unusual manicure at home Let's see what is included in the concept of womenbeauty. Healthy hair, fashionable and emphasizing the dignity of the figure clothes, skillfully applied cosmetics and, of course, well-groomed hands - these are the main criteria for femininity and attractiveness. And in order to achieve the desired effect, you need to work hard on yourself, spend a certain amount of money on clothes, a hairdresser and a manicure. And if you cut your hair yourself is unlikely to work, then it's realistic to make a fashionable and unusual manicure at home! Have you guessed that old and, in your opinion, completely unnecessary things can be useful for creating a stylish and beautiful image? Yes, do not be surprised - it really is. And such ordinary items as a dish sponge or scotch will help you to transform your hands beyond recognition. Let's take a closer look at the home design of nails and try to create something unforgettable.

Manicure with a sponge

The secret of this technique is very simple - the texture of the sponge leaves an abstract pattern on the nail. Which will be the main criterion of unusualness in our manicure. So, what you need:

  • Varnish of any color. Better, of course, light, because it will be easier for him to choose a shade for the pattern;
  • Sponge and acrylic paints;
  • A notebook and a glass of water;
  • Fixing varnish.

Begin to create:

  • Prepare the marigold: remove the old varnish, remove the cuticle, shape it;
  • Now take the main lacquer and paint the nails all over the surface;
  • We wait, while will dry up. On a sheet of paper we squeeze out a little paint, suitable for the basic tone. Now wet the sponge in the water and dunk it in the paint. Before applying the pattern, remove excess ink from the sponge, printing it on paper;
  • Further all is simple. Lean the sponge to the nail where you want to get the drawing;
  • After treating all the nails, cover them with a fixing varnish.

beautiful unusual manicure at home

Manicure with scotch tape

For this type of manicure you will need: Scotch tape (better color), fixing means and two shades of lacquer, harmonizing with each other.

  • Cover the nails with the main color, wait until the varnish is completely dry. Do not hurry, otherwise the drawing may be smeared;
  • Take the scotch and carefully cut out the figures from it. If you are the first time doing a manicure on this technology, it is best to use triangles. With them, it is easiest to work for beginners;
  • Glue the figures on each nail;
  • Now take a second varnish and cover them with places around the scotch. Do not worry, if it turned out not quite neatly - scotch will still be removed;
  • Wait for complete drying and tear off the adhesive tape. If the figures do not have clear contours, you can circle them with contrasting color or sprinkle with sequins;
  • At the end, cover the manicure with a fixer.

After training in simple drawings, you canembark on a more complex design. Try combining several shapes of different size and shape. Do not be afraid to use jewelry, such as rhinestones, sequins, small pebbles. Strasses, for example, you can glue each pattern around the perimeter. The result is a three-dimensional manicure.

Drawing on the nails with a needle

With the help of a regular needle, you can draw onNails are a whole work of art. In order to master the technique, you will need a set of sewing needles and varnishes of different colors. Why set? A thin needle is good for drawing graceful lines, but the tool will help you to accurately put the dots or draw three-dimensional figures. Before you start drawing, make sure that your nails are ready for manicure. Remove the old coating and treat each nail with a specially fine-grained nail file. So the picture will lie evenly. Varnishes choose liquid. Do not use old and thickened lacquer, it will be difficult to stretch the nail, resulting in a completely different pattern that you expected.

  • We cover the nails with a base, then we apply the main color. We are waiting for complete drying;
  • Now we take a varnish for drawing and we put some droplets in different corners of a nail;
  • We take a thin needle and begin to draw, stretching droplets of varnish. The pattern can be any - at your discretion. It's easiest to depict feathers, twigs, curls, or abstractions;
  • If the pattern assumes several shades of varnish, we repeat the procedure. For example, you decided to paint a flower. So, draw green curls or leaves around the red bud;
  • A thicker needle can put a point of contrasting color on one of the nails, as if highlighting it;
  • And in the end we fix the manicure with a fixing coating, so it will last for at least a week on your nails.

fashionable unusual manicure at home

Velvet manicure

To create a velvet nail design, you needpurchase a special dry powder. It is called - the effect of velor for nails. Sold in specialized stores. Also you will need a base coat, a basic lacquer and a fixer.

  • We put the base, let's dry completely;
  • The main color is applied in two layers;
  • While the second layer of varnish is not dry, sprinkle it with powder. Evenly distribute, squeezing your finger. The color of the powder must match the color of the main coating;
  • Let the nails dry completely, then take a clean makeup brush and remove the powder residue;
  • We cover manicure with fixing varnish.

The velvet design looks very impressive. Of course, it is not suitable for everyday work in the office, but at a party with such a manicure you will surely be irresistible.

Lacquer Craquelure

The word "craquelure" is familiar to people workingwith painting or interior design. Today this concept has come to the manicure sphere. Another name for this product is a cracking varnish. With its help, you can simulate on the nails a different structure, the main thing is to choose the right color. Let's try to make a manicure in black and white. To do this, you need a white matte lacquer and black craquelure.

  • Degrease the nails with a means for removing varnish and apply a basic coating;
  • When the base dries, cover the nails with white lacquer, wait for the drying;
  • Now take the black craquelure and apply it on the entire surface of the nail. The components of the varnish will react with the air, which will immediately cause cracks;
  • We apply varnish with quick and light strokes, as it dries very quickly;
  • We fix the manicure.

That, in fact, is the whole secret. Experiment with different shades and create unique covers. Craquelure on the nails looks very impressive. If you want, you will pick up variations of manicure and for office, and for meeting, and for a party. And most importantly, they will all have a different, unique pattern! As you can see, every girl can do her own manicure at home. Why pay money to the master, if there are so many wonderful tools with which help your hands look always stylish and neat. We advise you to read: