French manicure on short nails Friendly handshake or gallant kissDo not ignore your hands. If they are not well-groomed, then embarrassment can not be avoided. In everyday life, the hands are in the field of vision, maybe that's why we carefully monitor their condition. Or do natural instincts work? Whatever the answer, well-groomed hands without a thorough manicure does not happen. Developed was the misconception that long nails are worthy of a manicure. This is fundamentally unfair. The concept of manicure includes not only decorative decoration of the nail plate, but also nail treatment, cuticle, cleaning and shaping. Let's not argue that on long nails the varnish looks perfect, but do not think that on short it is not possible.

What is a French manicure

French is intended for both short andlong nails. Although originally intended only for short. Nails that slightly protrude beyond the fingertips are comfortable and practical, but this does not mean that they do not need care. French manicure for short nails is an ideal solution. In the classical version, the nail is given an oval shape and polished. Lacquer coating is the highlight of the whole event. The tip of the nail is covered with a white, non-transparent lacquer, forming a perfectly flat jacket. The rest of the plate is filled with a transparent, natural pink varnish. The ideal length of the nail for the correct French manicure is 2-4 millimeters. short French manicure

Lacquer application technique

Traditionally, the French manicure on shortNails suggests two colors: pink and white. For these purposes, appropriate lacquers, acrylic coatings, special chalks and pencils are used. The goal - to achieve an even semicircular strip at the very tip of the nail. In professional salons, masters make a jacket fairly quickly. But if you decide to learn how to do it yourself, be ready to learn the technique of application. For beginners and very short nails, it is recommended to use white crayons and pencils. They are applied to the back of the nail. If it seems to you that it is quite simple, try to do exactly the first time. Apply a jacket to the front is even harder. For these purposes, you can use special stencils. So, the technique of implementation involves preliminary preparation. After careful handling of the hands, the nail must be covered with a colorless base. Further, by the methods listed above, we apply a jacket. The third step is the application of the primary color. In the classical version - it's pink or flesh. Will finish the French manicure on short nails - fixing a varnish.

How to diversify French manicure

The traditional jacket looks boring. No, of course, a classic from fashion will never come out, but sometimes I want something bright, but acceptable. For these purposes, designers have released a whole line of fashion trends. One of which is the moon manicure. For him, use a gold or silver jacket, and the total volume is filled with a dark glossy varnish. It looks like a French manicure on short nails is expensive and not provocative. For more fashionable trends, you can use bright colors. The main rule - do not need to be too creative, otherwise from French, your manicure will turn into vulgar. Speaking about the diversity can not ignore such decorative decoration as drawings and stickers on the nails. What is important is that the French manicure on short nails is not done with matt lacquers, nor is a too large pattern used. It is due to the fact that a slightly protruding nail, painted in a matte shade, will become visually flat, shorter, thus all diligence is reduced to none. The same applies to large ornaments. If you decide to decorate your manicure with rhinestones and sequins, choose the appropriate amount that would not lose the nail on their background. manicure on short nails french

How to save a manicure for a long time

  • Manicure lasts only on healthy, well-groomed nails. Use oils, masks, extra food;
  • To keep the lacquer long, apply it to hot hands. Keep your nails perfectly dry;
  • Do not use base varnishes. They not only hold on to little, but they can also damage your health;
  • When carrying out household tasks, use rubber gloves;
  • Wash your hands with soap and water, avoid aggressive media and very cold water.

If you decide to do a French manicure,remember that the length of the nails does not matter. It is important that it be the same for everyone. edge of the nail should be positioned perfectly straight - otherwise manicure looks untidy. With color and texture you can experiment, the main thing is not to overdo it. We advise you to read: