how to smooth the skin of the face Traces of acne, freckles, enlarged pores,comedones, mimic wrinkles - completely hide them under a thick layer of foundation does not work. "Covering" the imperfections with a proofreader, you are faced with the need to tinker with makeup hardly every two to three hours. No prettier make-up than the even skin tone. Pigmented spots and acne, on the contrary, will disfigure the most attractive face.

Face skin smoothing: salon methods

Laser correction of skin condition - excellenta way to get rid of the scars left after dermatological diseases, chicken pox and burns. A thin beam directs the skin, "burning" the epidermal cells in place of the scar. Do not worry, the procedure is absolutely painless, you will not feel anything but a slight tingling sensation. The skin, which has undergone laser treatment, actively produces collagen and is restored incredibly quickly. Oxygen therapy acts by "filling" the upper layers of the skin with cosmetic gas through injections. Purified oxygen under pressure causes accelerated regeneration of damaged tissues and accelerates resorption of old scars. Pleasant "bonus": such "injections of beauty" have an antiseptic effect, helping to quickly deal with pimples and acne. In the syringe is not oxygen, but a vitamin complex, enzymes or fruit acids? This procedure is called biorevitalization. Its main goal is to eliminate fine wrinkles. Prests of restylane or viscoderm have a prolonged effect: smoothing the folds on the skin, they stimulate the enhanced recovery of fiber and collagen. The epidermis becomes elastic and elastic - due to this, the face oval is pulled up. If acne gave you a temporary "respite," then for sure you now want to deal with post-acne and excessive fatty skin, to prevent further inflammation - visit the cryomassage procedure. The equalizing properties of the cold are explained by the activation of metabolic processes in the tissues of the epidermis by the human body in order to protect against frostbite. The massage session with liquid nitrogen lasts about 10 minutes. The beautician with tweezers and a cotton pad moistened in liquid nitrogen, treats the face 2-3 times in a row as the liquid evaporates. Seeing the swelling and redness in the mirror, do not be scared: in an hour they will not have a trace left. Cryotherapy narrows the pores, removes traces of inflammation and normalizes the sebum secretion. Within 10 days after visiting the cosmetology room before going out to the street, apply sunscreen on your face. Align the tone of the face with microdermabrasion. The result will be visible after a course of 5-7 sessions. In fact, dermabrasion is a complicated version of mechanical peeling. The master first cleans the client's face, then applies a cream with exfoliating particles to it. Manual distribution of the composition along the massage lines replace the rotation of the grinding disc. To get rid of "black spots" and comedones, there will be enough 2-3 visits to the beautician, but at least 10 visits are required to remove keloid scars and scars. smoothing of the skin of the face

How to level the skin at home

It is not necessary to beat the thresholds of beauty salons -Combating uneven complexion can be done on their own, without leaving home. Start by choosing the right makeup. Stop using soap as a means for washing - it dries the skin, disrupts the ph-balance and provokes the appearance of allergic rashes. Use for cleansing gel or foam, stimulating the renewal of epidermal cells. For example, L'Oreal Pure Zone «30 sec. Clean effect ", which contains salicylic acid - the best assistant in the fight against imperfections of problem skin. It has antibacterial (drying out inflammation), exfoliating (works as a light peeling) and matting (removes greasy sheen from the T-zone) properties. The gel pack is equipped with a special brush, which performs the function of eliminating dead cells. Peppermint extract pleasantly cools and tones up the skin of the face. The manufacturer recommends the use of L'Oreal Pure Zone for cleansing the epidermis of fatty and combined types. Align the skin tone will help and the skin for washing Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions. A gentle, delicate remedy can be used even for sensitive skin care. Despite the sparing formula, it deeply cleans and narrows the pores, brightens the pigmented spots and returns your face a natural radiance. Penka is very economical - for one application it is enough to distribute one pea of ​​the product on the skin. Extract from kelp and cola seeds "dissolve" and remove sebaceous plugs from the pores, and also narrow them, preventing the occurrence of "relapses". Damaged skin regenerates much longer than healthy skin. Therefore, traces of acne sometimes at times "decorate" your face, not hurrying to leave it. "Wake up" the natural process of recovery will help the badyah. Badyaga - a greenish-brown sponge, colonies living on the bottom of freshwater rivers and lakes. In dry form, it is a gray powder that resembles the appearance of granules of scrub, but not round, and prickly, like micro-needles. In addition to the powder itself, pharmacies sell cream and gel based on it. Alignment of the facial skin is achieved due to the fact that spiny particles pierce the upper layer of the skin, irritating it and causing a protective reaction - active production of new cells. However, it is possible to use a fresh-water sponge only point-by-point, applying directly to a pimple or a shelled area. Cream or gel spread a thin layer of previously cleaned from dirt and make-up skin for 5-10 minutes. Powder before use, dilute with warm water until the consistency of sour cream. Chemical peelings have long ceased to be the prerogative of beauty salons. Most luxury cosmetic brands produce products containing fruits, milk and AHA-acids for skin renewal at home. Having purchased the treasured jar, do not use a tool with superfluous fanaticism - you can repeat this procedure at most 2 times a month. Incredibly simple and convenient in the application of peeling CNC Hyaluron Forte "8 procedures of a cosmetologist". It fully justifies its name - a program of 6 preparations will make your skin perfect, namely - radiant, smooth and elastic. The cleanser will open the pores and prepare the epidermis for further care. Concentrated lemon, grape and malic acids will smooth wrinkles and lighten the post-acne. Tonic will eliminate the negative effects of the procedure (such as redness and swelling). Corrector of facial wrinkles stimulates the production of elastin. Moisturizing cream with UV protection will protect the skin from excessive pigmentation and will become an excellent base for make-up. Do you sincerely believe that chemical peeling and sensitive skin are absolutely incompatible? This statement is nothing more than a myth. Mask peeling Algologie due to its unique composition will not bring you any harm. The minimum percentage of glycolic and salicylic acids gently affects the epidermis, and extracts of calendula and biloba heal microtraumas and prevent the occurrence of allergic reactions. Dermadoctor has released a peeling, which will be appreciated by the girls, who love the universal means like "2 in 1". Multi-Acid Chemical Peel combines the exfoliating properties of dairy and azelaic acids with a similar effect of polymeric scraping particles. The product is ideal for smoothing skin color, preventing and correcting the first age changes. smoothing the skin of the face at home

Folk recipes

However, spend money on purchasing a professionalcosmetics is not necessary. You can prepare the composition for a chemical peel from "improvised" products. Their recipes are based on the action of all the same acids - dairy and fruit. Align the tone with a mask from:

  • peel lime, lemon or orange. If you have oily or normal skin, apply a gruel from fresh peel of one or two fruits, ground in a blender. For a dry and sensitive type, it must first be dried;
  • ayran or kefir. Moisten cotton pad in the sour milk product and wipe clean face. As the drying process repeats 5-8 times;
  • camphor alcohol, soda and glycerin. Alcohol and glycerine can be purchased at any pharmacy. Mix 1 tablespoon. Glycerol with 20 drops of camphor alcohol and 1 tsp. baking soda. Spread the liquid with a cotton swab on massage lines and leave for 15 minutes, then rinse with cool water and use a nutritious cream.

If regular peelings do not improvecondition of your skin - sign up for a consultation with a dermatologist. It is possible that the fault of disturbing the natural processes of the restoration of the epidermis is malnutrition or poor heredity. We advise you to read: