cream after hair removal Perhaps nothing looks so strange andrepulsive, like light, slender and ... hairy female legs. No, of course, there are still adherents of everything natural. They sincerely believe - and they tirelessly propagate this idea! - that something "that is natural - not shameful." However, becoming this point of view, you can think of very interesting things. True, what can be, for example, more natural than going to the toilet? But for some reason, no one comes to mind to do it wherever it's "impatient". The same can be said about depilation. Yes, unwanted hair still grows wherever it pleases - if Darwin is to be believed, it is "hello" from our common distant past - but civilization, after all, leaves its imprint. And therefore, with excess vegetation, you can and should fight. However, to date there are not so many women who have this postulate would be in doubt. Another thing is the choice of method. And here we are helped by old grandmother's recipes, as well as by the latest technologies - who likes what. True, almost all these methods of depilation have one common and quite serious drawback. Together with unwanted hairs, small particles of the skin are also removed, and this greatly injures and irritates the skin. As a result, instead of gentle, smooth and silky to the touch of the skin, you get unsightly red spots, peeling, and sometimes pustules. Agree, the result is not at all what you expected! How can we cope with this problem? Here and comes to the rescue a special tool - a cream after depilation. If you want your skin to be smooth, smooth and healthy, you should not only regularly remove unwanted hair, but also conduct a thorough post-epilation treatment. The main task of such a tool is to activate blood microcirculation and restore the protective properties of your skin after the hair removal procedure. What other qualities should such a cream have? He must:

  • have anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effects on the skin;
  • have a light texture that allows it to be absorbed quickly;
  • have in their composition active substances and antioxidants, helping the skin quickly restore the normal pH level;
  • After its application, there should not be a feeling of tightness, dryness and soreness. The skin should remain elastic, elastic, smooth and even.

after epilation

How to choose a cream for care after depilation?

This is really a difficult question. The modern cosmetic industry provides such a wide range of creams after depilation, which is just right to get lost. Some of them only disinfect and protect the skin, others - have a moisturizing effect, others - slow down hair growth. And there are those who successfully combine all these qualities. When choosing the right remedy, carefully read the label. Make sure that it does not contain fragrances. During this period, the skin is already so disturbed, and they can cause additional irritation. It is very good if the cream contains substances that have an easy analgesic effect - for example, menthol. It will help relieve burning and itching, eliminate redness and make the period after depilation as comfortable as possible. If you choose a moisturizing cream, you need to make sure that it contains panthenol. This substance not only regulates water balance, but also promotes the regeneration of the skin and helps to heal wounds. It would seem that the simplest option is to buy a universal tool that, according to the advertisement, successfully copes with all these problems at once. However, as a rule, in this case, the principle of "all inclusive" is not very justified. The fact is that at different stages of the post-epilation period, the skin needs different care. So, right after epilation, she needs protection. Therefore, it is better to apply a cream, which includes alcohol. After five to six hours, your skin will need moisturizing. But in a few days you can start using a product that slows hair growth - it will help delay the onset of the next procedure and, as a result, save money. However, I want to tell you about one universal tool. This is the cream after depilation "Kloran" of the Russian company Farm-Pro. This miracle remedy is designed to care for sensitive skin in a difficult post-epileptic period. And the "Cloran" is suitable for any part of the body - you can use it both on the face, and in the bikini, armpits or legs. A new, specially developed formula has a double effect. Included in its composition phytosqualane is an active substance of vegetable origin, which has remarkable nutritional properties - and hydrolipid concentrate of poplar buds help to quickly soften, moisten and soothe irritated skin. Another vegetable matter - sorbain - slows down hair growth. In this case, the growth cycle itself is not blocked, but the vegetation becomes much thinner, lighter and grows much more slowly. The cream has a light texture that is immediately absorbed into the skin, restoring its elasticity, elasticity and relieves irritation. The way of applying the cream "Cloran" is very simple. Apply it immediately after depilation and repeat this procedure daily, after a shower or a bath. Manufacturers warn that during the first week of use, slight peeling of the skin is possible. This is the result of the action of sorbain. Do not be scared - this process helps deep penetration of active substances and ensures that your skin will be perfectly clean. As the creators of the drug claim, it has no contraindications and side effects. However, before the first application is better, after all, apply the cream on a small patch of skin and wait a few hours. After all, all people are different. And most importantly - do not harm your beloved. Of course, "Kloran" is by no means the only remedy that saves from irritation after depilation. The choice is great enough. If you have never used them before - consult your cosmetician or just go to any cosmetic store - you will probably be prompted and will help you choose the most suitable option. And if, for some reason, you did not manage to get the finished product - this is not a reason for sadness. It is possible to make such a cream at home, alone. cream after depilation from irritation

How to make a cream yourself?

So, if you decide to make a cream at home, you need to buy all the necessary ingredients. You will need:

  • 8 grams of jojoba oil;
  • 8 grams of palm oil;
  • 10 grams of emulsion wax Polawax;
  • 3 milliliters of liquid menthol;
  • 3 milliliters of D-panthenol;
  • 5 milliliters of sodium lactate;
  • 56 milliliters of celandine hydrolyte;
  • 3 grams of betaine;
  • 4 milliliters of chlorophyllipt;
  • a glass rod;
  • disinfected jars.

Perhaps, it is worth a little more detail on all the components of this "magic potion". After all, for sure, not everyone knows even the names.

  • Jojoba oil is rich in vitamin E. Due to this, it has a strong anti-inflammatory and regenerating properties. The oil helps to remove the redness and irritation on the skin that appear after epilation, and also perfectly moisturizes it and helps maintain this moisture.
  • Palm oil, in addition to vitamin E, contains coenzyme and carotenoids, which are the strongest antioxidants and have a beneficial effect on the skin, helping it maintain its barrier functions.
  • Polawax emulsion wax is a preparationplant origin, which does not cause allergies, even in people with very sensitive skin. In our cream, he will play a double role. First, it helps to moisturize the skin. Secondly, thanks to him will get a stable substance, which will not separate into factions.
  • Hydrate of celandine. This substance has a very strong anti-inflammatory effect. It will almost instantly remove redness after depilation and easily eliminate all micro-traumas that have arisen in its process.
  • D-panetnol is a part of most creams intended for skin care in the post-depilation period. Its regenerating properties will quickly cope with all the damages of the skin.
  • Betaine is a completely natural product,related to amino acids. The cosmetic properties of this substance are very diverse. One of the main ones is the ability to soothe and actively moisturize the skin. Betaine will give your skin smoothness and softness and improve its appearance. It will reliably protect the cell membranes and help them retain moisture.
  • Sodium lactate is the sodium salt of lactic acid,which is obtained from beet, corn or other plant materials. This substance is a good antiseptic with a strong antibacterial effect. It is often used as a preservative and will provide long-term storage of the cream.
  • Menthol has analgesic, sedative and disinfectant effect. It tones and refreshes the skin, while increasing its protective properties.
  • Chlorophyllipt is a herbal preparation that belongs to the group of antiseptics.

cloran cream after epilation So, let's get started. Preheat jojoba oil in a water bath and gently pour palm oil into it. Stir. Put the emulsion wax in the mixture. Make sure that it is completely dissolved in the oil, and then add menthol. Measure out the necessary amount of celandine hydrate, lightly heat and pour some quantity into a separate bowl. Dissolve in it first D-panetnol, and then betaine. Enter into the sodium lactate. Stir well and pour the remnants of the celandine hydrate. Add the chlorophyllipt. He will give the cream a very beautiful and unusual green color. Gently pour the fat component of the cream into the water. Stir thoroughly using the minimixer for 60 seconds. Try to do it in a way that does not form foam. Turn off the mixer and continue stirring the cream with a glass rod. As soon as it thickens, shift it into pre-prepared jars. Your cream is ready. This composition will help you cope with irritation after depilation, soothe, cool and soften the skin. It is perfectly absorbed and does not leave a feeling of fat. As you can see, getting rid of irritation after epilation is not so difficult. And even if you have tender and sensitive skin, prone to reddening, peeling and reacting violently to any effect - this is not a reason to go "shaggy". After all, an exit can always be found - there would be a desire! And let your legs always be slim, light and sexually attractive. We advise you to read: