red stretch marks What is stretching, probably everyone knows. They appear on the body not only in women after childbirth, as it is commonly believed. Women's skin is prone to their appearance more than men's, but men can also appear stretch marks. There are stretch marks on the body due to trauma to the skin, which is greatly stretched, for example, on the abdomen during pregnancy, or with excessive body weight.

Stretch marks and the causes of their appearance

Stretch marks are strips and lines,which can be of different colors, it's kind of scars and scars on the skin. In medicine, stretch marks, especially red, are called "striae". These are tears of the skin due to its strong stretching. Such micro-tears are filled with connective tissue. Fresh, recent stretch marks have a red color, which gives them blood vessels located in the upper layer of the epidermis. Within a few months, they begin to change color, lighten, they can even change the width of the grooves, increasing in size. The main reasons for the appearance of stretch marks on the skin can be as follows.

  • Pregnancy

The main cause of the appearance of stretch marks in womenis pregnancy. After delivery, stretch marks are very noticeable on the abdomen and in the thigh area, due to the strong thinning of the skin in these areas. Also stretch marks can appear on the skin of the breast, due to the increase in mammary glands.

  • Excess weight

Rapid weight gain also contributes to the emergence ofstretch marks on the skin. With obesity, stretch marks appear not only on the hips and abdomen, but also on the legs and hands. Also, their appearance is promoted by sharp jumps in body weight.

  • Sexual maturation

In adolescence, stretch marks can appear on the body in the region of the hips, abdomen, legs. From such stretch marks, the body can get rid of itself, due to the renewal of the skin of a teenager.

  • Hormonal imbalance, endocrine diseases

Due to improper work of hormones,the sufficient production of collagen and elastin, the basic building materials of the skin, is disrupted. In this case, stretch marks can appear even in slender people. The connective tissue, which is filled with tears on the skin, has no pigment and can not produce it. Therefore stretch marks do not sunbathe, but remain light. In addition, stretch marks do not have hair follicles. Recently appeared stretch marks have a reddish hue, getting rid of them is easiest. Stretch marks that are visible on the skin for more than half a year are considered "old". In order to get rid of them, you need to make a lot of effort. how to remove red stretch marks

Remove stretch marks

So, red stretch marks are the freshest,appeared on the skin more recently. It is logical to assume that removing them from the skin will be easiest. However, here it will be necessary to try. After stretch marks are scars, and you can not remove them with a simple moisturizing cream. To get rid of red stretch marks, you need to combine many ways. Medical procedures The procedures performed by specialists, dermatologists, as well as cosmetologists, will help get rid of not only fresh, red stretch marks, but even from the old ones. Such procedures are: chemical peeling, laser resurfacing, and even surgical operation.

  • Chemical peeling

Chemical peeling is carried out in salons andcosmetology clinics. The procedure involves applying a special acid to the skin of the body, which, as it were, burns the upper layers of the epidermis. This peeling by its action can not be compared with superficial pilinagmi and exfoliating scrubs. Specialists apply several kinds of acids - for superficial peeling, for medium and deep. The procedure will help to reduce or completely remove stretch marks on the skin.

  • Laser resurfacing

Laser grinding requires a preliminarypreparation of the skin for the procedure. For a month or two, creams and ointments containing a high concentration of vitamin C are constantly applied to the skin. The procedure itself involves the use of a laser, which is used to extrude stretch marks, it is anesthetized and lasts about an hour. After the procedure, healing and regenerative creams should be used, since the skin will still suffer a bit from the burn.

  • Ultrasound therapy

A good tool to remove stretch marks andimprove overall skin condition, is ultrasonic massage. In this procedure, ultrasound penetrates not only into the layers of the skin, but even into the muscles and fatty subcutaneous tissue. Improves blood circulation, splits fatty layer, resumes muscle tone. Recent stretches in this way can be completely removed.

  • Surgery

The operation to remove skin areas on whichthere are striae, called abdomenoplasty. This is the most serious type of stretch marks removal. It is used only in extreme cases, with serious types of trauma and stretching of the skin. The operation is performed under anesthesia, involves the imposition of postoperative sutures, and also has a long rehabilitation period. In addition, abdomenoplasty is very expensive, and should be done only by a highly qualified specialist. Wraps and masks Remove stretch marks, characterized by their recent appearance, will help different wraps and applying ointments and special creams. Such procedures remove the stretch marks in a short time, and in a lot are held in beauty salons, but they can also be done on their own. Very well help with stretch wraps with seaweed, in particular, with spirulina. This plant perfectly moisturizes the skin, activates metabolic processes, improves blood circulation. On the problem areas are applied mush from the shredded algae, wrapped with a film, and then spend 30-50 minutes under a warm blanket. Then the mask is rinsed with water and a moisturizing cream is applied, the application of which is well combined with the massage.

  • Creams, ointments, oils

Arsenal of cosmetics is rich in variouspreparations from stretch marks. You can buy them both in a cosmetic store and in pharmacies. Remove the manifestations of stretch marks called creams and ointments that contain collagen and elastin, extracts of medicinal plants, essential oils, vitamins. A good remedy will also be the use of a cream against scars and scars. This will help to remove stretch marks on the body, which appeared relatively recently. A good help in the fight against stretch marks will also be the use of oils that perfectly moisturize the skin and reduce the appearance of tears. Use for this purpose base oils: olive coconut, almond, wheat germ oil, macadamia nut and others. In a sufficient number of these oils it is worth adding a few drops of essential oils of orange or mandarin, lavender, neroli, rosemary. Massage and exercise You can take a course of special massages in the beauty salon or massage room, the work of a specialist is guaranteed to help you remove stretch marks. However, you can also do massages at home. To do this, you should clean the skin with a scrub, rub it red with a hard towel. Take cocoa butter, you can also add essential oils of rosemary or neroli, and rub the mixture with vigorous circular motions into the problem area. The procedure should be carried out every day for two weeks. Only after the end of this period you can see the desired results. You can also do pinch massage with any massage oil or a well moisturizing special remedy for stretch marks. Sport will also be superfluous. Physical exercises will lead to muscle tone, which will begin to pull the skin from the inside and help remove stretch marks. You will be provided with good blood supply to problem areas of the skin, improvement of lymphatic drainage, active metabolism. If you have excess weight, preventing you from actively doing sports, try such types of exercise as yoga, pilates or stretching, they will also give the desired result. Power Mode Proper nutrition will also help to quickly remove stretch marks. On a table daily there should be fresh vegetables and fruit, useful groats, albuminous food. It is worth using low-fat varieties of meat and fish, because animal protein is the best source for the synthesis of collagen and elastin - building materials for the skin. The diet should include vitamins, especially A, C and E, as well as all the necessary minerals, trace elements, namely: calcium, potassium, silicon, which are also necessary for our skin. Using any of the above methods, as well as combining several of them, you are guaranteed to get rid of the visible manifestations of red stretch marks on the skin. Constantly controlling your weight, doing physical exercises, watching the diet, you will not only be able to remove these unpleasant manifestations on the skin, but will always look healthy and beautiful! We advise you to read: