unpleasant pubic pimples Pimples on the pubic can be a signquite unpleasant diseases that can be transmitted sexually. Of course, any rashes on the genitals - an occasion to call a doctor. The physician will visually inspect the rash, and also send for the delivery of the necessary tests in order to diagnose and as soon as possible to prescribe the treatment. It should be noted that purulent eruptions in the groin may indicate a viral or venereal disease.

Diseases that can provoke the appearance of pubic pimples

Pubic pediculosis. Very unpleasant disease that provokes pubic lice. Even if you are 100% sure that you do not have pubic lice, it is best to check, as they are very easy to get infected, without necessarily having sex. The incubation period is long enough - one month, after that the place of introduction of lice starts to itch very much, because of this there is irritation, there are large pimples in the inguinal region. The main sign of pediculosis is the strongest itch. Genital herpes. To date, this disease occurs in every third person. Herpes is sexually transmitted. The likelihood of getting sick is significantly increased if one of the partners on the lips has a "bubble cold". 3-10 days after infection, the pubis is affected, small pimples appear, filled with a clear liquid, which cause burning and itching in the groin area. Less often there is an ache in a loin, drawing pains or a malaise. The pimples that have appeared due to the herpes virus are filled with fluid and eventually burst. On the site of acne there are ulcers that heal without leaving any traces. If a person at least once in his life has had herpes, the virus remains in the body for the rest of his life, so relapses are possible. The occurrence of relapses is completely dependent on human immunity. Provoke them can ARD, pregnancy, hypothermia, or even ordinary stress. Molluscum contagiosum. This disease is contagious, it is caused by poxvirus. In order for a person to become infected with this disease, contact with the skin of a sick person should occur. The incubation period is 2 months. During the incubation period, pimples appear on the pubis, and in women and on the labia vulva. A typical sign that distinguishes these pimples from ordinary ones is a dense papule that has a shiny surface and pink color. It is completely unhelpful, and if it is slightly pressed, then instead of pus will be allocated cheesy mass. If the pimples in the groin area were not caused by the virus, they will be painful and filled with yellowish pus. The causes of such acne can be very different: from poor hygiene and complications after improper depilation to hormonal imbalance. treatment of acne with hydrogen peroxide

How to quickly get rid of pubic pimples

If the pimples were caused by a molluscum contagiosum,genital herpes or pediculosis, then you will need a specific treatment, which the doctor should appoint. Do not try to clean the pubic pimples yourself, as this can lead to even worse consequences. If these are ordinary acne, then in no case can they be squeezed out. In the pubic region is very sensitive subcutaneous fat, and when trying to get rid of inflammation by squeezing, it is possible to very rapidly spread the infection and get complications that can even lead to a fatal outcome. In some cases, after squeezing an ordinary pimple, phlegmon forms and blood becomes infected. In order to get rid of pubic pimples, there are many very simple and accessible to each method.

  • Iodine lotion. With the help of iodine, you can make the pimple ripen faster, in addition, it disinfects the skin well. Apply iodine locally. For this purpose, special lacquers - markers that are filled with iodine - are perfectly suited. They can be purchased at almost any pharmacy.
  • Aloe plant. With a clean knife, you need to cut off a piece of aloe leaf and apply it with flesh to the pimple. Aloe is best captured using a "breathing" patch. This procedure is best done at night for 3 days. Aloe has anti-inflammatory and healing effect, and also dries pubic pimples.
  • Vishnevsky ointment. This ointment should be applied to acne and close this place with a piece of gauze. This procedure is best done at night every day.
  • Levomekol. This ointment can be purchased at the pharmacy. It is anti-inflammatory, and it needs to be applied 2 times a day.
  • Hydrogen peroxide. With acne, you can also fight with conventional hydrogen peroxide. Acne and the area around them need to be treated with peroxide several times a day.

If pubic pimples began to appear after hair removal, then you need to change the method of hair removal and monitor hygiene during the procedure.