produce separately "make-up base" and "base for eyelids", but, in fact, it is one and the same product. Thanks to her shadows and eyeliner will retain a bright color and shine for a long time, and the problem with shading of clear lines will be solved. The colors will not fade a few hours after the make-up application, because the fixing base under the shadows has a pronounced matting effect, it cope with surpluses of sebum fat - the main culprits of the rolling shadows and crumbling carcass. The basis for eyelids is available in two versions: cream and powder, similar to talc. A girl who had never used such a tool before, it would be much easier to use the first option. The cream is applied to the mobile eyelid and, as it were, is "driven" into the skin by fingers. Friable base is applied in one or two layers with a powder brush. If your cosmetic bag is not covered, apply the product with patting movements. Excess powder will fall off, you will only have to remove it with a damp napkin or cotton pad. The finishing touch of preparation for eye makeup is one layer of transparent powder over the fixing base. beautiful eye makeup in stages

Stage two: masking the tracks of a sleepless night

Dark circles under the eyes - moveton for well-groomedgirls. It is not necessary for the people around to know that you spent the whole night in a club or in bed with your loved one. Just do not try to hide bruises under a thick layer tonalnika or cream powder - in an hour or two they will again be visible. A cream-corrector is needed, and its color should be one-half light lighter than the complexion. This shade will refresh you and hide not only the black spots under your eyes, but also the accompanying swelling. A small amount of cream spread over the lower eyelid and grow with sponge. If the circles under the eyes are still visible, apply a thin layer of the yellow concealer. Buying this tool in the store, make a choice in favor of a slightly yellowish hue, if you have fair skin. Darkers should pay attention to the corrector of orange color. The final chord of disguise is the application of a foundation and a small amount of highlighter. It will provide a natural glow to your eyes due to the content of the light-reflecting particles. The game of light and shadow Correctly selected shadows, like a magic wand, a rescue, can all: adjust the shape of the eyes, emphasize their color and give the look expressiveness. There are several varieties of this wonderful means for make-up:

  • Compact (dry) eye shadow. Incredibly easy to apply - in any box with shadows you will find an applicator with a felt or foam tip, with which the necessary amount of money is collected and shaded;
  • Shadow-pencil. Ideal for beginners - to put a color on the eyelids, you only need to hold them a "pencil lead" a couple of times;
  • Liquid shadows. It is usually in this texture that persistent and ultra-resistant funds are put on. Such shadows can also be used as a liner. For a make-up of eyes the flat brush is used, to put them it is necessary wide quick smears since they dry quickly enough. This option, of course, is suitable only for girls who have stuffed their hands, but guarantees a bright and intense color full of beautiful overflows;
  • Shadow cream. In fact, it is a softened pencil from that very pencil. The most prone to roll and tarnish.

When choosing the ideal shading palette, consider the following nuances:

  • The shade of shadows should in no way bematch the color of your eyes. From such a make-up, the eyes become "discolored," the brightness of the iris is visually lost. It is better to play on contrasts and semitones, than to receive one continuous bright spot;
  • Light shadows (white, beige, pearly,gray, etc.) visually increase the eyes. Make your choice in favor of darker shades if you wear glasses or eyes that are expressive by nature. Dark shades, of course, reduce and make the eyes less convex - a real find for the correction of the overhanging century or overly convex eyes;
  • Extravagant colors (matte black,bright red, neon green) are relevant only at the New Year's party, Halloween celebrations or corporate events. In your arsenal should different shades of shadows for different purposes;
  • For everyday make-up is perfectShadows without a shimmer will do. Color scale - light beige, gold, ivory, soft blue, lilac. However, light mother-of-pearl will hide the signs of fatigue.

Powdered shadows can be applied by twoways; dry and wet. By feathering the shadows with the applicator moistened with water, you will achieve a darker color tone than with the usual one. Do you like the iridescent, playful eye makeup? The key to a successful makeup is multilayered. Choose two or three similar shades. The lightest apply to the entire mobile eyelid, the darker - to the outer corner of the eye, and the brightest - along the line of growth of the eyelashes. After each layer, powder the eyelids with friable powder - this will additionally increase the durability of the make-up. correct eye makeup in stages

Wiring is the true architect of your view

To draw the eye contour, you canuse not only the above liquid eye shadow. Drawing arrows on the eyes can also be done with a pencil and liquid or cream podvodki. What are they for? Using the eyeliner, you can correct the wrong shape of the eyes. When using podvodki make a start from the fact that even from the times of Ancient Egypt the ideal was considered to be almond-shaped eyes. If you have never used liner, start with a pencil. The use of a liquid means will emphasize the lack of appropriate practice - a beginner will get a curve with a lot of flaws. Apply any piping directly to the shadows, if any, provided by the chosen makeup technique. Daytime make-up involves the use of black, brown or gray pencil. For the evening color and pearly colors will suit. A thin line will be obtained if you use a wooden pencil with a solid rod, soft and wide, it is drawn with a wax lead. Both options for creating a fashionable nowadays effect of "juice ayz" can be grown with the help of an ordinary cotton swab. Try also a novelty of the cosmetic market - a capillary marker for eye reduction. It looks like its usual fellow used for drawing, has a fairly wide tip and has increased resistance.

Orchestra, Indian ink!

According to statistics, only one in seven womenis satisfied with the appearance, length and density of their eyelashes. The rest complain of rare, too light or too short eyelashes. It's she who can cope with all these problems. Mascara focuses on the eyes, lengthens the cilia, twists them, adds pomp and volume ... To choose the right mascara, it is enough to answer the question - what would you like your eyes to be? Extension mascara "increases" the cilia due to the microfibers that make up the composition. Volumetric - makes the look open, and eyelashes are fluffy. Waterproof mascara is useful when visiting the pool or, for example, a trip to a seaside resort. Regardless of the type of product, there is the following rule for applying mascara: one layer for daytime make-up, for exquisite evening - two or three layers. To apply layers it is necessary with a break in 20-30 seconds that the previous had time to dry up. Whichever color of shadows or hue of carcass you choose, the main thing is practice. Over time, you will learn to draw an ideally straight line from the first time and masterfully mask the dark circles under your eyes. We advise you to read: