acne on the genitals Acne on the genitals is not a joke! However, despite the warnings of specialists, women do not always immediately turn to dermatovenereologists and gynecologists with this problem. Representatives of the fair sex are delayed with a visit to the doctor for various reasons. Someone is afraid of a terrible diagnosis, someone does not have time, opportunity, desire. Initially, they try to cure the disease, focusing on the advice of girlfriends, acquaintances, who had almost the same symptoms. However, remember once and for all: without diagnoses, detailed examination and comprehensive examination, the diagnosis can not be made. And what will happen if it is a sexually transmitted disease transmitted sexually? Infertility and long-term treatment - this is the smallest that in this case expects a woman. But even if it is not an infection, complications can still arise. By the way, self-medication can lead to poor health. Subsequently, the doctor will be much harder to put the right diagnosis, as drugs and procedures can distort the symptoms. In this case, the process of the girl's recovery may be delayed for a long time. pimples on the genitals

Why appeared on the genitals of acne

In fact, the reasons for thisproblems can be many. Inadequate nutrition, poor underwear, stress, improper care of the body, infection, health problems - this is only a small list of why the pimples appeared on the labia. The main thing is to understand what is the matter without resorting to radical methods. Remember: to crush, cauterize, comb the formation of the skin in any case impossible. External factors: the most common causes of acne

  • Hygiene

So, acne on the genitals could appeardue to neglect or violation of personal hygiene rules. Pay attention, too frequent washing of the genitals can also lead to similar formations. Do not forget that soap, gels, balms and other cosmetic products not only removes dirt, but also destroys the natural environment of the skin. Because of this, the upper layers of the epidermis are deprived of natural protection, and bacteria begin to actively breed on the surface. Doctors recommend washing twice a day (morning and evening). And, of course, you need to bathe before intimacy. Movement - from the coccyx to the pubis, otherwise the infection from the rectum can get into the vagina. By the way, every time you use soap is not worth it. To avoid scratching the skin, wipe with a soft towel. Naturally, it should be only yours. Douching is dangerous for a woman's health. Previously, representatives of the fair sex so tried to get rid of unwanted pregnancy and certain diseases. This is meaningless, since spermatozoa can enter the cervix forty seconds after ejaculation. However, such procedures destroy the microflora of the vagina, as a result of which the girl may develop thrush, vaginosis, etc. disease. Do syringing is possible only if it is prescribed by the attending physician.

  • Injury

Often, small pimples on the genitalsappear after the girl has shaved or removed hair (a cream, a wax, the laser). They pass on the second-third day. The truth is there is one danger - ingrown hair, which can inflame the treated area. Therefore, it is so important to carry out such cosmetic procedures correctly. You can also injure your skin with clothes. An important role is played by the size of underwear. If it squeezes, cuts, rubs, try not to wear it. In any case, it is better to spend an extra two hundred rubles, but to buy really good things that will not harm your health.

  • Subcooling

Do not be surprised if today you stoodforty minutes in the cold, and tomorrow you have a rash. Temperature changes have a negative impact on our health. Therefore, in the future, try to wear warm clothes. After all, beauty is not always worth sacrifice. Pay attention, when supercooling pimples on the labia are hard. At a touch they strongly hurt, but are not scratched. Acne, as symptoms of disease Syphilis, psoriasis, herpes, candidiasis, scabies - this is only a small list of diseases in which acne and acne appear on the genitals. And the earlier you start to heal, the less will the consequences of the disease. Therefore, it is so important to address the dermatovenerologist in time.

  • Syphilis

Usually, acne is located on the mucosa of the genitalorgans, as well as near the anus. Syphilis is transmitted sexually, so for the time until the tests come, you should stop having sexual intercourse with a partner. By the way, this disease does not appear at first. Therefore, it is recommended to go through a full survey not only to you, but also to those with whom you recently made love. A rash that looks like a sore appears on the genitals about a month and a half after contact with the patient. This is an incredibly dangerous disease that can lead to death. Do not trust witch doctors and knowledgeable people who got rid of this problem with the help of herbs and tinctures! Only the venereologist can carry out treatment.

  • Papillomas

The papilloma virus is transmitted during sex, frommother to child (through milk), with close contact with the patient. Remove tumors can only be surgically, with the help of a laser, especially a device that emits impulses, and similar modern means. According to statistics, almost every second person is a carrier of HPV. This disease may not manifest itself for a long time, until there is a failure in the human body. Overcooling, stress, lack of vitamins, improper nutrition - all this can awaken the "sleeping" disease.

  • Molluscum contagiosum

This virus is also sexually transmitted andmanifested when the immune system is weakened. Pimples cover the genitals and perineum of the fair sex. Inside such a formation, pus is visible-a turbid white liquid. If you are faced with a similar problem, it means that you are not doing well with your health. Be sure to visit an immunologist.

  • Herpes

The causative agent is the herpes simplex virus, whichtransmitted by contact. Pay attention, almost 90% of the entire earth population is a carrier of this disease. Women at the age of 21 to 36 are at risk. Pimples with herpes are small and soft to the touch. Outwardly they look like sores. Appear rash may as a result of reduced immunity, due to stress or disruption of the endocrine system, etc.

  • Candidiasis

This infectious disease occurs as inmen, and women. Therefore, if you were diagnosed with this, you and your partner will have to be treated. The reasons for the occurrence of thrush are many, from hypothermia, pregnancy, ending with the wrong reception of antibiotics. When candidiasis pimples are large, red and with a whitish bloom. Concomitant symptoms: pain during sex and urination, burning, itching of the genitals, and also former curdled vaginal discharge.

  • Pubic pediculosis

The carrier is pubic lice. You can get infected during sexual intercourse. The incubation period lasts about one month. If you contact a specialist, the treatment will be quick and painless. The main symptoms: itching, rashes, burning, discomfort.

  • Dermatitis

Often, the fair sexthere is an allergy to low-quality products. If acne appears on the genitals, a woman should reconsider her underwear. First, it must be made from natural fabrics. Synthetics, no matter how beautiful it is for you, should be discarded. Such material does not allow the skin to breathe, it does not absorb moisture. An important role is played by the products that you use in the shower. Note, in most cases, dermatitis (rash, irritation, redness, inflammation) occurs several hours after the water procedure. It is necessary to completely exclude contact with the allergen and be treated under the supervision of a doctor. A dermatologist can prescribe a diet for a patient. By the way, the reason can also lie in the wrong diet. So for a while forget about fat, fried, spicy, pickled, smoked and salted. If dermatitis is not treated, acne can develop into ulcerative formations. Therefore, it is necessary to pass all the tests to reveal the allergen, and also to make an ultrasound of the pelvis. Remember once and for all: only a specialist can prescribe drugs! Do not guess at the coffee grounds, trusting your inner voice or the advice of your friends.

  • Subcutaneous acne - fatty cysts

If large bumps appeared on the genitals,which do not cause pain or itching, then it can be fatty cysts. They are formed as a result of blockage of the duct of the sebaceous glands. In some cases, acne is greatly reduced in size. And although this is not considered a disease, the fair sex should be careful. It is enough to accidentally damage (scratch, cut) a wen as an infection gets inside. The inflammatory process will begin, as it happens with boils. In the future, get rid of pimples on the genitals can only be surgically. Damaged tissue is cut with a scalpel or laser. The patient then remains under the supervision of a specialist for several days. If the operation is successful, the patient is released home. But antibacterial therapy is carried out in any case.

  • Molluscum contagiosum

The incubation period after contact with the patientlasts about two weeks. In this case, a slightly pinkish rash is located both on the labia and on the pubis. If you touch the pimples, white cheesy mass will start to appear from them. There will be no painful sensations. acne on the genitals treatment

Diagnosis and treatment for genital eruptions

So, if you have a rash, you mustyou need to visit a gynecologist, dermatologist, virologist and gastroenterologist. Only after the cause is identified (allergy, infection, fungus, stomach problems, hormonal disorders), you will be given a full treatment. And do not delay the trip to a specialist if:

  • Acne in an intimate place does not pass within a week or they deform, become darker, and pus appears inside.
  • Neoplasms begin to ache, scratch, swell.
  • Small pimples inside are filled with a clear, turbid or reddish liquid.
  • The skin is covered with huge red spots that begin to peel off.
  • Two or three weeks after unprotected sex, pustules appeared on the labia.
  • You have fever and fatigue.
  • Enlarged lymph nodes.
  • Acne turns into open wounds that do not heal for a long time.

What not to do before going to the doctor

First, do not try to use medicines,including pain relievers and antipyretic. Secondly, do not make a lotion of ointments, tinctures, iodine, peroxide and other means. Do not use the zelenok! Otherwise, the doctor will not be able to assess the area of ​​the lesion. On the eve of a visit to the doctor, do not do hair removal! The fact is that new pimples can appear on the inflamed skin. If you follow all these rules, a specialist will be able to help you almost immediately. We advise you to read: