1 Summer is not far off, which means the sun, short skirtsand shorts. It's time to think about the smoothness of your legs. Someone still uses a razor, the most tolerant have switched to an electro-epilator, and someone more to liking wax hair removal at home. Today, cosmetology rooms offer you a wide variety of methods for removing unwanted hair on the body. One of the modern methods of hair removal is enzyme hair removal. To date, enzyme hair removal is one of the safest methods of epilation, and the low cost of this method makes it even attractive to the beautiful half of our society.

What is the essence of this method?

To remove unwanted hair usedEnzymes are biologically active substances completely safe for the body. They are often used in cosmetology to remove hair on the body and slow down their subsequent growth. The whole procedure of enzyme epilation consists of the following stages:

  • At first, the hairs on the selected part of the body are removed by a standard method, for example wax epilation.
  • A special preparation containing enzymes is applied to the treated area of ​​the skin.
  • Selected parts of the body are covered with elastic and rubber bandages, creating a thermal effect. If epilation is performed in the bikini zone or in the armpits, a special electrode is used.
  • The prepared area of ​​the body is heated with ultraviolet rays. Heat expands the hair follicles and catalyzes the work of enzymes.
  • Enzymes disrupt the metabolism of the hair follicle, as a result of which it dies, and the hair channel narrows.
  • Bandages and electrodes are removed, the skin after epilation is treated with special milk, which reduces redness of the skin and helps to slow down hair growth.

Even after one procedure, the result will benoticeable, the growing hairs become lighter and thinner, but 5-7 procedures are recommended to fix the result. Repeat the procedure on a monthly basis.


Refrain from this method of removalundesirable vegetation, if you are pregnant, prone to varicose veins or on your skin there are abrasions and inflamed skin. Be sure, under the supervision of qualified personnel, that your skin normally tolerates the enzymes that are used during the procedure. Enzyme hair removal reviews are good, so you can try this comfortable procedure with a high degree of efficiency. We advise you to read: