cream from bruises under the eyes The problem of bruises under the eyes of manymodern women. And no matter how expressive her appearance is, bruises will give the weary look to the face, especially against the background of very light skin. Of course, if the cause of bruising under the eyes are serious diseases of the internal organs (kidneys or hearts), one should immediately tackle their treatment. In addition, bruises under the eyes can be a consequence of constant stress, smoking, lack of sleep, which are so characteristic of women in metropolitan areas. But if you are absolutely healthy, and blue under your eyes - your constant companion, it's time to think about choosing the right cream for bruises under the eyes.

How to choose a cream from bruises under the eyes

Before you go for a purchase, you needlook carefully into the mirror. Notice what color your bruises are under the eyes. Based on this information, you will choose a suitable cream for the composition of the circles under the eyes. If the bruises are brown, the problem is hyperpigmentation. The skin of the eyelids since birth or over time has acquired a persistent brown color. In this case, creams from bruises under the eyes, which have in their composition clarifying components - vitamin C, caffeine, kojic acid and hydroquinone, will help. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that stimulates the production of collagen in cells, and also prevents their oxidation and, as a consequence, the appearance of a pigment. Hydroquinone and kojic acid have a whitening property, and the latter component also moisturizes, and also prevents the appearance of a dark pigment in the skin. And caffeine tones up the skin and also helps to eliminate bruises under the eyes. Pay attention to the fact that the composition of this cream for the eyelids included UV filters. It is necessary! After all, under the influence of sunlight and formed melanin - a pigment, which paints the area under the eyes in brown. When applying cream from bruises with the above components, you can feel a slight tingling for a few seconds. Do not be scared, so the active ingredients begin to act on the skin of the eyelids. Bruises under the eyes of purple or blue shades speak of weakened capillaries. In addition, it can also speak of the close proximity to the skin of the capillary mesh. The task is to strengthen the vessels and tighten the skin under the eyes. With this, excellent creams cure, which include retinol, vitamin K, ceramides and antioxidants. Vitamin K strengthens the walls of blood vessels and improves blood microcirculation. Note that the cream, in which vitamin K is present, must be enclosed in a package of dark glass or other material that does not pass the sun's rays. Otherwise, the vitamin can be destroyed by exposure to ultraviolet light. In addition, that vitamin K is not oxidized, vitamin C is added to the cream, which, by the way, compacts the skin. Also, vitamin C is an excellent antioxidant. Another antioxidant, a derivative of vitamin A - retinol - increases blood flow in the vessels, and also heals small capillaries. As a rule, the eye cream from dark circles with retinol is a night remedy, since retinol significantly increases the sensitivity of the skin to ultraviolet light. Ceramides restore skin cells, making it moisturized and supple, and also counteracts harmful effects from the outside on the delicate skin of the eyelids. Give up creams for eyelids of a universal nature. Choose a cream that clearly matches your age category and problem. Pay attention to the inscription ophthalmic certified. This means that the eyelid cream has undergone strict ophthalmic control and it can be used even for women with sensitive eyes. Day creams from bruises under the eyes have, as a rule, a gel structure, whereas, night creams are more fatty. In addition, daytime creams from bruises can also be corrective, that is, using a delicate tonal remedy included in the cream, mask darkness under the eyes. the right cream for bruising under the eyes

Rules for the application of eye cream

  • Any cream for eyelids and a cream from circles under eyes in particular it is necessary to put correctly and accurately. If the cream is applied incorrectly, then it is fraught with swelling, irritation and allergies.
  • Do not rub or smear the eye cream,while stretching the delicate skin, because of this, wrinkles may appear. The cream should be driven lightly with patting movements. So you will warm up the cream, and it will act more efficiently, and also strengthen the blood circulation in small vessels and capillaries, and from this the cream will penetrate the skin faster and better.
  • Do not apply the cream close to the line of eyelash growth. So you can provoke an allergy and swelling.
  • If you use a night remedy for bruises under the eyes, then apply it about an hour before bedtime. The cream applied directly before a dream is guaranteed to lead to edemas.
  • Before applying the cream, wash thoroughlyarms. And after applying tightly wrap the lid so that the jar of cream does not penetrate the air. Keep creams from dark circles in a dark cool place, and preferably in a refrigerator - this will significantly extend the life of the refrigerator, and a chilled cream will also give an additional toning effect.
  • good cream from bruises under the eyes

    Best creams from bruises under the eyes

  • Roller gel "Caffeine Roller" by Garner ThisGel is specifically designed to combat brown bruises under the eyes and signs of fatigue. Massage roller in combination with caffeine in the gel have tonic and stimulating properties, which effectively fight with traces of fatigue (swelling, dark circles). In addition, the gel contains lemon extract, known for its bleaching properties, and antioxidants of grapes. These components are excellent for coping with brown bruises under the eyes. The big plus is that when applying the roller itself supplies the right amount of gel, which means that the product will be used sparingly. The result: with regular use for at least four weeks, circles under the eyes become much less. Another tool in the eyelid ruler from Garner is the "Caffeine 2 in 1 Care + Corrector". It has a double action - it effectively fights bruises under the eyes and instantly disguises them, providing a stable coating. The result: the brown circles are hidden, and the skin around the eyes looks smooth and radiant.
  • Lumene Time Freeze lifting eye creama composition of heather extract and vegetable proteins that smooth, strengthen the skin of the eyelids and help reduce circles under the eyes. Does not contain perfumes that can cause allergies. Essential advantage - 95% consists of natural components.
  • Avon Anew Alternative Intensive anti-agingphytochemistry for eyelids "Time formula" Contains extracts of rare oriental herbs that improve microcirculation of blood in capillaries and effectively fight with dark circles. In seven days it can be noted that the circles became noticeably lighter, and after 4 weeks the bruises under the eyes are shortened, the skin looks smooth, rested, wrinkles are shortened. For women from 35 years.
  • Visible Rezults L'Oreal - improving skincentury This day cream perfectly masks the blue under the eyes. Contains micropigments, which scatter the rays of light, thereby masking the circles. Significantly reduces traces of fatigue. After the first day, bruises under the eyes are reduced. Has a light non-sticky texture, instantly absorbed into the skin, which allows you to immediately apply makeup. Result: the skin of the eyelids without dark circles and wrinkles.
  • Mavala gel for eye contour This gel - a findfor sensitive eyes. This light and non-tacky gel has a refreshing texture and starts to act instantly, removing traces of fatigue and awakening the skin. Despite its lightness, it is an effective remedy against dark circles. In addition, the gel reduces fine wrinkles, tones and strengthens the skin. Suitable for women 25-30 years.
  • VICHY THERMAL FIX for eye contour Refreshinggel that does not irritate sensitive eyes. Passed ophthalmological and dermatological tests, which showed that the gel is absolutely hypoallergenic. Active ingredient - Dextran Sulphate - is designed to reduce and prevent bruising under the eyes. Thermal water, part of the gel, softens and moisturizes the skin, saturating it with minerals and trace elements. The result: bruises become smaller, and the skin of the eyelids looks rested and radiant.
  • Clinique - regenerating cream for the contoureye This intensive cream is designed to fight with signs of aging, including bruises under the eyes. Velvety cream is quickly absorbed and deeply penetrates the skin, stimulating blood circulation. Even after the first application it is possible to note a positive result - bruises under the eyes disappear, and the skin becomes elastic and smooth. Regularly applying this cream, you can forget about the problem of bruises under the eyes for a long time - a healthy kind of skin is completely restored.
  • Korres night cream against dark circles SPF6 Containsactive components that reduce wrinkles and reduce eyebrows under the eyes: vitamin K1 - removes circles under the eyes, enotera - stimulates blood circulation, activates natural skin protection from UV radiation, and also contains SPF6, which protects the skin of the eyelids from harmful sun rays.
  • Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Nighteye cream Gel-serum, which has a weightless and melting texture, effectively fights bruises under the eyes. The cream neutralizes up to 90% of free radicals - the main enemies of beauty and youth. The skin looks radiant and moisturized. Within a week, dark circles under the eyes become almost invisible, the skin tone is leveled.
  • Night Eye Cream, Wish, Christina Night Cream forsensitive eyelid skin. It has a rich texture, so it penetrates better into the skin and intensively nourishes and restores it during sleep. The retinol and citric acid contained in the cream brightens the bruises under the eyes. The next morning the skin around the eyes looks fresh and fresh.
  • All tools can permanently save you fromproblems of bruises under the eyes. But remember that dark circles become more noticeable when you spend a lot of time indoors. Only an hour in the open air can do wonders. And more parsley and orange freshly squeezed juice in the ration will make the circles almost invisible. We advise you to read: