how to remove black dots Beautiful, smooth, clean skin of the face without a singlepimple and eel is the dream of every woman. Sometimes representatives of the fair sex agree to experience all sorts of novelties in the cosmetology industry, just to get rid of the problems that arise from the wrong way of life. Harmful food, smoking, alcoholism, insomnia, constant stress at work, passive pastime is just a small list of things that make the skin age faster and defects appear on it. How to remove black dots at home

Healthy skin without problems: what every girl should know about

Rule one: Exclude from the diet of fatty foods. As much as you do not like french fries and fast food, you will have to give up such food forever. If it's hard for you to part sharply with fried hams and cutlets, first vegetable oil can be replaced by olive oil, it should also be filled with salads. Over time it is better to buy a steamer or bake meat and fish in the oven. A month of such a diet - and your skin can not be recognized: it will become cleaner, the unhealthy fatty gloss will disappear, the number of black dots will decrease. Rule two: go through medical research Your face could become covered with pimples not because of improper care, but because of a serious illness. Therefore, before you decide to engage in self-treatment, be sure to visit a dermatologist and complete a complete examination of your body. After all, it is easier to eliminate the cause than to treat the consequences long. Based on your tests, the doctor will prescribe a special treatment and tell you how to remove the black dots.

  • Problems with the gastrointestinal tract

The representatives of the fair sex, whothere are always blackheads in the T-zone, you should consult a gastroenterologist, as this is one of the symptoms that indicates a problem with the stomach, pancreas, intestine. Try on time to exclude fat and sweet food, strong coffee, alcoholic drinks, cigarettes, drink more green tea, as it removes toxins, eat sour fruits and vegetables. Over time, black dots will stop appearing on the body.

  • Problems with reproductive organs

Chin - a zone of the face, especially sensitive toWhat happens to a woman at a reproductive age. Thus, the presence of acne and acne in this area of ​​the skin indicates a hormonal disorder. It can be, for example, an increased amount of endorphins. You can eliminate this problem with the help of conventional cosmetics and, of course, special drugs that the doctor should prescribe.

  • Hormonal boom

If you have black dots on your nose, thenthis indicates that you have some problems with the endocrine system. Usually this problem is faced by boys and girls in adolescence, so older girls and women far beyond thirty should definitely go to the endocrinologist. In some cases, black dots on the nose appear due to problems with the heart, liver or stomach.

  • Cracked fungus

So, for example, you may have problems withCandida - a common fungus, which does not harm a healthy person. But if you only get diabetes, dramatically improve, as soon as you start having trouble with the skin. In order to determine the presence of this problem, it is sufficient to approach the mirror and examine the oral cavity under bright illumination. If the language shows a white coating in the form of a thick film, then it's time to contact your doctor. For the first time, until the disease is eliminated, you have to stop eating sweet: sugar, dried and fresh fruits, berries, honey, sweets, cookies. In the future sweet tooth will have to limit itself, because because of their excessive love for carbohydrate food, the problem can soon return. If in time for acne do not pay attention, then after a few months the face is completely covered with pimples, eczema, urticaria. The treatment in this case will take more than six months. If acne occurs on the eve of menstruation, then in this case you should not panic. It is enough to wipe the skin with a tonic, apply a nourishing cream and do not squeeze out the formations. Usually on the second-third day after the beginning of critical days, this problem is solved by itself. Rule three: Avoid vitamin deficiency and hypervitaminosis Very often, women make the most common mistake - take in winter in large quantities, vitamins C or B, without consulting with a doctor. All would be nothing, but how else can you not drink tea with lemon, do not eat a few mandarin and do not take it all with a kilogram of oranges? As a result, on the morning after such an explosive cocktail on the face you can find a bright raspberry rash, irritation and red spots, and a week later there are blackheads. Also, do not get carried away with juices, because their composition includes a fairly large number of preservatives, dyes, stabilizers and other chemicals. Two or three glasses of such a drink a day will lead to serious intoxication of the body, while you will hardly be able to find out the cause. Rather, you will sin on cosmetics or for yesterday's supper. Pay attention, sometimes the appearance of acne is affected by bromo- and iodine-containing drugs. Rule four: cleanse the skin Today, the opinion of dermatologists about how to clean black dots without the help of beauticians, is strongly divided. Some believe that it is impossible to conduct complex procedures alone at home with unprepared people. Such experiments on themselves can be expensive and very often lead to more severe consequences. The other side, on the contrary, recommends cleaning the skin at least once a week, using the usual cosmetic means. Tonics, masks, creams - all this can be found on a free sale in any pharmacy. How to remove black dots correctly

We get rid of the black points step by step

Do not know how to remove black dots on a thin anddelicate skin? First, carefully prepare the face for the procedure and clean the treated area from dust, dirt, and residues of fat. To do this, it is enough to wipe it with a cotton swab tonic or a special milk. Then apply a small amount of scrub (can be cooked at home) and thoroughly rub your palm with the problem area for two to three minutes. However, it is also worthwhile to know the extent and in no case should you do peeling if the acne is very inflamed. Otherwise, you can damage the skin, which will lead to the appearance of scars. Weekly cleaning of the face is one of the most important rules of every self-respecting girl. There is no more effective way of fighting black dots at home with the help of folk beauty recipes. Experts recommend daily washing with household or tar soap, which is considered bactericidal. Also, do not forget that cosmetics with tea tree extract have an anti-inflammatory and soothing effect. If the skin is not irritated, you can make a mask of fine salt and soap. After the procedure, does the person begin to scratch and itch? Just wipe it with water, diluted with a tincture of calendula or boron-salicylic alcohol. You can dry pustules with the help of guelder rose, raspberry, currant or cucumber, which is infused with alcohol. At the end of cleansing or peeling, so that the pores become narrower, the skin needs to be wiped with a small piece of ice. If acne does not go away, try to change makeup or reduce its use to a minimum. Do not try to hide defects with the help of cream powder, tonal basis and similar products, as this will only increase the inflammatory processes and clog the pores. In addition, hide such problems with improvised means will not succeed. Do not squeeze out acne! Cosmetologists warn: it is impossible to mechanically influence even already formed acne, since bacteria can enter the wound that forms, which will lead to the spread of infection. In addition, after this procedure on your pretty face, there may be small scars and scars that you can not get rid of at home. Therefore, only real experts who treat tools with a special solution need to trust their health. But if you do not have the opportunity to visit the cosmetologist's office all the time, you will have to deal with this problem yourself. Naturally, one should not resort too often to mechanical and manual cleaning. In doing so, you must follow certain rules and use antiseptics.

  • Always clean and steam your face beforeprocedure, since it is much easier to work with a softened skin. Use either a steam bath or make hot compresses. Instead of chlorinated water, it is better to use chamomile decoctions or herbal tinctures.
  • Before you start squeezing a pimple,properly stretch the skin. Thanks to such manipulations, the so-called rod can independently leave the hole, and the impact on the problem zone will be minimized.
  • Fingers before the procedure must be processedantiseptic (peroxide, salicylic acid, alcohol), then - wrap it dry and clean with a napkin. About the fact that you need to wash your hands with soap, modern girls do not even have to be reminded.
  • Extrude can only be ripe, "ready"acne with a yellow or black head, otherwise you can injure the skin. "Unripened" pimples should be left for later. And do not forget to wipe them with a special remedy.
  • Be careful not to leave in the holeroot of the stem, otherwise inflammation may begin. If the grease plug is not completely removed, a deep scar remains. The most sensitive is the area of ​​the lips and nose, so there is not much to squeeze out black points too often.
  • At the end of the procedure, process these areasskin tonic or lotion, then apply a soothing mask. Not bad in this case will work a mixture of cottage cheese and homemade yogurt. For the night, lubricate the face with a nutritious or moisturizing cream.

In the future, to avoid the appearance of acne andacne, use an antiseptic lotion based on aloe juice. Tonic can be made independently at home. To do this, wrap two sheets of plant in dense white paper, and place them in the bottom tray of the refrigerator, where vegetables and fruits are stored. After two weeks, chop the aloe in a blender or a meat grinder, then squeeze the juice using a gauze folded in two layers. In a small glass vessel, mix it with sixty grams of water and ten grams of alcohol. Wipe the inflamed patches every day, preferably in the morning, as soon as you wake up, and in the evening before going to bed. Not bad coping with acne normal garlic, which is not in vain in the people is usually considered a natural antibiotic. So, cut a pair of large denticles into two parts and wipe them with the places where acne appeared. However, do not overdo the amount and do not leave the juice on the skin, and immediately wash with a copious amount of filtered water. Please note that you can only rinse your face with cool or hardly warm water, as too hot helps to accelerate the work of the sebaceous glands. It is better to use either decoctions or acidified water from the proportion of one tablespoon of ordinary vinegar to a glass of liquid. Observing all these simple rules, you will cope with the appearance of acne and prevent their further spread. We advise you to read: