an effective remedy for thrush Thrush is a real scourge of modern women. If you interview one hundred women of reproductive age, more than 80 of them will answer that they personally faced this very unpleasant disease. Someone is lucky and get rid of thrush is obtained quickly enough. However, in most cases, the disease returns again and again. The outlook is not the most rosy. But do not hang your nose - in most cases you can still defeat thrush. The main thing - to find an effective remedy for yeast infection, which will help you. Of course, it is most reasonable to consult a doctor who confirms the diagnosis and chooses a course of treatment.

All about thrush

To begin with, you need to understand what is out of yourselfis a thrush. In principle, it is not difficult to learn it, since the symptoms are quite specific. However, one should not forget that there are some gynecological diseases that can also be masked specifically for thrush. So:

  • Vaginal discharge

One of the most obvious and first signs of thrush- it is a plentiful vaginal discharge, which in most cases has a curdled consistency and is always white. By the way, the smell of secretions is also very specific - fermented milk. For what, in fact, the disease and got its name.

  • Edema and redness of the vagina and labia

Due to the active effects of fungi, the tissues of the vagina and labia are affected. The degree of damage directly depends on the severity of the disease - from simple reddening to severe edema and ulceration.

  • Itching and discomfort

All these "delights" are accompanied extremelyunpleasant sensations - itching and burning during urination. Most often, itching is worse at night and after taking a bath. The intensity of itching can also be very different. The reasons for the appearance of thrush are also very diverse. For example, various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract are the culprits of thrush in about 20% of all cases. Approximately 50% are different hormonal disorders. Even regular birth control pills are capable of provoking thrush development. By the way, thrush has the property of making itself felt especially active several days before the onset of menstruation. You can not discount the weakening of immunity - because of the weakened immune system, the growth of fungi is intensified and, as a result, thrush develops. This can also occur due to treatment with antibacterial drugs. And this happens very, very often. good and effective remedy for thrush

Medicinal treatment

To date, the pharmacy is freely availableyou can find a huge number of pharmacological drugs that successfully cope with thrush. However, I would like to remind you once again - ideally, the doctor should prescribe the entire medicine.

  • Candles

The choice of candles is quite large. In the event that the thrush only started to make itself felt, you can try candles with clotrimazole. Clotrimazole disastically affects the fungus of the yeast infection, but does not relieve irritation. Therefore, it is necessary to use additional funds. Thrush often occurs in pregnant women. They should give preference to candles with pimafucin. He also destroys the fungus, but acts much more gently and does not harm the future baby at all. Although we very much hope that the future mother will go to her gynecologist, who will prescribe the medicine.

  • Pills

On TV, we constantly see adsmiraculous drugs that promise healing after just one tablet. And such drugs do exist - for example, flucostat. Although you can buy a cheaper analogue - fluconazole: the effect will be the same. But in the event that you are taking any other drugs, be sure to check with your doctor! effective remedy for yeast infection in women

Folk remedies

Recipes of traditional medicine in most casesalso able to help in the treatment of thrush. In principle, they are completely safe. Of course, only in the event that you do not have an allergic reaction to this or that component. Be sure to pay attention to this nuance. Douching The first and most effective way is, of course, douching.

  • Douching with kefir

It would seem, well, what's so special about kefir? But no! Kefir is a very useful product. In particular, he can become an excellent assistant in the fight against the annoying milkmaid. And for treatment you need to use the simplest kefir - the one that is sold in plastic bags. Pay attention to the date of making kefir - you will only need a three-day product. Preheat 200 grams of kefir to 37 degrees and carefully prince. Do not forget to wash your genitals to remove irritation. Of course, you need to monitor the cleanliness - both hands and dishes, and syringes. This procedure should be done twice a day - in the morning and in the evening. But if the thrush is very strong, a kefir tampon is needed for the night. Simply moisten the most common hygiene tampon in warm kefir and put it into the vagina, leave it overnight. As a rule, the improvement comes already on the third day, but do not stop treatment for a week so that the disease does not return.

  • Douching soda

In some cases kefir is useless. If the second-third day of improvement is not the case, you can try syringing with soda. Adherents of this method argue that soda perfectly neutralizes the acid medium in the vagina, which is typical for thrush. In fairness, it should be noted that you can hardly get rid of thrush in this way. However, it is quite possible to eliminate discomfort for a while. Well, if it does not help, why not try it? Just do not abuse it - soda is aggressive enough. Douching with such a solution can not be more than once a day and no longer than three days in a row. To make a solution, dissolve half a teaspoon of soda in a glass of warm boiled water. After douching, wash with the same solution, only a little more concentration - one teaspoon of soda to a glass of water. Those who tried this method on themselves, argue that the itching passes in a few minutes.

  • Syringe with chamomile

Inflammatory process of mucous and externalgenital organs with thrush is almost inevitable. And what can cope with inflammation better than the old good daisy? To do this, you need a decoction of chamomile. For its preparation, pour two cups of water chamomile (3 tablespoons), bring to a boil and reduce the heat, boil for 5 minutes. After that, cover the pan with a lid, wrap it in a thick towel and let it sit for two hours so that the broth sticks well. Then very carefully strain the broth - this can be done with gauze or a small strainer - daisy should not remain at all. Everything, the broth is ready. Before going to bed, prince with this decoction. And be sure to rinse the external genitalia. Of course, one syringing is unlikely to radically change the apartment. But after three or four days you will notice a significant improvement. Well, in the event that the irritation was not too strong, it may be easier after a few hours after syringing.

  • Douching with oak bark

The bark of an oak is capable simultaneously "to kill two hares"- and detrimental to the fungus, and to remove inflammation. Therefore, it would be very foolish to ignore the bark of oak. To do this, you need to prepare a special broth, since the usual in this case will not work. In advance, prepare three teaspoons of chopped oak bark, half a teaspoon of dry lavender and one teaspoon of turn - they can easily be purchased in almost any pharmacy. Mix all ingredients to make a healing mixture. Take one tablespoon of raw material and pour half a glass of water, leave to infuse for about three hours. Before use, strain the solution very well and dilute it with warm boiled water in a one to one ratio. After that you can syringe. Repeat the procedure twice a day - in the morning and in the evening, for three days. As a rule, get rid of thrush succeeds within three to five days. Medical tampons If you want to get rid of thrush as soon as possible, tampons can be connected to douching. Do not forget that for their manufacture you can use only sterile gauze. You do not want problems?

  • Tampons with honey

Very many women believe that tampons with honey- A real panacea for thrush. Of course, only if you do not have an allergic reaction to honey. otherwise, the risk of developing such a formidable complication, such as anaphylactic shock, is great. A simple allergy, alas, it will not end, because honey is absorbed into the mucous membranes of the vagina. To prepare tampons you need honey and sterile gauze. From gauze, form a suitable size swab, soak in honey and enter into the vagina, leave for about an hour. It is best to do this at night, but it is possible and at any other time convenient for you. The duration of treatment is at least three days. Even if the symptoms have disappeared before, do not stop treatment.

  • Tampons with onions

Often you can hear advice to try tamponswith fresh onions. However, this should not be done, since there is a very real chance of earning a burn of the mucous membranes of the vagina. But to completely abandon the onions is also not worth it - just slightly improve the recipe. Take half a head of onions of medium size, grate it on a fine grater. Then place the resulting onion gruel on gauze or sieve, scald with steep boiling water and allow to cool. After that, form a gauze swab, apply onion on it and enter into the vagina, leave for 30 minutes. You can feel a slight burning sensation - it's perfectly normal. But if the discomfort increases, immediately remove the tampon and very carefully princeintsyaetsya plenty of clean boiled water. The course of treatment is one swab for two consecutive days. After this, such treatment should be stopped so that the product does not hurt. Therapeutic baths Do not forget about the external genitalia - they suffer with thrush quite strongly. Therefore, do not ignore the therapeutic sessile baths. Moreover, the choice will not be difficult:

  • Bath with chamomile infusion

This bath is prepared very simply. In a thermos, put 10 tablespoons of chemist's daisy, pour one liter of steep boiling water. Insist chamomile should not less than three hours, after which it can be filtered. Before going to bed, make a bath - mix a liter of chamomile solution and two liters of warm boiled water, pour into a suitable container - the water should completely cover the genitals. The duration of the bath is 15 minutes.

  • Bath with sage

If the skin on the external genital area is not onlyirritated, but it itches too, you can try a sitting bath with sage. Pour five tablespoons of herbs of sage and pour a liter of water, insist for two hours. After this, strain and add in a container with two liters of warm water. The duration of the bath is 20 minutes. The bath can be done as needed - 2-3 times a day. As a rule, two days are enough for the condition to improve.