causes of erosion of the stomach Erosion of the stomach is a disease thataffects the surface tissues of the walls of the stomach, while not affecting its muscle layer. This disease is diagnosed in 10-15% of patients who undergo endoscopic examination of the gastrointestinal tract. The main indicator of overall health is the gastric environment. It plays an important role. In the body there is a large number of different barriers, but in the event of a violation of one of them, the stomach suffers first. This is not surprising, since gastric juice performs a complex and important role, splitting food. At the same time, the food that enters the stomach is sometimes not of the best quality. Nobody thinks that after such actions it is possible to damage the mucous membrane and thereby acquire such a disease as erosion of the stomach. First, you need to understand the concept of erosion. Erosion is damage to the mucous membrane, sometimes called erosion of the walls of the stomach. This is expressed in the form of sores located on the bottom or walls of the stomach. Often this disease appears due to chronic diseases in the body. Based on this, the cause of erosion can be determined only after a complete survey. Erosion of the stomach is divided into 3 types. After determining the specific type, further treatment is determined. To an easy stage is the primary erosion (an independent disease). More complex secondary erosion, occurs against the background of other pathologies. And the worst that can be confirmed is oncology (malignant formation). Also, erosion of the stomach occurs in acute or chronic form. Symptoms with such a disease are identical, but there is always a danger of ulceration. Often the ulcer of the stomach develops asymptomatically, even without the sensation of acute pain. The patient feels heartburn, discomfort, nausea, but when taking simple medicines, everything quickly passes. Such symptoms can even be easily extinguished with a diluted soda solution. Many of them always have antacid preparations for the removal of seizures. And the illness at these moments only progresses, and the patient finds out about it already when the state of health strongly worsens. symptoms of erosion

Symptoms of erosion of the stomach

It is difficult not to notice the symptoms of erosion of the stomach, whenthere is a powerful pain that causes the patient to curl with a constant periodicity. Erosion of the stomach is treated not so simply, it is sometimes very difficult to repair the damaged mucous membrane in some places. Sometimes it takes a few months to release the patient from constant pain. In a chronic condition, the symptoms of erosion may not be so obvious and regular. But the indicator of a chronic disease may be bleeding, and this may indicate that it affects not only the stomach, but also the mucous membrane of the duodenum. Erosion of the gastrointestinal tract requires immediate intervention of a specialist, regardless of its type. If the timely treatment of acute erosion, then within 14 days, she successfully heals. Should be alerted if the pain occurs at night, on an empty stomach, or when there are signs of anemia. Such symptoms may indicate that there are erosive lesions on the gastric mucosa. It is important to realize that the disease is well treatable only when it is detected in time. If the detected disease does not begin to be treated in time, then soon it will spread to the neighboring organs of the gastrointestinal tract. correct diet for erosion of the stomach

Treatment of erosion of the stomach

In order to cure erosion of the stomach,it is necessary to spend not 1 day, as scar tissue depends on several factors, including the cause of erosion. If this disease does not occur on its own, then the treatment should start with the cause. Most often a provocateur is a disease of the liver or blood vessels. Consequently, treatment is always assigned to a complex: it helps to achieve maximum effect. But in any condition of the patient, the process of treatment and observation is completely controlled by endoscopy. When it is confirmed that erosion in the stomach is caused by infection, then antibiotics are prescribed. But this happens very rarely. Much more often, primary erosion is caused by drugs that, when absorbed by their composition, damage the walls of the gastric mucosa. But if you do not follow a strict diet, medication treatment will not bring results. The patient's stomach should be provided with a gentle regime, otherwise erosion healing is prevented. The most important condition is to withstand the temperature regime of food. To eat food costs only in a warm kind. Take hot food, cold compotes and teas are prohibited. Especially it is impossible to eat hot dishes during the period of acute erosion. Since after consuming hot dishes or tea, there is a high probability of opening a stomach bleeding.

Diet with erosion of the stomach

With erosion of the stomach, as with any diseasegastrointestinal tract, it is necessary that the diet is always followed. It is necessary to completely eliminate fried, smoked, meat dishes and spicy food. At the time of treatment you will have to give up coffee, strong tea, natural juices. Before you eat something, you need to make sure that this does not lead to activity of stomach acid. At the same time, there is a list of products that must be consumed without fail: these are low-fat milk, sour cream and cheese. Such products contribute to the regeneration of the gastric mucosa. Nutrition for such patients is divided into several times a day, in small portions, so that the food is easily absorbed by the stomach and does not cause irritation. In addition to traditional medicines, non-traditional medicine is also used in the treatment. So, an effective cure for treating gastric erosion is celandine infusion. It helps and promotes the healing of erosion. But before you start treatment with folk remedies, you need to consult a gastroenterologist. Because the body can react very negatively to self-medication. Directly, the celandine can cause poisoning of the body if taken without agreement with the doctor. Also sometimes, when eroding a stomach, such a tasty folk remedy is used: every morning on an empty stomach to eat a teaspoon of honey. Propolis is effective during severe pain. Any folk remedies for gastric erosion by specialists are recommended to be combined with traditional medicine and diet. Before starting treatment with folk remedies, it is necessary to consult a doctor.