causes of papillomas on the labia Papillomas on the labia are formed wheninteraction with the skin or mucous membranes infected with the infection. For example, sex in the vagina, rectum, a little less often with oral sex. Infection of the newborn during childbirth is possible. First of all, to cure the papilloma, it is necessary to stop the sex life. Treatment of this disease takes a small amount of time. removal of papilloma by surgical method

What is papilloma (human papillomavirus)?

To begin with, the HPV virus has somefeature. It consists in the fact that the infection can be in an indefinite amount of time in a latent state, that is, in a dormant state. At this stage, the disease is found in the depth of the skin, so infecting other people is unlikely as well as finding an infection, so treatment is impossible. In order for the treatment to be most effective, you first need to find out which type of HPV infection is involved. They are divided into two types: "high risk" and "low risk." The first cause disposition of the cervix (displacement of the uterus from its usual position in the small pelvis), which increases the chance of cervical cancer. The second cause genital warts, which subsequently do not lead to oncology. Genital warts most of the infected people (any type of HPV) do not show up, because they are under the control of the immune system. The emergence of papilloma is only in 1-2% of people who have been infected with HPV. They appear on the labia for the following reasons:

  • reduction of protective natural immunity of the body;
  • smoking;
  • erratic sexual intercourse, frequent change of partners;
  • stress;
  • vitamin deficiency (lack of vitamins A, C, folic acid);
  • hormonal imbalance;
  • pregnancy. The development and safety of the embryo requires enormous efforts on the part of the female body, which negatively affects the level of natural defense of the body's immune system.

Papillomas and condylomas appear on the genitalorgans in the form of warty formations of pink or flesh-colored flowers. The size is from 1 mm to several centimeters. Eruptions can both increase and grow with time, becoming the form of cauliflower. The following skin areas are affected in women:

  • the bridle of the labia;
  • clitoris;
  • large and small labia;
  • vestibule of the vagina;
  • an external aperture of an urethra;
  • Cervix;
  • vagina.

With the formation of genital warts, their further developmentdepends only on the human immune system. They can gradually retire independently, increase in size and quantity, and remain unchanged for a long and indefinite time. The following complications may occur:

  • trauma and bleeding of sores;
  • an obstacle to sexual activity;
  • causing psychological discomfort;
  • obstruction to normal childbirth.

laser removal of papillomas

Why is the removal of papilloma so important?

Skin growths on the labia, which weretraumatized, can be transformed into malignant forms. Moreover, the independent removal of the papilloma, most likely, will cause inflammation in this area of ​​the skin. In this case, this action does not cure a person, but only temporarily kills the external manifestation of the disease. A person who is not a dermatologist can not make an accurate diagnosis, so be sure to contact a specialist. If you do not attach special importance to the formed build-up, then it can increase in size and move to the external genitalia, and there is also the possibility of closing the entrance to the vagina or rectum. A benign tumor is not only a defect in the skin, but also a direct risk of infection of the sexual partner.

  • So, the treatment of HPV infections. At the moment in medicine, there are several types of treatment for papilloma. The surgical method is the main and most common. Removal of the build-up is done in just a few minutes, and all this will happen completely painlessly. Also, there are no traces after this operation.
  • The following method is cryodestruction by liquidnitrogen. The meaning is that the condyloma is affected by a low temperature, after which removal occurs. The pain is not felt and the procedure is tolerated well. In rare cases, scars may appear.
  • Another way is called laser therapy. This is the removal of the papilloma with a laser. In this case, anesthesia is required. Laser therapy is an alternate treatment option. Removal should not start with this method.
  • Podophyllotoxin is a drug that representsan extract from the plants podofilliuma. It causes necrosis of genital warts and papillomas. The appearance of the drug on healthy skin is undesirable. Treatment is carried out until complete recovery, but no more than 5 weeks. Pregnant use of podophyllotoxin is prohibited.
  • Electrocoagulation. The bottom line is the effect on the sores with the help of high temperature. This procedure requires anesthesia. There is the possibility of the appearance of scars.

As already mentioned, there are many methodstreatment of HPV infection, but none of them can be called more effective than the other. Each of them has its pros and cons. Treatment, which completely relieves the infection itself, has not yet been invented. Now it is at the development stage. And, probably, in some years there will be preparations and vaccines more effective concerning a virus of HPV. If an infection has been detected in the body, then it can not be completely removed, but the recurrence of this ailment can be prevented. First of all, strengthen your immunity, be sure to use condoms during sexual intercourse. Good luck and all the best!