dry skin of hands The skin of the hands, like the neck, does not know how to "lie" - it immediatelygives the age of its possessor, her state of health and attitude to herself. On hands pay attention not only women, but also representatives of the stronger sex - gentle smooth skin and beautiful manicure will not leave indifferent any man. That is why for such a fine, but capricious part of the body it is necessary to ensure regular and proper care. The most common problem that is surely familiar to every girl and woman is the dry skin of the hands. On this site, due to the small number of sebaceous glands, our skin is most susceptible to dryness and, accordingly, irritation, itching, flaking, cracking. All these unpleasant phenomena are observed in the event that the skin is deprived of a natural source of moisturizing. Not always the problem can be solved only with a cream, sometimes a more serious approach is needed, and in some cases even a doctor's help. Before talking about how to take care of dry hands, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the possible causes of this annoying trouble.

The causes and methods of eliminating dry skin

To date, the difficulty with choosingcosmetic products for hands, of course, no - various creams, oils, masks, scrubs are on store shelves in large quantities. In addition, many national recipes for combating dry skin are known. But the problem is that all these funds are struggling only with the result of the influence of certain factors, and do not eliminate the cause. Therefore, as soon as you stop using them, the dryness will return. To develop the right action plan, we suggest that you first understand why the skin is drying on your hands.

  • Dry air

Very often, dry skin of the hands occurs due toinsufficient humidity in the room. In the cold season, the air becomes dry due to heating devices, and in the summer, almost all the air conditioners that work almost constantly. Dryness of air has a negative impact not only on the appearance of the skin, but also on the overall health. Therefore, try to provide additional humidification if possible. You can buy a special humidifier, which will perfectly cope with this task, or take advantage of the way our great-grandmothers still do and place a container of water in the room. You can also spray water from the spray gun, and in the heating season - cover the batteries with a damp cloth.

  • Allergic reaction

Cracks and peeling of the skin of the hands may bethe consequence of an allergic reaction to any food and cosmetic products. If you suspect any allergies, contact your doctor immediately. He will give you the right treatment, and soon this problem will disappear.

  • The surrounding natural environment

Frosts and cold wind, too abrupt changestemperatures lead to the appearance of cracks, irritation and peeling, and ultraviolet exposure causes dehydration, dryness and acceleration of the aging process. Dryness of the skin of hands in the summer months and during a stay in hot countries can be prevented by sunscreen - do not neglect it when you go out into the street, because the skin of the hands is always open, so it is very vulnerable. In the cold season, always wear warm gloves or gloves.

  • Bad water

Harm to water, which is treated with chlorine, is notThere are doubts - you probably have more than once a feeling of tightness after contact with it. Completely to exclude the influence of this factor, unfortunately, it is impossible, but here you can reduce the negative consequences. In particular, so that the skin does not become dry and rough, try not to include too hot water and after each washing of hands lubricate them with a suitable cream. For example, the famous Italian Sophia Loren in her purse always has a favorite hand cream, and at home this means is at her near each sink. That's why her hands preserved beauty, despite the already advanced age of the actress.

  • The influence of household chemicals

Daily contact with detergents deprivesthe skin of its natural natural protection and leads to a gradual destruction of the epidermis layer. What to do in this case, when household chemicals haunts us, unfortunately, everywhere? First, do not use soap containing alkali to cleanse hands - give preference to handmade soap with the addition of natural oils and herbal decoctions. Secondly, when washing dishes with a detergent, when hand washing and cleaning, wear rubber gloves, pre-lubricating the skin with oil or a nourishing cream.

  • Improper or inadequate care

How to get rid of dry hands - after washing your hands,do not forget to wipe them thoroughly, because the moisture remaining on the surface of the skin, evaporating, dries it very much. Hand care is considered inadequate, if in addition to the cream you do not make nourishing masks and moisturizing baths. A little later, we will share with you useful national recipes that will keep your pens in perfect condition and prolong their youth.

  • Malnutrition, insufficient fluid intake, vitamin deficiency

These are the main causes of all the ills and dryness of the hands inparticular. Therefore, daily drink the recommended amount (not less than one and a half liters) of pure still water and try to diversify your diet. In your menu, whenever possible, there should be fresh seasonal vegetables and fruits, i.e. vitamins in pure form, vitamins B, C, E and A are especially important in this case. Be sure to take care of the diversity of the diet in the spring, it must be saturated with various vitamins - their lack can also cause skin hand problems.

  • Diseases

Some diseases, for example, diabetes mellitusand dermatitis, are accompanied by such side effects as dryness, redness, peeling of the skin of the skin, often there are cracks. In this case, it is pointless to combat the problem with the help of external influence, since this will only temporarily disguise it, but it will not solve it. The only way out is to treat the disease itself.

  • Heredity

Very dry skin of hands can get to you and oninheritance. If you have a genetic predisposition to dry skin, then you just have to put up and get into the habit of systematically taking care of the condition of your pens: apply a cream, make nourishing rejuvenating masks, etc.

  • Natural aging

With age, the skin, unfortunately, is undergoingchanges not for the better - it becomes more dry and less elastic. This is the result of natural changes in the body, so you can not influence this fact, unfortunately. But in your power to slow the manifestation of signs of aging, providing competent full-fledged care for dry hands. dry hands skin

Masks for the treatment and prevention of dry hands

To combat dry skin, when this problem does notis a consequence of diseases or allergic reaction, it is very useful to do traditional medical masks for hands. They are simple in composition and method of preparation, so you can easily repeat them yourself. With their regular use, cracks, flaking and redness will leave you forever.

  • Mask based on rye bread

Ingredients: yolk, Borodino rye bread, vegetable oil, starch, milk. Boiling milk, pour a slice of bread, leave it in milk for 5 minutes, then remove, squeeze and mash with a fork. Add a couple of h. Spoons of starch, pour the yolk and a teaspoon of oil. Apply the resulting mass, put on gloves (polyethylene) and for half an hour put the handles in a container of hot water. This procedure is recommended every other day for three weeks.

  • Mask based on boiled potatoes

Ingredients: a couple of boiled potatoes (cook in a uniform), a little warm milk or a couple of teaspoons of juice (cucumber or lemon). As you can see, a mask with potatoes can be prepared in three versions. It is put on hands in a warm kind, from above it is covered with a cotton napkin or gauze. It is washed off with water after a quarter of an hour. Perfectly removes cracks and peeling. After the hand, it is recommended to lubricate with a nutritious cream.

  • Mask for the skin of hands with honey and yolk

Ingredients: separate the yolk, connect it with a pair of st. spoons of vegetable oil and one st. spoon of natural honey. If the skin of the hands dries from the effects of external factors, this mask will quickly "wipe off" all traces left by them. Keep it for a third of an hour, wash off with warm (preferably boiled) water.

  • Softening mask with banana

Ingredients: Art. A spoon of creamy melted butter is mixed with a puree from a banana and art. spoon of natural honey. This mass must first be carefully rubbed into the skin of the hands, and then topped with a thick layer. After a quarter of an hour, remove it with a sponge or cotton napkin. You will do this procedure every other day for a couple of weeks, and the skin will noticeably change: the peeling, cracks and unpleasant sensations will disappear.

  • Mask-compress with oil

Ingredients: any nutritious emollient oil of your choice (vegetable, flaxseed, olive, peach, almond, etc.), a few drops of squeezed lemon juice. Rinse thoroughly in warm water. Wipe the cotton napkins in a slightly warmed-up oil and wrap your hands. And on top put on plastic bags, so as not to accidentally stain oil on clothes or furniture. Treatment with such a compress is very useful for cracked skin. It softens and removes the peeling. After half an hour the mask can be removed - the remains of the oil are removed with a dry paper towel (do not rinse with water).

  • Mask for hands of oatmeal porridge

Ingredients: a few spoons boiled on milk oatmeal porridge mix with a small amount of olive oil or vegetable and in a warm state, apply to the skin prone to dry and irritated. Do this procedure preferably before bedtime. For convenience and to enhance the effect of the hand, wrap the food film. After such a tasty nutritious mask, the cracks and dryness will leave you forever.

  • Mask-compress based on sour cream

Ingredients: 15% sour cream (half cup) mix with lemon juice (1 tablespoon enough) and whipped egg yolk. Wrap your hands first with a gauze cloth moistened with this composition, and then with a food film. After 1/3 hours the compress can be removed, the excess masks are removed with a cotton disc. Doing such a compress is desirable regularly - every two days, for three weeks. very dry hands skin what to do

Baths for the treatment of peeling and dry hands

Treatment of dry hands with the power of the trays -proven and very effective way. We will share with you simple recipes, the ingredients for which you will find in any pharmacy. Having sacrificed very little of your time, you will get a stunning and quick result. Before preparing the baths, do not forget to thoroughly clean the handles with soap and scrub. Hand baths paraffinic This procedure is very useful for the skin of hands - it helps to normalize the water balance, eliminate dryness and peeling, heal cracks. After the first time you will notice the result - the skin will be slightly smoothed out, it will become more elastic and soft. Baths from paraffin are especially relevant in the early spring and winter, when our hands are most exposed to cold winds and low temperatures. You can do this procedure both in beauty parlors and at home. At home, it is not difficult to repeat it, besides it will allow you to save very well - is not it a reason to do it yourself ?. The most convenient option is to purchase a special device for such trays. But this is not necessary, because you can achieve exactly the same result and with a conventional enamel bowl. Put a cosmetic paraffin in a bowl in the amount of 2 kg and melt it in a water bath. While it melts, treat the skin with a scrub and lotion, apply the cream. Hands are immersed in a bowl with paraffin to wrists first for 5-7 seconds, take out, then immerse again, but for 10 seconds. It takes 6-8 repetitions, so that paraffin covers the skin of the hands with a thick thick layer. Put on gloves (polyethylene) and winter mittens to enhance the effect. The paraffin is removed from the hands after 25 minutes. Wipe the hands with a soft slightly damp napkin, apply a nourishing cream. If the skin is not ulcers and unhealed wounds, then these baths are enough to do a couple of times a month. Check the paraffin temperature before you immerse your hands - it should not be very hot. Bathtubs for hands on herbs and berries There are many different recipes for cooking in the home of herbal and berry baths, we will introduce you only the simplest of them. You can strictly follow the recipes listed below, or experiment a little and add additional ingredients if you do not have allergies on them. Making such a bath is very useful, but thanks to the delicious aroma of berries and herbs is also nice.

  • Art. a spoonful of chemist's cranberries (you need berries and leaves), connect it with 2 st. spoons of St. John's wort, place in a thermos and pour a couple of glasses of boiling water. In half an hour, strain. St. John's wort very useful in the composition of the baths with excessive drying of the skin. It has an anti-inflammatory effect, so it quickly heals cracks and wounds. Leaves and fruits of cranberries have excellent moisturizing properties and quickly lead the skin of the hands into a normal state.
  • Connect the st. spoon of chemist's field horsetail, 4 tbsp. spoons of inflorescences of hawthorn, 2 tbsp. spoons preferably fresh peppermint and St. John's wort. One st. spoon of the resulting mixture pour a glass of boiling water. Mint perfectly removes irritation and tones dry skin. The horsetail is useful for its anti-inflammatory effect. And hawthorn promotes rapid renewal of cells.
  • A liter of water will require 2 tbsp. spoons (can be frozen) berries blackberries and blueberries or dogrose and bones. In the first case, the berries are boiled in a thermos and allowed to stand for about a day, and in the second - pour water and boil for half an hour on low heat. If you are allergic to any of these berries, then it is better to use another recipe.
  • Regular and regular care for very dry skinhands is extremely important, because you can start the situation quickly, and to restore the former beauty will have to put much more effort and time. Follow the simple recipes that we shared with you, and enjoy the beauty of your soft and smooth pens. But in any case, for starters it is important to establish the causes of roughness and dry skin, because with the help of trays and masks can not always solve the problem.