make-up for blue eyes evening Evening make-up should be bright and a bitextravagant - this is prompted by the very concept of "evening". For owners of blue eyes - this is a great chance to emphasize the depth of their eyes and sense of taste. You can safely apply dark and rich shades, but pastel and light colors in the evening make-up of blue-eyed beauty do not fit. Evening makeup should look harmonious and stylish, but certainly not pretentious and "alyapisto." It is necessary to remember that shades of saturated colors - olive, gray, chocolate and lilac - will suit the blue eyes. But mascara is better to choose a classic black - here you should not experiment. By the way, at desire it is possible to put and shocking mejkap - it will look very exquisitely and not vulgarly. Do you want to stand out? Try using bronze or orange shadows - see for yourself how these colors match and how perfect they are for blue eyes. beautiful make-up for blue eyes evening

Features of evening make-up

To make evening make-up look perfectin the rays of artificial light, you need to prepare - the skin should look flawless, without roughness and roughness. Therefore, first we apply the foundation for make-up, if necessary, use a corrective pencil (hide all the flaws), at the final stage we apply loose powder. Next, "work" with the eyebrows - for evening make-up they can be emphasized with a pencil, the color is black, the line is clear with a slight bend. Eyebrows should look as if you raised your eyebrows in surprise - it will be perfect. The most important thing in the evening make-up is to make the eyes more expressive, and this can be achieved with the help of mother-of-pearl shadows. If in the afternoon makeup artists do not advise using pearl shades, then for a romantic dinner or incendiary Caribbean party they will be just right. Pick up the tone of shadows - it can be combined with your outfit, can be combined with the image, or maybe in itself - a bright accent. The choice of colors is huge and everything depends only on your preferences or desires, there is only one "but" - the green color for blue eyes will not work. To complete the image of bright and radiant eyes, you can use eyeliner. Arrows are better to draw a liquid pencil, they can be made thicker than usual. If you can not boast of chic eyelashes, then for evening make-up you can resort to eyelash extension - with them the eyes will become even more expressive. And you can use voluminous ink, but do not forget to separate the cilia with each other after applying it. Do not overdo it - mascara lumps or stuck together eyelashes look disgusting. Evening makeup means bright lips - apply lipstick in several layers, use only persistent stamps, and then the lipstick will not disappear every time you sit down at the table. By the way, you can use a pencil for your lips - do not try to achieve a clear contrast between the pencil and lipstick, but to emphasize the beautiful line of sponges must be. After all, for the evening make-up, an element of beauty, brightness and clarity is required. To create an evening image of fatal beauty, many ladies like to use sequins and rhinestones in make-up. This is natural and looks original, but here one must know one indisputable rule: such "decorations" for the person can be used exclusively by young girls, but older women will look, at least, ridiculous. We advise you to read: