dandruff treatment folk remedies White flakes on the collar and shoulders are beautiful onlyin the case of snow. In the same case, if white flakes are nothing but dandruff, they do not cause anything other than negative emotions. And such, alas, is very, very often. As all the same impartial Mistress says statistics, every second person at least once encountered the appearance of dandruff. In principle, a special tragedy for today's dandruff is not - the pharmacy sells a lot of antifungal agents. In addition, you should not write off and treatment for dandruff folk remedies - it's about them that you learn, after reading this article to the end.

Therapeutic shampoos

In most cases, there is no needbuy expensive shampoos - they can be cooked on their own. The main thing - make sure that you do not have allergies to these or other components. Otherwise, treatment will only harm you.

  • Shampoo with apple cider vinegar

This shampoo is the easiest to make. You will need natural apple cider vinegar and baby shampoo, designed for newborn babies. For 200 ml of shampoo you will need two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. Mix thoroughly the vinegar and shampoo, then pour it back into the container. Wash your head as usual.

  • Kefir shampoo

This shampoo for future use is not worth cooking - heis stored no longer than a day, so it is best to do this immediately before washing your head. Mix one tablespoon of skimmed yogurt and baby shampoo, apply to pre-moistened hair and massage thoroughly, then rinse with plenty of water.

  • Mustard Shampoo

If dandruff is very much, you should resort to"Heavy artillery" - to prepare mustard shampoo. And it is necessary a little - only children's shampoo and mustard powder. For 200 ml. baby shampoo take half a teaspoon mustard powder. While washing your head, you can feel a slight burning sensation - do not panic. Just rinse your head more carefully than usual. And do not use this shampoo if there are any lesions on the scalp: scratches and abrasions, irritation. In principle, nothing terrible will happen, but the sensations will not be pleasant. dandruff treatment folk methods

Healing Masks

In addition to therapeutic shampoos to get rid ofDandruff you will need therapeutic masks. The rule is the same - avoid the possibility of allergic reactions. Treatment should continue until the complete disappearance of dandruff.

  • Sea-buckthorn mask

Sea buckthorn very effectively eliminates even the mostsevere dandruff. And it is successfully used for masks. For example, kefir-sea buckthorn mask. Cut two tablespoons of sea-buckthorn berries (fresh or frozen), and then add a few spoons of kefir and stir until a uniform consistency. Apply the mask to pre-washed hair, evenly distribute and cover the head with a plastic wrap. Top with a warm towel and leave for 40 minutes. If you can not get the berries, do not despair. Go to the pharmacy and buy the usual sea buckthorn oil. Dilute it in kefir at the rate of 1 to 1. But do not forget that the hair after such a mask will be very, very fat - it will take a very long time to wash the mask off. But dandruff will disappear quickly enough - in one or two weeks.

  • Burdock mask

If you decide to treat folk dandruffmeans, we must not forget about burdock oil. First, it has a great effect on the general condition of the hair. Secondly, dandruff recedes after the first application. In a glass bowl, place two raw egg yolks, add one teaspoon of burdock oil and mix thoroughly. The resulting mass rub into the roots of dry hair, cover with a plastic wrap and leave for an hour. Then, with the help of any baby shampoo, rinse your hair thoroughly so that there is no oil left on them. Otherwise, the hair will look very untidy.

  • Mask with Calendula

This mask is very effective in the initialstage, until the dandruff is not very much. Acquire alcoholic tincture of calendula in the pharmacy, and in the supermarket - any fat-free yogurt without additives. For five tablespoons of yogurt, take one teaspoon of marigold and mix well. Wear the mask evenly over the scalp, cover with a plastic wrap, and then wrap it in a towel. The mask should be left for at least 20 minutes, then wash your hair. At the time when the mask is on the skin, you can feel tingling - it only says that the mask is working. So, the treatment is effective. dandruff treatment


If you already treat dandruff folk remedies - sounder the full program. It is necessary to add herbal treatment - rinsing. But be careful - herbal treatment often leads to the development of allergic reactions. Therefore, before applying the product, make a kind of test for allergies: on the elbow or wrist, apply a small amount of the drug, rub into the skin and leave for 30 minutes. If itching, redness and rashes did not appear - there is nothing to fear.

  • Infusion of nettle

Nettle strengthens the hair, prevents themloss and successfully fights with dandruff. In a saucepan, place three tablespoons of nettle leaves - dry or fresh. Pour a liter of water and cover it tightly. Wrap the saucepan with a towel and leave to stand for three hours. After this, strain the infusion with gauze cloth. Rinse hair after washing. Do not rinse off with water!

  • Pharmacy Chamomile

Treatment of a variety of diseases folkwith the help of chamomile is very common. Do not be an exception and dandruff - if you finish washing your head with chamomile broth, very quickly forget about dandruff. Ready to boil elementary - pour five tablespoons of chamomile flowers with a liter of water, boil for about 10 minutes. Then cool the broth and strain with a strainer or gauze cloth. Of course, the treatment of folk remedies diversely and easily get confused, choosing the most suitable recipe for you. Therefore, the most reasonable way to proceed is as follows. Choose the complex you like and observe the scalp. If after a week of improvement is not visible, try other methods. But remember - if in a month you will not get anything, contact a dermatologist! We advise you to read: